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So some scammer phoned up from windows and said that I needed to download supremo and ammy admin which are programmes to allow him to control my computer from a distance. Unfortunately (and rather embarassingly for me) I only realised it was a scam after I had allowed him control over my computer and laptop - how do you withdraw permission for them to control your computer? I don't fancy them being able to see all my files and everything whenever they please.Thanks
It's a gas stove. It ignites gas to heat the oven. Any sort of flame, heat, etc. will set it off. Your best bet is to move the detector from the kitchen.
What is the purpose of raised line markers on the roadway?
Hey Matthew. you can go nuts with this list: Of course that list is only the PRIESTS. when you get into the various Brothers, Nuns and Lay Catholic scientists it becomes staggering.
I am trying to replace an old garden tap, the fittings are said to be made of polyethylene, and the pipe is burried in the ground.I want to take the old fittings out and replace it with the same kind of new fittings, when i do so do i have to place a rubber washer in between the 2 plastic olives?thanks.
I just found an fire extinguisher, how can you tell how old it is and if it is still any good?
Definitely those without the full-face. first, puts huge strain/risk on your eyes, and 60% of head impacts in crashes occur on your face/chin. Those half-helmets are retarded. Shorts kinda look dumb, but will do no less to protect your leg skin than pants or jeans in a wreck. The only thing that will prevent road rash is leather or armor.
The car alarm will go off for no reason, we've narrowed the problem down to the alarm switch under the bonnet: the cover over the switch has disintegrated completely. We can't get it down to the garage for awhile so we've taped the switch down with insulation tape. The car will still central lock but no beeps from the alarm to say it is set. My question is: Will taping the switch down do any damage to the alarm system and will it stop the alarm going off at 3am? Thanks for any help.
This leads to a discussion of time and the site has a bibliography
Okay so Ive tried three times already, trying to get that stupid shield ( I have the master sword) and people told me it would be WAAAAAAY easier to defeat Demise with this shield but I just cant do it! Can I defeat Demise without it? I suck at defeating bosses -_- Especially the imprisoned! I prolly died 3 times on the second time and 5 times on the third time that I faced that horrible thing.Im on the part where I have to go back to Levias for the last part of the song of the hero because i got 3 and he has the last which will lead the way to the triforce.So what comes after that? And shield problem? Will I have to suck it up and just keep trying? I just dont know what to do. Any advice?
It sounds like a ball and spigot hub. If so you need to uncover it completely and like you said wiggle it out. I am not sure you will need a transition for iron to cast iron. You say leadto cast iron. Do you mean iron? Not much lead is used nowadays in that manner. If it is lead I am not sure if you would need a dielectric union or not. I dont believe you woul dneed a union for a Iron to cast iron.
i have to run on roads as treadmills do not suit me and there is no grass near mee
Get a couple of more estimates. Your 3 family house is 3 row houses under one roofright? If you're looking at Firestone's RubberGard product, it's available in white, so that no reflection coating would be necessary. I'm assuming you have a flat roof over the majority of the houses a pitched roof in the front or back, where you need the shingles. EPDM roofing systems (rubber membrane) run $175-$400 per hundred square feet NYC would be in the upper ranges of that spread. Shingled roofs run $150-$350 per hundred quare feet again, NYC falls into the upper range in pricing. If you know or can calculate the square footage of your roofs, you'll get a better idea. Good luck Added - Gutter When was the last time the gutters were cleaned? Sounds like you have standing water in the gutter. Do you know what type of gutters you have? Aluminum, copper, galvanized..other? They might have sprung a new leak at the seam. If you have galvanized gutters, it may be cheaper to replace them than keep repairing them.
is there a difference between the two? or do they just have different names?
it helps to profile who the person is. If nothing is stolen it is likely a young drug user. From what you said it really sounds like a punk kid. IT is very possible the person is someone the dog knows. I had a female doberman and although it was a sissy dog it got hyper barking and shaking all over if something was wrong. There are some really helpful cheap things for security like motion activated toy gorillas that clap their hands and play music. Even though it is a toy the sound will wake you up if you are in the same area. Be careful you don't make a bad situation worse. If you corner the bad guy you may force them to use violence. IF you go to really hardcore gun shops or on the internet like soldier of fortune or go buy a soldier of fortune magazine there are books you can buy to get ideas of techniques to protect yourself. I think if you borrowed someone's male doberman you would get a good team. I really think the person doing this is a kid because not many people would break in twice in one week and I don't remember you mentioning if anything was missing. A good security door lock is using two spring activated dead bolts. A person can pick one lock but it is very hard to hold that deadbolt open while picking the other lock. When you make the door too strong the bad guy might choose the window so ..