Reflective Sheeting for Road Traffic Signs, Advertisement

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$4.00 - 10.00 / roll
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TT or LC
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5 roll
Supply Capability:
50000 roll/month
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Product Description:

Features of Reflective Sheeting for Traffice Signs, Advertisement:

High coefficient of reflection, very good weather resistance; excellent for silk screen printing and lettering(cutting), tearable, good extensibility, and long service life.


Detail Data of Reflective Sheeting for Traffice Signs, Advertisement:

Model NO.: CMAX3400
Material: PC PET PMMA
Color: White/yellow/redue/green/orangeack etc
Standard Size: 1.22*45.7m
Color Informaiton: White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green,F.Yellow Green etc
Trademark: CMAX
Specification: High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting
HS Code: 39199010
Reflective Material Type: Prismatic, Glass Bead, etc
Application: Road SignsTraffic Signs of Highways and City Roads, Reflective Tape for vehicles of trucks and ships,  work zone signs, Advertisement
Service Time: 3 years-10 years
Retro Reflection: 550CD/Lx/M²
OEM: Available
Transport Package: Carton or Pallet


Pictures of Reflective Sheeting for Road Traffic Signs, Advertisement



Reflective Sheeting for Road Traffic Signs, Advertisement


Package Reflective Sheeting for Road Traffic Signs, Advertisement:


Reflective Sheeting for Road Traffic Signs, Advertisement




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Well, it depends on a few factors - like the type of light. Natural sunlight and incandescent globes have a lot of red-spectrum light in them so a red surface will tend to reflect more of the light with more red in it than a blue one and so the blue object would absorb more energy and get hotter. A light source with a lot of blue in it would work the other way. In practice though, the differences are probably marginal and have less effect than the shades of the colours - a lighter blue will probably reflect more energy than a dark red irrespective of light source. Even then, pretty trivial in practice I'd suggest. If you're concerned about it, yes, silver would be more reflective and yes, a metal case will both heat up and cool down faster than a plastic one. The heat generated by the machine is unlikely to be different because it will be down in the infra-red and unaffected by visible spectrum colour.
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If you mean by reflective light (as in doesn't make its own source), the nearest I think of is a liquid crystal thermometer coupled to a resistor. As the resistor heats up, the crystal changes color. If you mean makes its own light, not that I know of. You could do it with an RGB LED and a microcontroller with an ADC, the code equating a voltage input to the ADC to a combination of RGB elements. Of course, the circuit will need its own continuous power to work.
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Insulation in the walls and roof to keep heat out (rather than in), reduces conduction, radiation Reflective materials on the exterior walls and roof to reflect radiation Shutters on the windows to reduce conduction and to reflect radiation Hope that is some food for thought.
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An infrared-reflective material is applied directly to the bituminous surface of a roofing product to increase the solar heat reflectance of the product, even when deep-tone roofing granules are used to color the product. The infrared-reflective material can be applied as a powder or in a carrier fluid or film, and can be applied along with infrared-reflective roofing granules. That is the details for the mineral roofing - tbh i know not much about I think the granulated roof surface prevents leaks well and is torched on. I would go for the cheapest option though
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im not sure about the Proceed III but the II is 18mm seg hght. I like the Seiko 1.67 I have a -11.00 rx. The Proceed is available in transistions. The Sola has 15 diferent lenses available most have a 22mm seg height. and come in transistions and most all materials. The Seiko is thinner. Coatings are put on most lenses. I have a gold zeiss coating (anti-reflective) if you are considereing anit-reflective i would recommend Crizal. I workd for Pearle Vision as a Lab Tech. I am looking up from my progressive identifier from 2004. So there may be some newer options out there. If you have a high rx go with the seiko.
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Reflective clothes used in reflective materials have been repeatedly (specific times by a number of factors), such as the material itself, water washing conditions
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If your camera has a manual focus, use that.
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i'm really torn. my favorite color is green so that first package would be AWESOME! on the other hand those black pair of v's is made with the reflective 3m material that's on the xx2's. at night when you stand in some headlights they will GLOW!!! i have a picture on facebook where someone took a pic of me in my all black xx2's in the daytime and the 3m material still caught the flash and just had a completely different look. a few people caught it but some had already noticed how they changed colors in the sunlight. but the flash made it a much more intense glow. if i had to go with 1 package i would go with the v's just for the wow factor you would get when wearing the black pair.
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