Aluminum Diamond Grille

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Aluminum Diamond screen


The beautyand flexibility of Aluminum Diamond mesh ornamental grilles is unsurpassed.Manufactured by lancing and expanding high tensile 6063-T5 aluminum extrusions,Aluminum Diamond mesh is ideal for architectural and ornamental applications.
The sturdy strands of Aluminum Diamond mesh are easily fabricated to anyconfiguration. Welded into frames or tubing, Aluminum Diamond mesh is a popularchoice for attractive security grilles, ornamental door grilles, safetyfencing, or handrail infill panels.


AluminumDiamond grip 201 and 202 are economical, lightweight, aluminum flooringproducts popular for food processing and corrosion resistant applications.Single-piece construction combined with extensive open area allows for rapidcleaning of the floor. The depth of Aluminum Diamond grip 201 is .500 inchesand the depth of Aluminum Diamond grip 202 is .960 inches. Both products areavailable in 24" x 20"-0 stock panels or cut-to-size to your specification.


AluminumDiamond screen 351 is perfect for sun screen applications. The rich designcomplemented by the overall strand depth of 1-3/8" provides an attractiveand economic solution to screening applications.


The millfinish on 6063 aluminum alloy panels is often quite suitable for interior andnon-ornamental exterior applications. When evaluating architecturalapplications, consider anodizing or kynar finish coatings to provide a premiumappearance and years of outstanding performance.

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Q:Metal mesh structure can shield radiation
This is called electromagnetic shielding in physics.Three physical things
Q:Why the new building interior walls of metal mesh
The main purpose of this paper is to prevent the peeling off of the surface of the wall as the main purpose: the steel wire mesh with a diameter of 1.2 ~ mm and a mesh of 50 ~ 150 mm is often used. The main nail is hanged on the masonry base or the first leveling layer. When the weight of the decorative surface layer is large, the welded steel mesh can be used, and the diameter of the steel bar is 4 ~ mm mm, and the pore diameter is mostly from 50 to 150.
Q:Do you want to do precious metal network sales
It's the same as telemarketing. I can see it by my name. Maybe harvest
Q:Can a metal mesh suspended in the air shield radar waves
Electromagnetic wave is made up of the electric field and the change of the magnetic field, the change of the magnetic field to produce electric field, the change of the electric field to produce magnetic field, the two are indispensable, otherwise can't spread. The metal net is made of conductive metal, when the air field formed around the metal net, because of the short circuit effect of conductive metal, destroyed the electric field formation (ideally conducting medium zero resistance, short circuit electric field is completely absent). Based on the above two points, after the electromagnetic wave arrives at the metal mesh, the electric field disappears, and the magnetic field can not be continued.
Q:Haia, Hello, how to shield high-frequency electromagnetic waves, such as metal mesh, conductive foam, such as
Electromagnetic compatibility (Electromagnetic Compatibility) abbreviation EMC, refers to an electronic device does not interfere with other devices, but also not affected by other equipment. Electromagnetic compatibility is one of the most important indicators of product quality, as well as the safety we are familiar with. The safety of people and property, and electromagnetic compatibility is related to personal and environmental protection.
Q:What is the metal net? What are the functions of automotive metal mesh
Most vehicles have a grille in front of the car to protect the radiator and the engine. The other common grille is located under the front bumper, in front of the wheel (cooling brake), in front of the cab for ventilation, or on the rear box cover (mainly rear engine vehicles). The net is often a unique modeling element, many brands use it as its main brand logo
Q:Who explained to me the use of metal mesh with the attention?
You can install the cover to avoid direct exposure to the belt grinding of material;B when the net belt is exposed to the abrasive material, it is necessary to select the appropriate conveyor type;
Q:What is the role of a black metal mesh in the middle of the windshield?
Is it in the upper right corner of the car?. 4S shop professional technicians, 10 minutes to solve. ]
Q:Standard for wire mesh inspection
The main purpose of the thermal aging test of plastic electrical insulation and other materials is to test your product at a high temperature for a certain period of time
Q:Copper prices are based on the non-ferrous metal network 1# electrolytic copper price
You go to Shanghai to see what you know, copper prices fluctuate at any time, with futures related.

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