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Do you have to place your alarm clock across the room to make sure you'll get up when it goes off?
if your class has a permetheon or something u can sneak and draw on it using the computer (this guy in my class would do it its hilarious) it kinda depends who u want to pull the prank on well anyways have fun hope u can find a good prank
Hello everyone! im taking some fire technology classes in college and have to build something that demonstrates a physics principal. I would like to have it relate to firefighting but the other students in the class usually build catapults or cannons which are awesome but have nothing to do with the class lol even if it has nothing to do with firefighting, if it is something that will hopefully blow my classes mind then ill make it. Any ideas?!?! thanks!
They also refer to this as a compounder used to form new materials or modify properties of existing ones by combining rubbers and filler materials to create new compoinds, they also roll out sheets to specific thicknesses then use cookie cutters to form Preformed biscuits that contain specific volumes to be placed into molds either transfer or compression to maintain repeatable volumes and results
what is the mechanism of Deluge Valves?
YES!!! Nothing like that should be kept for that long?wow. Thats a concern.reallyget new one, and quickly.
If I just recently purchased a passport for regular speed of processing (4-6 weeks) and have now found out that I need it within two weeks, is there any way to pay the extra $60 and have the status changed to expedited? Or is it too late now?
When it is time your b*tch will let you know. good luck with your puppies:)
It's a science extra credit question and I can't find the answer anywhere ! [:
Foil: 0.1 mm Paper: 0.1 mm Wax Paper: 0.1 mm Rubber Gloves: 0.008 inch Plastic Wrap: 0.0005 inch Foam Sheets: not enough information they come in a wide range of thicknesses Cotton Cloth: fabric comes in different weights, which can have various thicknesses All the above thicknesses are approximate
I need a cheap alarm system that will get the job done
Can you use two paper clips? I can do it with two paper clips. Maybe if you're just really creative with how you bend it. Check the photos I linked. Just make sure to use a few layers of paper at each of the contact points of the paperclip so it doesn't tear through. Attach the rubberband to the shorter end of the large paper clip and then tie it through the small hole on the base. Hope it works out for you!
I found a baby bird near a tree. I ran to get my garden gloves on and the picked up the baby bird. Will I be protected from any diseases the baby bird may have if i wear thick garden gloves?
What was going through yo damn mind that u would tie your cat to the ceiling fan.????????????What the hell is wrong wit u? U think that tying your cat to a fan would help it overcome its sadness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's what u need to do:get a very high chair,get a broom and a mop,and stop the fan with the broom and the mop together. And your cat if it makes it might have some minor injuries from the fan.just do yourself a favor and NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't tie a????to a fan. Maybe and hopefully next time u will learn your lesson
I'm thinking about getting a graphite rid but I want to know what's the difference from a im6 and im7 and I wanna get a im6 from either shimano shakespeare and bereley that I saw for under 20 bucks and also is the berkely lightning rod good
Ours are mounted in a bracket in the trunk of our police cars all the way to the right. inside the cab would be just something else to go flying or something else to hit when in an accident. Ive pulled my extinguisher many times at work. It takes no more time to get it from the trunk than if i grabbed it from my cab.