Farm Grain Steel Silos For Algricultural Usage

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Farm Grain Steel Silos For Algricultural Usage


Quick Information



flat bottom / hopper bottom


hot galvanized steel

Auxiliary system

-Loading and unloading system

-grain cleaning system

-ventilation system

-Temperature monitoring system

-Level indicating

-Lightening proctection system


-Turkey basis

-standardization componet

-full silo filling

-clear silo discharging

  1. excellent heat insulation technology

  2. Easy Maintenance




Full silo filling

By adopting new type grain arrangement device, to make corns, rice, soybean meal or other materials to fill the silo to the maximum extent while alleviating automatic grading. Crushing reducing device is also adopted to ensure the material quality.

Clear silo discharging

By adopting silo vibrating discharging equipments, to solve the discharging problem of large flat bottom silo. At the same time, our discharging solution solves arch, bridging problems of soybean meal, vegetable seed meal, rice husk and other materials, and discharging problems caused by soybean harden. The energy consumption of our discharging equipments is 50% lower than that of the sweep auger of the same output. The silo basic cost is 40% lower than that of the cone bottom silo of the same diameter.


Excellent heat insulation effect

By adopting coldbridge-free heat insulation technology, the thermal conductive area of our 10,000-ton silo is only 0.18m2, which is 2% of that of the heat insulation silo of other enterprises.


Farm Grain Steel Silos For Algricultural Usage

Farm Grain Steel Silos For Algricultural Usage

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Q:Why are salt silos typically built in a round shape?
In St Clair Michigan is where I have seen the biggest silo ever.Huge and round. I guess they are round so the salt slides down easier,than any other shape? Isn't that what makes a silo a silo? The shape?
Q:Are there any historic sites near Mahwah, NJ?
hi best regards pops..
Q:How can i make a short story for math?
Here's one: A 3 meter tall boy is standing 100 feet away from a silo. He has to tilt his head 22.5 degrees up in order to see the top of the silo. How high is the silo in meters? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. Answer: [(tan 67.5)100]+3 = 44.4 meters
Q:in halo 3 how do you get the catch skull...?
you need to pass the level in different kinds of level like legendary or heroic or normal.
Q:Why are grain silos round and tall?
Curved un-stiffened structures can take higher pressure than ones made out of flat plates, hence the needed thickness of plating would be thinner. Thus silos are made round. Grains have very high angle of repose which means that the inverted cone at the bottom of the silo should be steep in order that the grain would drain properly. A wide silo would therefore require a deeper cone and thicker materials to make it. So instead of building silos wider and bigger in diameter they are just built taller and more slender to reduce the construction cost. Also taller silos would occupy less ground area than fatter and shorter ones of the same volume.
Q:cow grazing question?
sounds like just finding the area of 2 circles... (pi * r^2) you have the larger circle that the cow can walk around (assuming that the rope can go perfectly 100 ft around the silo) where the radius is 100 ft + half the diameter of the silo: 100 + (30/2) = 115 ft radius then you have the smaller circle in the middle that the cow can't eat out of... radius is half the diameter (30/2) = 15 ft radius So find the area of the big circle and subtract the area of the small circle.... i think hope it helps!
Q:Could an energy beam from a Satellite or the Sun, cause nukes to detonate in their silos?
No. It is the precise creation of a critical mass of fissionable material that causes the nuke to explode and some energy beam could not cause this to happen unless there were some way you could cause the trigger mechanism to fire. In this way the bomb would explode just like it was supposed to only do so at the wrong time. The standard nuclear weapon is spherical sort of like a soccer ball and has a number of high explosive panels aimed inwards. They must all fire within less than a millisecond or so in order to create the pressure wave that compresses the radioactive core of the bomb thus creating the critical mass and the bomb explodes. If the timing of these explosive panels is spread out over some longer peiod of time, the critical mass will not be created and you will not get a nuclear explosion. The timing is critical for the correct working of the device.
Q:How to build a missile silo for a model rocket?
Here are some suggestions. Go to any hobby store which sell rockets. Solid fuel is very common. But they don't explode on impact. So you just need to trigger device. Think bullets. Gunpowder, when compressed will explode. So you just need to make something resembling a casing that would cause gun-powder to ignite. Now the hard part which you say you are an expert on. Guidance is very tricky since your rocket may be rotating slowly in-flight. So you need an inertial gyroscope (where are you going to get that? You can't buy it and you would need the equivalent of a National Laboratory to build one). The problem you need to solve is so difficult that if you have the expertise to do that, the propulsion and the trigger should be child's play. So go at it. Have you read Rocket Boys, the true story of Homer Sonny Hickam, Jr. a boy from the mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia in 1957. The movie October Sky was based on it. A kid wanting to build a rocket is normal and wholesome. Don't let these Motherland Security wackos out there discourage you from trying. But it isn't easy, especially the guidance part.
Q:Calculus Optimization problem?
Volume of the silo with h height (except the hemisphere) and r radius should equal 504π. π*r^2*h+2/3π*r^3=504π So, h=504/r^2-2/3r. The surface are of the silo: 2π*r*h+2*π*r^2 Substitute above h here to get 1080π/r-4π/3*r^2+2*π*r^2 To minimize the surface area of the silo, take the derivative for r and equate to zero. (also cancel π) -1080/r^2-8/3*r+4*r^2=0 Multiply everything by r^2... -1080-8/3*r^3+4*r^4=0 Solve this numerically...
Q:Is it illegal to explore deactivated Minuteman II silos?
At the very least, it's trespassing. Edit: Abandonment does not mean you get the right to enter a building or other structure. If you have to go through doors or a gate, and you're there without permission, you're trespassing.

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