Pleated PTFE membrane filter cartridges for air or solvents

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Hydrophobic Pleated PTFE membrane filter cartridges for sterile air or solvents

PTFE Filter Cartridge


PTFE Filter isa sterilizing grade air & gas filter that utilize naturally hydrophobic

material provides effective retention of microbes and particles in air/gas.


l  Inherently hydrophobicity.

l  High flow rates at low differential pressures.

l  High steam cycle lifetimes and thermal strength.

l  Reliable separation of microorganisms and bacteriophage.


l  Media Layer:                   Hydrophobic PTFE

l  Support Layer:                Polypropylene

l  End Caps/Core/Cage:     Polypropylene

l  O-Rings/Gaskets:           Silicon, EPDM, Viton, Teflon

l  Internal Adaptor Ring:    PS / Stainless Steel 304

Operating Conditions                                     

Max. running temperature


Max. Allowable   Differential Pressure



Inline   Steaming Sterilize

121 , 30min@max   differential                                    Pressure of 0.05MPa up to 25 times

Food and Biological Safety


<30mg per   10 inch



Ordering Information


Micro Rating






10=10 inch




20=20 inch




30=30 inch




40=40 inch


Connection details



Q:Do I need to add a filter before the industrial circulating water pump?
In fact, is often blocked because it is an old system, because the system has not been cleaning and pre film, so there are a lot of rust and mud, I want to ask is if after cleaning and pre film, import filter can not be needed.
Q:Which is a good industrial circulating water filter?
Then, according to the water quality of the circulating water, the filter suitable for treating the water quality of the circulating water is rationally selected"...
Q:Filter brand ranking?
. Equipment installation, debugging by the technical staff, filtration time and cleaning time conversion, the water to be treated into the body from the water inlet filter to begin work, when it reaches the preset cleaning time, electric controller for hydraulic control valves, motor drive signal, triggered a series of actions: the motor drives the rotation of the brush to clean. At the same time filter, the control valve is opened to discharge, the whole cleaning process needs to last only tens of seconds, when cleaning at the end, close the control valve, the motor stops rotating, the system returned to its initial state, began to enter the next filtering process
Q:Selection of filtration equipment for filtration equipment
The concentration of the suspension, the particle size distribution of the solid particles should be measured, and the type of filtration equipment should be preliminarily determined according to the determination
Q:What is the method of sludge treatment for industrial wastewater treatment equipment?
The ceramic filter is not only applied to the dewatering of concentrates in nonferrous mines, but also can be applied to the separation of liquid and solid phases of titanium dioxide
Q:Introduction of iron and manganese filter
the aeration device in the air of oxygen dissolved in water, and then the water Fe 2+ and Mn 2+ were oxidized into insoluble Fe3+ and MnO2, catalysis, adsorption and filtration combined with natural manganese sand will iron and manganese removal.
Q:Price of water purifier in China Aviation Industry
If you want to buy a water purifier that suits you, please read it carefully and think about it:
Q:How to distinguish industrial cleaning agent?
Water industrial cleaning agent, simply speaking, is an industrial cleaning agent that is soluble in water and can be diluted with water.
Q:What is the standard for quartz sand filter after filtration?
Quartz sand filtration is one of the most effective means to remove suspended solids in water, and is an important unit for advanced treatment of wastewater, wastewater reuse and water treatment.
Q:Which manufacturers produce ceramic filters, the more comprehensive the better, the people throughout the country hooray!
The other factory is relatively small.

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