PVC Honeycomb Reflective Vinyl Roll Honeycomb Advertising Vinyl PVC Frontlit Flex Banner

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Product Description:

1. Specification of PVC Reflective Film

Printable Reflective Alveolate Film

Color:White Red Yellow Blue Green Fluorescence Yellow

Size:1.35*40m/roll   1.35*50m/roll

Super reflective that can be reach at 300cd/lx/m2

Printable directly and ink immersed with good effect

Used easily:divided into pvc Flex Fabric and Self-adhesive two types .Fabric can be pad with high anti-elonggation at break,can be printed directly and installed tightly like other common Pvc Flex banner,Pvc Self-adhesive one can be sticked tightly on any material s with clean surface .

Applicated in fields of advertsing printable and traffic road.

2. Advantages of PVC Reflective Film

.Honeycomb shape with high reflective capability film

.No need to put light on light box. It can reflect through car light and other light

.Super smooth reverse side for better optical collector application.

.Horizontal joint treatment to make joints only an invisible line for perfect image

.500 meter directly visual distant while cast a light on that signage

.Remarkable eye catching. Provides powerful advertising effect.

.Idea for highway poster, billboard premium signage solution via vividly image

.Weather resistant (UV, water-proof, anti-frosted)  

.Super smooth surface. Good ink absorption.

.Provide high visibility during night time as well.

3.Images of PVC Reflective Film

PVC Honeycomb Reflective Vinyl Roll Honeycomb Advertising Vinyl PVC Frontlit Flex Banner

PVC Honeycomb Reflective Vinyl Roll Honeycomb Advertising Vinyl PVC Frontlit Flex Banner

PVC Honeycomb Reflective Vinyl Roll Honeycomb Advertising Vinyl PVC Frontlit Flex Banner

PVC Honeycomb Reflective Vinyl Roll Honeycomb Advertising Vinyl PVC Frontlit Flex Banner

PVC Honeycomb Reflective Vinyl Roll Honeycomb Advertising Vinyl PVC Frontlit Flex Banner




 PVC Honeycomb Reflective Vinyl Roll Honeycomb Advertising Vinyl PVC Frontlit Flex Banner

4. Packaging & Shipping of PVC Reflective Film

Packaging Details:

25 rolls in one pallet. Around 600 rolls in one 20ft container.

Shipping Details:


Lead time:1-2days

Free samples, Shipping  cost should be paid by buyers

Bulk lead time

7-10 days more or less, based on your quantities


Door to door , or FOB Xiamen port china

Quality Control: We make quality control for each item separately. Shipping department checks each item before packing, totally avoiding manufacturing defects. We care specially about sewing details and fabric quality. 

Safe, registered parcel: shipping method, we use, are registered, with tracking numbers. After parcel is sent - we provide tracking number and tracking website.


5. FAQ of PVC Reflective Film

Q: How to get a quotation and start business relationship with your company?

     A: Please send us email and our sales representive will contact you as soon as we receive your email. 

Q: How to receive a price quotaion in the shortest time?

     A: When you send us an enquiry, please kindly make sure all the details, such as the mateiral, product size, surface treatment and packaging are mentioned. 

Q: How to start a custom project with your company?

     A: Please send us your design drawings or original samples so that we can offer a quotation first. If all details are confirmed, we will arrange the sample making.

Q: What types of payment terms do you accept?

     A: Currently, the payment terms we accept are T/T (30% before production, 70% against B/L copy) and irrevocable L/C at sight.

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High vis reflective material

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