industrial compressors 5.5/11/15/18/22/30/37KW IP54Motor VSD Screw Rotary compressor air

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Frequency conversion screw air compressor features

Feature one; environmental protection

Accurately analyze the airflow inside the machine and use the sound-absorbing panels reasonably. The assembly of each component is controlled during the final assembly process to ensure low noise during operation. Even if the machine is placed near the workplace or office, it will not cause discomfort to the human body.

Feature 2: Easy maintenance

Reasonable layout, humanized design, mature model. Whether it is routine maintenance or breakdown repair, it can easily control the operation.

Feature three; energy saving

When the rated pressure set by the machine is reached, the compressor runs unloaded. When the system pressure is lower than the set value, the machine reloads immediately, and according to the actual gas consumption, intelligently selects a better automatic shutdown time after unloading to save energy, and at the same time ensures: when the system pressure is lower than the set value after shutdown The machine restarts immediately. Maximum starts per hour. The screw host sucks the air in the low-temperature area, which improves the compression efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

The fixed screw air compressor is carefully designed and assembled for the scope of application of the large displacement model, the economy of operation, reliability and the convenience of operation and maintenance. The whole machine is reliable and flexible.

Fixed screw air compressor features

The whole unit adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the cold and hot flows inside the unit are separated without interfering with each other, so as to improve the efficiency of the system (the air sucked by the main unit is required to be at normal temperature, and the heat generated by the compressor cooler does not affect the suction), the main unit and the motor It is separated from the machine base by a vibration-absorbing pad, which does not interfere with peripheral equipment, has the characteristics of low noise, small vibration, and no need for installation foundation.

Stationary screw air compressor is reliable

The direct connection structure, the elastic coupling, the connecting cylinder and the gear box are integrated, the connection is simple, the neutrality is good, and the long-term reliable operation of the compressor is ensured.

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