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What is the fabric of space made of?
Acrylic? Transparent acrylic? You could try them.. they're rigid but not brittle like glass.
if i find out my boss cheating on my salary then he fire me . can I file law suit ?
Glitter is actually tiny flecks of reflective material (most of the time it's aluminum, although there are other options, such as polyester or even glass). The material isn't crushed or grinded, as you might assume; it's actually cut into tiny pieces in specific shapes (ever noticed how glitter isn't just random shapes? They're always circles or squares or sometimes in stars, hearts, etc.), which are then placed on a thin backing. Shimmer is just finely milled glitter.
I recently got a suburban from an auction. It has a code alarm system. I think it's the Pro-3500 or something. Anyway, the alarm seems to lock the engine. I pull a few fuses from the alarm then put them back and the truck starts. I tried taking the alarm out but then the truck won't start. Is there a way to get rid of the alarm and be able to start the truck? Or would I have to find a remote somwhere.
Flamethrowers have a hell of a kickback, almost like a firehose. If you're unprepared for it, heaven help you and anyone around you.
What is the purpose of a speed bump?
Acrylics and Mylar. There are lots of materials made with a shiny coating. Think of all of those shiny mylar balloons, or the shiny plastic parts of toys. In my area, there are a couple of specialty plastics stores. One of the more well know is called TAP Plastic, in San Jose and Mountain View. Just check your local telephone directory for Plastics, Retail.
I would like the resin to stay as smooth and clear as possible. Thanks x_+
Mine has a meter on it that tells me when it needs to be recharged.
And why do we all make that face in the sun, anyway? It's not like our angry eyebrows become a cloak that shields our eyes from the sun
if the fish are literally getting sucked in. Just get some mesh plastic thready stuff. Glue it over the fitting. But that wont stop the fish getting stuck because of the power of the sucking right? Try and put the tube which is sucking water against the wall so no fish can get close enough to touch it. Or like get a divider using the mesh you have leftover! And you can just keep the pipe completely away from your fishies.
When evangelical 'christians' show up on your doorstep, do you reach for a broom or a fire hose?
Ask your plumber about replacing them with PEX piping, it's much cheaper, quicker and does much less damage to the house. Either way will not be cheap, replacing copper with copper requires cutting out large pieces of sheetrock that will have to be replaced, it's time consuming and the material is more expensive, the PEX system is much quicker, cheaper and doesn't require that large holes be cut in your walls, there will still be holes cut, but they will be small and easy to patch. If I may,,, there are so many people that answer these questions that know very little about plumbing, I have been in the plumbing trade for over 30 years, as a plumber and as a plumbing inspector, I have a master plumbing license and a plumber inspectors license from the state of Texas, I have done every phase of plumbing from residential repairs to major commercial construction and I assure you, copper pipes can wear out, years of constant water moving though the system can cause them to wear thin and develop pinhole leaks, if a copper pipe is connected to a galvanized pipe it causes electrolysis in the system that will eat holes in the copper, if any acid flux was not cleaned off the pipe at installation it will eat holes in the pipe, they do wear out, this is not an unusual occurrence. As for replacing copper with PEX, the material may not be cheaper, but the labor cost of the job will be, PEX is much easier and quicker to replace, reducing the labor time by half, it is true that when the PEX system first came out there were some problems with the fittings and connections, but these problems have since been corrected. I would however, recommend that you get at least three estimates before having a job like this done and make sure you go with a reliable, established company that warranties their work.
How can I stop this or why is it soon this
why in the world would you want to do something like that? It's not an easy process, as a battery is not really meant for someone to just try and pry it apart.