Bar Rod Wire Mill Rolls Spheroidal Graphite Iron Rolls Bainitic Ductile Iron Rolls HSS Rolls

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Bar Rod Wire Rolls For Metal Rolling Mills

The Role of Bar, Rod and Wire Rolls in Steel Manufacturing

Bar, rod, and wire mill rolls play a crucial role in the steel manufacturing process, specifically in the production of bars, rods, and wire products. These rolls are an essential component of rolling mills designed to shape and reduce the cross-sectional area of steel billets or ingots into long, slender products like bars, rods, and wires.


Quality Matters: The quality of Bar & Rod Mill Rolls is paramount to achieving the desired product characteristics. These rolls are engineered from materials known for their exceptional hardness and wear resistance, ensuring they withstand the demanding rolling process.


Wide Applications: The products emerging from milling mills, namely bars and wires, find diverse applications across industries. They serve as vital components in construction for concrete reinforcement, in manufacturing for producing various fasteners such as bolts, nails, and screws, and in the automotive sector for crafting components like springs and spokes.


  1. Nodular Cast Iron Mill Rolls

  2. Bainitic Nodular Iron Mill Rolls

  3. High-Speed-Steel, Semi High-Speed-Steel Mill Rolls

  4. Improved Semi-High-Speed Steel Mill Rolls

As a professional supplier of mill rolls in China, we offer wire & rod rolls crafted the above four distinct materials. This diversity enables us to cater to a wide spectrum of customer needs and budgets, ensuring optimal performance and value for each application.

1. Nodular Cast Iron Mill Rolls (Ductile Iron Mill Rolls, Spheroidal Graphite Iron Mill Rolls)

nodular cast iron roll    nodular cast iron roll    


  • NiCrMo ICDP II

  • Pearlite II

  • Pearlite III

Chemistry and Surface Hardness

chemistry and barrel hardness ICDP Pearlite

Metallographic Structure

nodular cast iron microstructure    nodular cast iron microstructure

Mechanical Properties

physical properties roll neck hardness ICDP Pearlite


2. Bainite Nodular Cast Iron Mill Rolls (Bainitic Ductile Iron Mill Rolls)

bainite nodular cast iron mill rolls    bainite nodular cast iron mill rolls


  • Bainite Nodular Cast Iron Composite Centrifugal I

  • Bainite Nodular Cast Iron Composite Centrifugal II

Chemistry and Surface Hardness

chemistry barrel hardness bainite cetrifugal composite

Metallographic Structure

microstructure bainite nodular cast iron    microstructure bainite nodular cast iron

Mechanical Properties

physical properties neck hardness tensile strength


3. HSS, Semi-HSS Mill Rolls

high speed steel mill rolls    high speed steel mill rolls


  • High-Speed-Steel Mill Rolls

  • Semi High-Speed-Steel Mill Rolls

Chemistry and Surface Hardness

chemistry barrel hardness high speed steel

Metallographic Structure

microstructure high speed steel    microstructure high speed steel

Mechanical Properties

physica properties semi high speed neck hardness tensile strength


4. Improved Semi-High-Speed Steel Mill Rolls

high speed steel mill rolls

Performance Index

performance index tensile strength hardness impact toughness


chemistry analysis elements

Roll Pass Steel Amount Reference

roll pass steel quantity reference

Metallographic Structure

Bar Rod Wire Mill Rolls Spheroidal Graphite Iron Rolls Bainitic Ductile Iron Rolls HSS Rolls


Milling Roll Production Equipment

At CNBM International Corporation, we take pride in delivering top-quality milling rolls to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence begins with the state-of-the-art equipment that our factory uses in our manufacturing process. Our comprehensive range of equipment ensures precision, durability, and reliability in every milling roll we produce.

Casting Equipment

10 ton centrifuge 

  • 10-ton Centrifuge

centrifugal roll pouring site

  • Centrifugal Roll Pouring Site

  • 10-ton Medium-Frequency Furnace

  • Integral Rolling Roll Casting Site

Heat Treatment Equipment

high temperature resistance furnace

  • High-Temperature Resistance Furnaces

  • High-Temperature Resistance Furnace Output

  • Dual-Frequency Rolling Roll Quenching Machine

Machining Equipment

6m gantry milling machine

  • 6m Gantry Milling Machine

Bar Rod Wire Mill Rolls Spheroidal Graphite Iron Rolls Bainitic Ductile Iron Rolls HSS Rolls

  • CNC Machine Tool

  • Our Workshop

  • Horizontal Lathes

  • Grinding Machine

  • Roll End CNC Letter-Engraving Machine

Testing Equipment

Bar Rod Wire Mill Rolls Spheroidal Graphite Iron Rolls Bainitic Ductile Iron Rolls HSS Rolls

  • Metallographic Microscope

Bar Rod Wire Mill Rolls Spheroidal Graphite Iron Rolls Bainitic Ductile Iron Rolls HSS Rolls

  • Dimensional Inspection and Measurement

  • Spectrometer Testing

  • On-Site Roll Metallography Testing

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

  • Hardness Testing

Actual Mill Roll Product Photos

wire rod mill rolls


wire rod mill rolls


wire rod mill rolls


wire rod mill rolls


Q:Process flow of powder metallurgy parts plating
The formation of powder metallurgy electroplating process is mainly because the powder metallurgy parts is the use of metal powder pressing and sintering, thus containing oil and porous, which requires the electroplating process in powder metallurgy, electroplating processing, all kinds of solution into the pores of the coating has great impact on the quality of.
Q:What kind of imported metallurgical machinery parts do steel mills need to rely on?
Basically, the technical content of high quality, good import, I do not say one by one, too much.
Q:How to strengthen the shock resistance of powder metallurgy metal parts?
Change the material, or change the shape, then heat treatment, and there's no other way to do it.
Q:How can make powder metallurgy machinery fittings have hardness, toughness?
The above methods can be used separately, without regard to this factor, can also be used all.
Q:What is the manufacture of powder metallurgy machinery parts?
Powder metallurgy is the preparation of metal powder or metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and metal powder) as raw material, after forming and sintering, manufacture of metal materials, composite materials and products of various types of technology.
Q:What is the cost of the powder metallurgy machine parts?
Under the same conditions, mass production is certainly superior to a small amount of production because fixed costs are apportioned by production and unit costs are reduced.
Q:What kind of high temperature anticorrosive coating is used for metallurgical high temperature parts?
From the nano GN-201 is a novel nano composite ceramic coating, can achieve the matching coefficient of expansion, thermal shock.
Q:Why does the aspect ratio of powder metallurgy machine parts need to be controlled?
The traditional unidirectional pressing leads to uneven density distribution, which leads to the limited ratio of height to diameter, and to friction compaction.
Q:Why are powder metallurgy parts generally small?
Powder metallurgy is not suitable for larger gears, and such gear spokes can not transmit greater power.
Q:What are the types of powder metallurgy machinery parts?
There are many kinds of pressing molding, which is widely used in practical industrial applications. Warm pressing, cold sealing, steel mould pressing, cold isostatic pressing and hot isostatic pressing all belong to pressing forming.Press molding, with dry powder, filled with gravity in the mold, extrusion molding by ambient pressure.

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