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Hello!I purchased a house a few years ago, the folks who lived her before did not really maintain their backyard and I noticed this 'darn' bush that I can't cut down, can't dig up can't get rid of.A friend of mine recently identified it as japanese knotweed. I've read up on it as being a highly invasive and destructive plant. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with this 'weed' and can give me a good guide as to how to eliminate this 'weed' and reclaim an entire corner of my backyard!Thanks!!!
To mellow some of your anxiety, try to get out on some dirt roads (possibly muddy and wet, but not to the point where you get stuck) and see how the electronic VSC works. It is weird when it kicks in and you're not used to it. It actually sometimes makes some people freak and can cause loss of control. Electronic Vehicle Stability Control is something every owner should be familiar with. It controls and brakes the rear wheels when traction is lost. As the other guy posted, I think you'll be just fine with winter tires. Everyone in northern states does not have 4-wheel drive. Good idea about the kitty litter. Watch that understeer.
(we don't have access to a fire extinguisher)
It should be your common courtesy to protect your partner, assure that you have approved training gloves with extra padding. It's good that you recognized the issue by yourself though, cheers to that.
ok so the ice is melting, and with technology today scientists know how much new water will be added into the ocean, and they have a rough estimate of when the ice will all be gone. at the same rate why dont they take giant containers filled with ocean water each year, matching the amount of new water from the melting ice. these containers could be stored anywhere, and could even serve as backup water supplys for times of drought, or in times of disaster like hurricane katrina.
Doesn't your religion have a rule against bearing false witness against thy neighbor ???? Home depot said no such thing about the wrong God or Allah.They gave him a free pass on the rules for one year (which was their first mistake, they should enforce the dress code across the board and consistently), and now he is having a hissy fit, because he is no longer getting a free pass on the dress code. If you really think that what REALLY happened is so terrible, why do you have to embellish the story with FALSEHOODS ????
i live in phoenix arozona and thank god no one has gotten hurt in our street but am afraid some one will if we don't put a speed bump i have two little sisters and i am afraid one day somethig will happen and am not the only person with children in the street so i just want to fix this before an accident happens. first of all there is no actual sign saying the speed you should go so people go very very fast what can i do? or who should i contact to get this problem fixed??thx
This is a tough one because it is slightly ambiguous. It really all depends on how much each object resists it's own motion. Rolling resistance is, in almost every case, negligible (close enough to 0 to assume it is 0), so the ball has virtually no friction. That being said, the ice cube also slides down with virtually no friction. The answer to the question depends on how thoroughly you want to answer it. The simple answer is that they both reach the bottom at the same time. A more thorough answer might depend on how hot the cookie sheet is, how clean it is, and the length would have a factor in the amount of heat transferred to the ball thus making it more sticky and therefore resist motion more. Also, it could be said that the ball would reach the end first because the ice cube completely melted halfway down and never reached the bottom.
Its freezing in my house nothing is on but the fire alarm keeps going off.Why is it doing that? We put new batteries in them a couple days ago.So I don't see a reason for it going off. help I'm sleepy
how big is the bump? i think you just let it in 1st gear, slow down, and press gas after that. do not put it in neutral, that is very bad. you should also never press the clutch whenever you are turning, it is not safe.
can a rice cooker set the fire alarm off because dont fire alarms detect carbon monoxide and not steamed water and if this is the case how come hair straightners set fire alarms offsorry for the long question i wanna know before i use my rice cooker at college thanks
OK. Space time is a 4D structure. The common rubber sheet 2D picture is confusing you. Flip it over so the curve is up rather than down. Now the ball not gravity is causing the curvature. Or flip it sideways, same thing it is the ball (mass) that is causing the curvature. Replace the rolling ball with an ant. The ant crawling on the 2D surface follows the curve The ant's path is curved because its space time (the rubber sheet) is curved. General Relativity: Another thought experiment: Einstein thought, What exactly is gravity? Newton described how gravity worked but could not figure out what it was. Example: The earth is attracted to the sun. But, how does the Sun do that? Where is the rope that allows the sun to pull on the earth? Newton ignored the question. Einstein tackled it. And thought (My paraphrase): Suppose you were captured by aliens and drugged, you wake up in a sealed room. The room could be sitting motionless on the earth or you could be on the alien’s spaceship being taken back to their home planet. The space ship could have a soundless, vibration less rocket motor that we cannot tell if it is firing or not. If it is firing it is accelerating the room at 9.8 m/s^2 Is there any experiment that we can do that will allow you to figure out if the room is sitting motionless on the earth or accelerating through space at 9.8 m/s^2? Turns out there are no way to figure out if we are sitting on earth or accelerating through space. This means: If we cannot tell the difference, then there is no difference. Gravity is not a force but acceleration that manifests itself as a warping (curving) of Space-Time. (A very profound conclusion. Newton caught a whiff of this insight, but missed its’ significants. F MA To get a Force you multiply Mass times Acceleration). Another way to say this: Masses are not attracted to each other, they just follow the curvature of space-time. The acceleration of gravity is the slope of the curvature of space-time.
I like alarms and privacy and i was thinking i should add a door alarm to my bedroom. Its really just for fun because i don't have anything to hide. Plus i think it would be cool to set the alarm so in the morning when my mom opens the door it will go off, wake me up, and sense i'm the only one who will know the code i have to get up to disarm it. My requirements are, it must be wireless (its ok for the keypad to have to be plugged in), it's cheap, more than 4 numbers to the keypad, and it doesn't have to have this but it would be awesome for it to have a wireless remote for those times we have someone over and i can arm it if i am outside of my room and i need to know if they are snooping. thx in advance.
Yes! However, I'm sure if you go to a Magician's store or on to pedia - you may find another way or trick to cover the smoke.
e.g. Red -gt; Fire engineRedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurplePinkBrownBlackWhite:)
Light does have mass, but it takes extreme gravity to actually affect it.