Solid Merbau Flooring

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Dalian Port
Payment Terms:
TT or L/C
Min Order Qty:
1000 m² m²
Supply Capability:
40*40GP m²/month

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Product Description:


Quality Indoor Solid Merbau Flooring

1. Pre-finish: Treffert UV from German, natural oil or un-finished

2. Surface: normal; ha

Quality Indoor Solid Merbau Flooring

1. Pre-finish: Treffert UV from German, natural oil or un-finished

2. Surface: normal; hand scratched; archaized; brushed;

3. Joints: 4 sides T&G, with mirco bevel

Name: Solid Hardwood Flooring

Sizes (mm):

15/18 x 75/83/90/120/125/150/180/189 x RL

15/18 x 75/83/90/120/125/150/180/189 x 900 (FL)


Technical Specification:

1. Varnishing: 7 layers coating of Treffert Aluminum Oxide finish, T&G, MR<12%.  

2. Glue: Dynea Glue, exceed E1 standard.

3. Packing: Export Standard Carton & IPPC Pallets.  

4. Pre-finish: Treffert UV from German, natural oil or un-finished

5. Surface: normal; hand scratched; archaized; brushed;

6. Gloss: semi-gloss: 35 +/- 5% High-light:75 +/- 5%

7. Joints: 4 sides T&G, with micro bevel

8. Packing: 8-20 Pcs in a carton, then packed in pallet, the pallet is shrink wrapped and strengthened, which means about 23 M3 per 20' container

9. Lead time: monthly production capacity is 80,000 M2.


 Solid Merbau Flooring


 Solid Merbau Flooring  Solid Merbau Flooring

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Q:What is the use of solid wood floor mopping tools
Special stains cleaning: grease, paint, printing ink can be used special stains to wipe oil; blood, juice, wine, beer and other stains with a damp cloth or wiping the floor cleaning cloth dipped in the amount of wax; and chewing gum, with ice on it for a while, the frozen contraction, then gently sweep, reoccupy a wet cloth or wiping the floor cleaning cloth dipped in the amount of. Do not use strong acid and alkali liquid to clean the compound wood floor.
Q:What are the differences between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring
The three layer structure of wood flooring, formed by three layers of laminated wood staggered surface quality specifications, hardwood lath Xiangpin, commonly used species for Manchurian ash, birch, beech, oak, maple, cherry, etc.. The middle of the soft wood strip, the bottom of the veneer veneer, arranged in a crisscross. The structure of the utility model can make the three layer solid wood composite floor not only have the advantages of the ordinary solid wood floor, but also effectively adjust the internal stress between the wood, and improve the defects of the wood with the change of the seasonal dry humidity.
Q:A hardwood flooring question.?
On a concrete floor, you must use an engineered floor, unless you build a plywood subfloor first. (There is no reason to do this) A 5/8 engineered floor is usually a good floor. Look at the thickness of the top layer. You could save even more by buying a laminate floor instead. Not only is it less expensive, but it is MUCH easier to maintain. I wouldn't consider the cheap laminates, but the better ones. Find a retailer you trust to show you the difference. (Ikea and Home depot have junk)
Q:How to choose solid wood flooring?
For half a pack of owners, but an important part of the floor material purchase, but also a heavy head home to spend, want to save money decoration, this one can not ignore, Xiao Bian summed up the floor to buy a practical knowledge for you, make you less than 5 minutes to save thousands of experts, is not a problem.
Q:Cost per sq. foot to install engineered hardwood flooring in Los Angeles?
Then try to get a quoter closer to the $3.25, saying that getting work done depends a lot on the availability of local labor, not having many installers in your area will cost you more sad to say. I hope this helps
Q:How to calculate the general loss of wood floors?
floorCommon specifications are 900*90*18mm, 750*90*18mm, 600*90*18mmRough calculation method:Room area, floor number 0.228*1.05=
Q:installing engineered hardwood flooring with Liquid nails?
Liquid Nails Subfloor
Q:How to clean and maintain solid wood flooring
Maintain1, waterproofSolid wood flooring most afraid of water. To prevent the rain water in summer. Winter to prevent the heating room running water. If you accidentally leak on the water, even a little tea, but also timely with soft cloth to clean, keep dry, so as not to push the luster, and even cause warping, cracking, mildew. If the indoor cement ground return water wet (which is at the bottom of the room the most vulnerable situation) caused by rotten, warping, peeling, swelling color variation problems such as paint, must first solve the problem back to the water wet, and then fill in the floor renovation.
Q:Structure of multi-layer solid wood floor
Solid wood flooring substrate with low density wood, such as eucalyptus, eucalyptus, poplar, camphor pine mixed, multi floor layers generally in the middle of the odd good, as the center of symmetry, the stress on the lower level compete with each other, to maximize the elimination of the anisotropy of wood, to ensure the stability of wood floor when in use the wooden floor, deformation, bending, avoid cracking. The substrate has good water resistance, heat resistance, no deformation, not to open, so as to ensure the quality of the floor. The use of the United States PPG paint, with a unique rolling paint technology, effectively enhance the elasticity and toughness of the film, to prevent the occurrence of hard and brittle paint. Ten times accurate film treatment to ensure durability. Matt matte surface treatment, elegant and generous, safe walking, feel comfortable.
Q:What is the difference between composite wood flooring and laminate flooring?
Multi layer composite floor is characterized by:1, make full use of precious wood and ordinary small size material, without affecting the surface decoration effect under the premise of reducing the cost of the product, won the customer's favorite;2, the structure is reasonable, warping deformation is small, no cracking, shrinkage phenomenon, with good elasticity;3, large size, easy installation, good stability;4, the decorative effect is good, and the luxury type of solid wood flooring in the appearance of the same effect
Our company has advanced wood desiccation equipment, and complete sets of equipment for machining and mounding and assembly lines of UV and PU lacquer, which stand for national advanced level. A severe quality control of the total process from purchasing the raw materials until finishing the flooring ensures the high quality of the products.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Mudanjiang, China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Above US$ 8 Million
Main Markets 70.00% North America
10.00% Western Europe
10.00% Middle East
10.00% Domestic
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Nearest Port Dalian
Export Percentage 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5-10 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average; Low