wood plastic composite outdoor decking

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outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type
1Low maintenance
2Widely used indoor and outdoor

outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type      

1Low maintenance
2Widely used indoor and outdoor

Specification of  outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type

1) Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch

2) Eco-friendly, high-recyclable, green material

3) No cracking, warping, and splitting

4) Water/Moisture-proof, Corrosion-resistant

5) Low maintenance and no painting

6) Easy to install, clean

7) Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60

8) High degree of UV and color stability


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type


150*25mm,146*32mm,142*35mm,140*40mm,140*25mm,135*27mm etc.


As your choice


black, coffee, brown, gray, white ,redwood etc. optional


Smooth,Brushed,Scratched,Grain&Sanded optional


50% wood fibers +45% HDPE+ 5% chemical additives

Warranty period

15 years




PE Film+WPC Pallet(length of 0-2.2m)+Wood Pallet(length>2.2m)



Pool&SPA Surrounds,Boardwalk,Playground

This type can be used in outdoor ground, trestle road and garden path, enjoying great superiority in the outdoor decking of courtyard, park, garden community, waterscape, trestle and plank road,etc


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type

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Q:Buy rubber floor intends to install their own, who knows the elastic rubber floor construction methods
Third, mixing self leveling cement, the use of dedicated slurry scraping ruler for self leveling cement construction.Fourth, the self leveling cement was completely dry, the surface oxide layer, grinding dust, using special tool frictioning.
Q:How to remove the dirt on the rubber floor
It depends on what dirt you get. Here are some common treatments:Oil: local oil, aqueous degreasing agent solution poured directly on the towel wipe; a large area of oil, will be the only special water-based degreasing agent in 1:10 diluted with wiping machine with red disc cleaning speed.Black offset: spray cleaning wax with high speed polishing machine polishing pad with white polishing. For a long time of black offset printing, you can remove the powerful black offset printing agent directly on the towel to wipe.Glue or chewing gum: with a professional powerful adhesive directly onto the towel wipe wipe. Cleaning agent: water-based degreasing agent, spray cleaning, maintenance wax strong black offset removing agent, in addition to adhesive strength.
Q:Rubber floor, plastic floor, what is the difference, what are the advantages and disadvantages
Rubber flooring is expensive. As high as a carpet. But wear and durability is relatively poor. If you put on the floor, the floor of the family recommended that you install PVC floor. Best imported.
Q:What is the difference between plastic floor and rubber floor
The market demand and the wear resistance of different rubber floor due to the high prices, used only in some high-end places, scope is narrow; and the PVC floor due to its high price and therefore is widely used, the huge market potential. In addition, the wear resistance of the rubber floor is stronger in the airport, station and other places where the flow is very large, as well as aircraft, trains, subways, cars, ships and other means of transport is very suitable.
Q:What is the size of the plastic floor
Plastic floor from the shape is divided into 2 kinds of flooring and sheet flooring. The width of 1.5 meters, 1.83 meters, 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, the length of each volume is 7.5 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, the total thickness of 1.6mm-3.2mm (only commercial flooring, sports flooring thickness of up to 4mm, 5mm, 6mm etc.)
Q:Rubber floor mat can be used for indoor floor sound insulation pad
Laying sound insulation pad and then laying about 4 cm thick concrete can be directly laid on the ground floor of the rubber sound insulation carpet can be laid.
Q:Production of rubber flooring harmful to the human body?
Hello This is certainly harmful, because in the rubber production process such as benzene, xylene, hydrogen sulfide, the dust on the human body harm, dust inhalation may lead to formation of industrial pneumoconiosis, benzene can cause cancer, the smell of rubber will cause indoor air formaldehyde exceed the standard!
Q:The rubber floor is broken, and the cleaning method is required! Thank you master
Do not use rubber floor, and now it is plastic floor with plastic floor, on its own non slip, wear-resistant, as well as flexibility
Q:Long term use of rubber flooring, the harm to the human body
This is common sense! We do the floor, glue the glue
Q:The dance floor is made of plastic or rubber
The dance floor, the concept of dance and dance floor or stage and rubber, is a kind of soft PVC, which according to the characteristics of professional dance, develop and become, has the cushioning effect, certainly not astringent, not smooth, elastic, Shibuya is moderate, is conducive to the impact of buffer motion. Easy cleaning and maintenance, and feature invariance, no crack, good flexibility. Dance to glue bright color, smooth surface, good flexibility. Moderate elasticity, moderate moisture, is conducive to cushion the impact of the movement, and easy to clean maintenance, invariance, non cracking. The stage of rubber performance, moisture-proof, anti slip, abrasion resistance, compression resistance, and green environmental protection, no alcohol, non-toxic, not good to protect the dancer in the fall caused by accidental injury

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