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I have water on the passenger floor of my 04 eclips it's apparent the AC drain hose how can i fix this?
I asked for a sample from someone years ago and they sent a free roll that was more than enough for me to test out. I do not recall who that supplier was.
locking lipsusing ur tongueetc whats the hardest part and what are some tips
Nothing. The police officer was 100% correct to give you a ticket! It doesn't matter if it was 30 seconds or 30 minutes you were blocking the fire hydrant. Would you want people to burn to death because you are in the way of fire fighters getting the hose to water to save these people? Cause that is what we are talking about herepeople dying because you just had to drop your friend off right in front of the hydrant! It is against the law to block a hydrant for 1 second or 1 hour! So next time do NOT drop anyone off or park anywhere near a hydrant if you want to avoid a ticket.
Which of the three types of radioactive decay happens inside a smoke detector?What is the daughter isotope which would be produced as a result of this radioactive decay? Explain your reasoning.
Say your sorry or get out of the house!
My friends and I noticed this, and I was curious why this is so.
i believe rdp uses port 3389. type netstat -a in a cmd prompt to see if port 3389 is listening.
I hit a fire hydrant when backing my car in a rental community, not very badly. The fire hydrant seemed fine, however, at the time I didn't go out and check, but simply drove away. Now I see my car has a little scratch on the bumper. Is it a serious problem? What should I do now? There was a lady around there and I think she heard it. I am not sure if she recorded my plate number and would call the police.
If i'm as wealthy as Donald Trump i purchase the porn studio, have sex with each and each of the girls i favor, promote tapes of them with people and make money off the deal. it truly is the way you stay as wealthy as Donald Trump. you may have each and each of the porn stars you want and deduct the rate on your tax go back to offset your salary.
I was burning a cd, and my dad was on the internet during a thunderstorm and as i was coming back to see if the cd was done i hear a loud pop sound and a blue light and figured that it was the computer. So now the computer doesnt turn on but on the back there is a little light that turns on every time we plug it to the power.Is there any way we can fix it?( is there some fuse that blew up or something like that or is it dead for good? Oh and my cd is still in there)
The higher the number in OZ the safer they are and if your planning to just play around with some friends in the yard I'd suggest 16OZ sparring gloves so that nobody gets hurt.
so, I want to be able to use whichever for web browsing, apps, music, movies, and books.Im not great with technical stuff, so I dont want any directions thatll make me feel impaired lol. which one, out of the box, is the best bet for what I want to use it for?
yeah, and did you know i like pressing the enter key
Yesterday, when my friend was heating the oil in the pan. Later he went to check his email and forgot to watch the pan. The oil caught because of overheating. He throw the pan on the kitchen floor and try to use the welcome carpet to put it out but it still on fire. When I came home i used my wool blanket soaked with water to put out the fire. Now my blanket has some plastic stuck on it. Does anyone know how to remove the plastic from the wool?
Yes, at my place of work there is a smoking section and it's like a little island surrounded by rocks, theses are medium sized rocks sometimes people slip and fall on these and they are especially slippery in the rainy season, even though I have sent the suggestion to remove and replace with either grass or pavement it has been ignored, oh well I guess it's an open door to a lawsuit!