wood plastic composite outdoor decking

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outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type
1Low maintenance
2Widely used indoor and outdoor

outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type      

1Low maintenance
2Widely used indoor and outdoor

Specification of  outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type

1) Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch

2) Eco-friendly, high-recyclable, green material

3) No cracking, warping, and splitting

4) Water/Moisture-proof, Corrosion-resistant

5) Low maintenance and no painting

6) Easy to install, clean

7) Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60

8) High degree of UV and color stability


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type


150*25mm,146*32mm,142*35mm,140*40mm,140*25mm,135*27mm etc.


As your choice


black, coffee, brown, gray, white ,redwood etc. optional


Smooth,Brushed,Scratched,Grain&Sanded optional


50% wood fibers +45% HDPE+ 5% chemical additives

Warranty period

15 years




PE Film+WPC Pallet(length of 0-2.2m)+Wood Pallet(length>2.2m)



Pool&SPA Surrounds,Boardwalk,Playground

This type can be used in outdoor ground, trestle road and garden path, enjoying great superiority in the outdoor decking of courtyard, park, garden community, waterscape, trestle and plank road,etc


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type

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Q:When does the sole of skid resistant rubber and floor rub when can chirp ring?
If it is a pair of new shoes, the friction will ring.Because of the use of non slip rubber soles of the material, and the floor friction, will ring.
Q:Burn out a small piece of rubber floor
Use the steel ball to rub off the black, and then paint it with the floor paint. I made it through. You feel like you can take it
Q:What is the difference between the pure rubber floor and the sports floor glue
Pure rubber floor price is high, the body is referred to as the transparent, heavy, sports floor glue elastic!Interchangeability: color, surface texture diversity than wood.Yi Qingjie: cleaning and maintenance easier, lower maintenance costs.Stability: not easy to deformation, good dimensional stability.Good flexibility: comfortable, can give people a warm feeling.Fire resistance: flame does not spread, anti cigarette burning.Flame retardant: does not produce toxic gases during combustion.
Q:Compared with ordinary wood flooring, elastic rubber floor What are the advantages?
At the same time has strong sound-absorbing performance, to maximize the absorption of noise and echo, the national detection, the sound absorption can reach 13 dB value, especially suitable for the requirements of quiet working environment; secondly, Mutong rubber floor super slip, safe and reliable, can alleviate the impact force
Q:PVC the difference between the floor and the rubber floor can say in detail
Green environmental protection: the main raw material used in the PVC plastic floor is polyvinyl chloride, which is detected by the state authorities, which contains no radioactive elements
Q:How to solve the problem of rubber floor blistering
Rubber floor foam: 1, there are not dispersed resin or oil and other volatile substances
Q:How to install rubber floor
In order to ensure the effect of laying a large area (flatness, strength), it is recommended to be used before laying on the leveling layer of the use of oil and self leveling, especially the transformation of old buildings. For details, please refer to the manufacturer and recommend the products and practices according to the ground conditions. In order to ensure the laying site has sufficient strength to support on the structure of each layer, and under high load in the future, that should choose high grade leveling layer, such as fine stone concrete practice, it is recommended that the mark of C30. Cement mortar should be in strict accordance with the national standards or M15 standards. The strength of cement floor as an example, the other floor separately. Rubber flooring materials and auxiliary materials, should be placed in a safe and reliable indoor, and keep the ventilation dry and light, not stacking. Coil should be kept upright, rubber parts should be placed free of pressure, the indoor temperature of 15 degrees C.
Q:How to remove the yellow brown on the rubber floor
Hardware store, where the paint can buy to buy, 5 dollars a vial. Give in cloth, repeatedly rub, rub a few will be able to erase. Tips: hand in a plastic bag, or to buy the duck to several gloves, don't get thinner on the hand, will corrode the skin.
Q:What is the meaning of self leveling rubber floor
Self leveling is to solve the problem of horizon, paving the floor of the need for rubber flooring, if there is a small grain of sand on the ground did not clean up, it will make the laying of the floor uneven. In this case, often make the floor is not wear-resistant, uneven aesthetic enough, look ugly.
Q:Operation room floor with rubber floors or PVC floor better
PVC floor is good, rubber is not good for the eldest sister, and disinfection is not good, and the relatively slippery rubber

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