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I can barely lock it or unlock it.. I had to use both hands and force it to lock this morning. I'm afraid the key is going to break by using that kind of force. What can i do to loosen it up?
The fire usually spreads through the attic. Fire resistant walls provide time for occupants to escape but in a shared structure it's almost impossible to construct a perfect barrier.
When I was 12 my brother his friend mother and I were hanging out and we saw smoke so my mom asked if I want to pull the alarm. How was it that my mom asked me as opposed to my brother and friend. We were outside and she gave me instruction on how to do the alarm. What do you think my brother and his friend thought when I was pulling the alarm? My mom could have pulled it herself but i guess she was cool and wanted me to do it because I said do you need help? any ideas
Thin films are material layers of about 1 ?m thickness. The main applications are electronic semiconductor devices (thin film transistor), optical coatings (anti-reflective coatings on glasses, reflective baffles on car headlights, and for high precision optical filters and mirrors), ferromagnetic thin films (in computer memory), ceramic thin films (protection of substrate materials against corrosion, oxidation and wear). Thin-film modules are expected to be cheaper to manufacture owing to their reduced material costs, energy costs, handling costs and capital costs. However, thin films have had to be developed using new semiconductor materials, including amorphous silicon, copper indium diselenide, cadmium telluride and film crystalline silicon. In all cases, these technologies face major technical and financial hurdles.
What are the reflective materials?Excuse me: what materials have the best reflection effect?
The best is the micro prism technology reflective film, you'd better choose according to the requirements of the product, the use is not the same, the products are not the same.
today during gym my cell phone was stolen from the locker room. Lockerroom was looked, but somebody managed to take apart the lock on the door and opened it. Anyway 10 dollars and my 400 dollars cell phone was stolen. Coach gathered all guys in the locker room and scared everybody that whoever did that is better to return the phone, or he'll cal the cops. Than he walked me out of the locker room and said that cops won't look for my cell phone because i'm noot allowed to have it with me at school. After that he said that everybody can go the class and took me to the school officer. All the officer did was just collecting my data, cell phone model and it's price. He told me that there nothink he can do about ( they have ******* survelance cams everywhere, but video doesn't get recorded!!! what for they need them?!!!!!) i bought my phone on (unlocked) so my cingular phone insyrance won't cover it. Anybody please give me an advice - i don't know what to do. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes. You won't know for sure until you raise it up and look and maybe test drive it. You'd be lucky if you didn't do some damage though.
What kind of material is composed of reflective road, cone and so on? Which materials are high-end? Which materials are medium and low? The more detailed, the better
So the reflectivity is very good. Nowadays, there are many reflective materials on the market which are not high in price.
Basically if someone can run down what could happen if i get pulled over. Im a Criminal Justice major at PSU and Im curious. If they pull me over, what can they search? Warrant or no warrant? Probable cause? Any references to websites would be great.Thanks!
Not every store is perfect. There are some healthy stuff in Whole Foods, and some unhealthy stuff. Same with Trader Joe's. However, Trader Joe's food is much cheaper and healthier in my opinion. It is my favorite store. TELL YOUR MOM THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ORGANIC MEAT. Farmers want money, that's all they want, so they won't make sure that their chickenscowspigs are fed healthy food. They are fed spoiled food with hormones, dirt, poop, and chemicals. ALL THEY WANT IS MONEY. The governmentmeatdairy industries are fully aware of this but do not do anything to change it. I personally love Trader Joe's and think Whole Foods is a rip off. You can get anything on the list I posted below.
The smoke detector in my elderly father's house beeped twice at full strength about 60 seconds apart. The beeps were about 1 minute apart and at full strength at 3:00AM. After the second beep I went into the attic right above the second floor where the smoke detector was and it seemed like the 45 year old box fan ( LOL 45 years old)my father was running for attic ventilation smelled like it was burning up. I turned it off and have not heard any further beeps. Would that have caused the smoke detector to beep like that? It was a very new detector that I only replaced in his house about 6 months ago.
drive with nearly a full cup of water.. don't spill a drop.. if you don't spill it going fast it won't damage your car and your theory is right if it hits anything or youre rough the water will spill which means youre theory is wrong and every bump is different too..
are lightning rods still used on homes and do they work?
You can drive anything in the snow, its just a matter of how stable it is. The MR2 would be tricky as it is a light car. Get some really good tires and that would make it easier.