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HI, i have a residential project, and i want to install fire fighting hoses, what pipes and accessories do i use? ductile iron? or galvanized steel? or pvc? or PE? please advise, please take into consideration the fittings.thank you
Mr.clean Magic eraser works wonders as well as shoe polish. Not the liquid polish but the wax like polish. Hope this helps
One church in my city was struck by lightning. The Cathedral in my city has a new lightning rod installed after renovations were done in the 1990s. Can someone tell me what a lightning rod is, and how it protects buildings?
CM Punk wins, the shield fights with each other, and Roman Reigns could be first to break away from the Shield, spearing both Ambrose Rollins. If it does happen, he will turn into a babyface. or The Wyatts interfere, causing the Shield to lose, The whole Shield stable turns face faces off against the Wyatts at the next PPV.
how can i stop my Nissan Maxima from rattling over speed bumps and bumps, its an 07.?
Gold actually has many more uses than the ones you list. Gold is precious for a few reasons. It is a rare metal, and it does not react under normal circumstances (it takes extreme conditions for gold to react). Gold is also prized for its colour, as it is one of the few metals with a distinct colour, making it decorative. Because gold is so inert, it can be found free in nature. Its shine and colour drew the attention of people, and finding that it could be worked easily made it a prized material. Its rarity, combined with its rich appearance, made it a symbol of wealth. Gold is used for decorations, but it is also used as medicine, in many applications in science, and research into gold nanomaterials is booming. It was used as an injection material against rheumatoid arthritis pains, for example. Gold nanoparticles can be used to carry drugs, since their manufacture leaves them with a surface that can bind to medicinal drugs, leaving the gold as an inert, and therefore relatively harmless, waste product. Gold is also used as reflective material, as a conductor, and as electrodes when inert electrodes are required.
The main hero had fire powers and had a red suit with two horns like a bull Help!!!!
In Arkansas I believe that's how far we have to be away from one to legal. You might want to check your state laws before you try and dispute.
please help me!i recently downloaded windowsblind 6 and 3 days later i surfed the internet and all of a sudden it froze. i waited after it unfroze and i didnt have the start menu or my desktop icons i cant roght clik on da desktop either. i use task manager to go in the internet and i am lucky to have safari so i use that. but i go on task manager and try to go to control panel but it says windows cannot acessthe specified device, path, or file. you may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.and i dont want to rebbot my system because i have music saved and pictures saved. i have a vaio computer windows xp home edition.please help me if you need more information just tell methanks for anyone who answers.
Without more info sic as shape and materials of boat and available to you it's a little hard. What u basicly want to do is insulate said space so as to keep items cool (with ice I assume) but u will need to be able to remove water once ice has melted so if u were hoping to use bottom of boat as base for cooler don't. The best insulation is polystyrene if u can't find any or have an awkward shape u can get an expandable foam I'm cans from hardware. Also u will need an insulated lid and use hinges otherwise in rough seas the lid might come off. If u get stuck call a refrigeration mechanic for help.
Do you have any potions or chemicals that soften the reflective clothing and soften the fabric?
Reflective clothing fabric before making reflective clothes, is processed by sizing, and water is not good, it is easy to appear fabric perfect situation. It seems that after the ready-made clothes are ready, they can not be washed by water, and they also hurt the reflective belt.
I can not for the life in me figure out how to wash my clothes with the lid open. I tried sticking a fork in the hole where the lock is, the end of a tablespoon, I even tried shaping a piece of cardboard like the stick think on the lid and that wouldn't work. This has got to be the only washer that won't allow us to take a sneak peak at our clothes. If you have a Kenmore 20022 Washer please around with it and let me know exactly you did.
There are two types - front surface and back surface. A front surface mirror is a highly polished metal surface. A back surface is a piece of glass with a reflective coating (metal).
People drive way too fast in my neighborhood (I live in Carrollton, GA). I'm afraid that one of the kids on my street is going to be killed by the fast cars. The speed limit is 25most cars driving on my street go at least 50. Who do I need to contact to get a speed bump placed on our street?
I have to say Shawn Michaels for some reason. He's known as Sexy Boy for a reason. BQ: I don't want to see Zack Ryder turn heel, but I do want to see him beat Cena. BQ2: Hell no. WTF? I just can't imagine it.