Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting for Brazil, Russia, Africa

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$4.00 - 10.00 / roll
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
5 roll
Supply Capability:
50000 roll/month
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Product Description:

Specification of Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting CMAX8200

CMAX8200 Acrylic Engineer Grade sheeting is a durable, all-weather, retroreflective sheeting consisting of lens elements within a transparent resin.

CMAX8200 series is designed for license plate which can be embossed and roll coated with either transparent or opaque roll coating inks.


Physical Characteristics & Properties of Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting CMAX8200

Durability5 years
Retroreflective ElementsReflective glass bead
Film Thickness140 mics 
Face Film35 mics Acrylic
Adhesive40 mics Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive
Release Liner130 Gram Poly-coated paper liner
Application SurfaceFlats surface only such as aluminum
Application Temperature15ºC
FeatureEmbossing, Hot Stamping, Screen Print, UV Print
Embossing Height1.8 MM
Tensile rate>=130%


Color Availability of Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting CMAX8200

Color White Yellow Blue,OEM,etc


Retroreflection of Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting CMAX8200

Minimum Coefficient of Retroreflection (cd/lx/m2)



Roll size of Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting CMAX8200

1.24*45.7m/Roll,Size is tailored according to customers' need


Pictures of the  License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting and Wearhouse


Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting for Brazil, Russia, Africa

Car License Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting for Brazil, Russia, Africa



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