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I'm shopping for a first car, and it seems that every car that catches my eye is RWD. I found incredible deals on sexy RWD cars like the BMW 328i and Mazda Miata. However, winters in western Pennsylvania can be very brutal, and every once in a while, I plan to drive up to the local ski resorts, which consist of not so good roads and inclines. Would good winter tires be enough to control a RWD car, or should I direct my attention to FWD and AWD cars?
Yeah I ruined it. I dissed him so hard he hasn't left his house in days.
I just got a lighter, and I'm been burning some things for fun like tissue paper and toilet paper. But what are some things that I shouldn't do when burning stuff. Also if a fire gets a little to big what's the best way to take it out fast. And is it okay to burn paper? Will the fire grow to much or not? And I been having some trouble with my lighter it's really difficult for me to work it, I'm 14 what are some ways to work it easily because sometimes I get it but then other times it's extremely difficult and hurts my thumb. I have some none brand lighters that I got from dollar tree. Thanks
Mirror does not have a color. It reflects 100% all colors Mirrors do not have color because mirrors are invisible.
Im working with wood and use Bandsaws, Routers and Belt sanders. Is there a particulal type of glove like Kevlar or Nitrile that will reduce the chance of me cutting off a finger?
It is just poetic imagery. It helps the reader to imagine everything fading out at the end of life. Silver and glass are materials which gleam and are reflective and have beautiful shimmering properties; mentioning them is a way of romanticising the experience of dying.
Ok, so I have an Oldenburg mare (Contucci x AprilFest) who I am considering breeding at some point down the road. She is registered with Oldenburg NA. She was inspected as a foal and scored an 8.0 for type, 7.0 for movement, 7.5 for overall Impression, and 7.5 for the total. I have the original pink registry form with 4 generations of bloodlines on both sides. If I chose to put her in the mare book, would I have to have her reinspected (she was only like 3 months old when she was first inspected and branded)? The website information is not that great. According to the website, I'm pretty sure she qualifies. If I breed her to a stallion in a different breed regitary's stud book, is the foal still eligable for registration (in Oldenburg or a different breed registry) if I don't put my mare in a mare book?Thanks
yes you can, and price depends on the choice of lenses you get. Be prepared to discuss material (plastic or polycarbonate), coatings (UV, anti reflectiveetc), and other things like high index if needed The clinic is more likely to have a higher pricetag, but it never hurts to visit and do some research. best of luck
how can i stop my Nissan Maxima from rattling over speed bumps and bumps, its an 07.?
It's rare, its expensive to mine, you need a few tonnes of ore to smelt down to a few grammes of gold, it's desired due to its appearance and its longevity - one of the few metals that does not corrode, it is good to work into jewellery, it is inert and stable. Gold is discovered by geologists who know in what types of rock structures the gold is normally deposited.
I have water on the passenger floor of my 04 eclips it's apparent the AC drain hose how can i fix this?
This Site Might Help You. RE: what are real world applications for parabola, hyperbola, ellipse, and circle? i need at least 2 for each
I need some good info with language that a 12 year old can understand.BY TOMORROW!!
Get yourself some army surplus ammo boxes (steel water tight), then put the coins in a heat sealed (not Ziploc), thick polyethylene bags, then bury that. Easy to find with a metal detector years later if you're not shure exactly where you buried it.
I want to get rid of someone. Are there any advantages of Reduction In Force versus just firing them without a reason?
Well I'm not quite sure how far a car should be parked from a hydrant, because it's different for every other state. I believe it's 5-10ft. Or one car's length from the edge of the hydrant to the bumper. This person seems like he or she is breaking the law. I would definitely report this kind of habit. Report this to your local authorities such as the police, fire department, or department of traffic (or whatever you call it). They would either fine your neighbor or give him or her a big warning. Parking a vehicle near a hydrant can actually be life-threatening. If there was a fire around and fire trucks can't have access to it, lives can be lost. It would be your neighbors fault for not removing their vehicle. If you don't want to go to the authorities, simply go up to your neighbor and tell them about the hydrant issue. I'm sure that they don't want to interfere with firemen, since their job is to stop fires and save lives (and property!)