Intelligent Heating Plate Wooden Grain Panel

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Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel


 Temperature controller, The wear proof and fire proof layer, The heating chips , Environment friendly basement and Heating preservation and insulation layer

1.       Wear resistant and fire proof layer

Use the special environmentally friendly, wear resistant, fire proof materials as the cover of the hotplate, improve the quality of weather resistance substantially.

2.       Heating Chips

The imported high-performance heating chips makes you warm and healthy with the function of far infrared heating

3.       Green Base Material

Natural environmental protection and inorganic materials, zero-formaldehyde, no radiation, with many advantages, such as waterproof, fire proof, anti-static, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant.

4.       Heat Preservation and Insulation Layer

Pave the ground pad before installation, This pad can prevent heat conduction down to the ground and also flatten the ground

5.       Special Connector Assembly

Use waterproof, fire proof, acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion connector assembly and special cable which is cooperated with international well-known brand manufacturers

6.       Intelligent Temperature Controller

Imported temperature controller has the temperature function of testing , adjusting, keeping controlling and leakage protection



Energy Save: It’s an energy save and new green material with national certificate. Its energy consumption is low, heat conduction is fast, heat efficiency is high (more than 98%). It can effectively prevent energy wastage with time-sharing district heating by intelligent control and metering heating

Fast Heating: Unique conformation, the heating layer is 0.6mm near to human body. It can reach to the touch temperature in 2 minutes, No need waiting for warm.

Safety and Intelligence: Professional leakage protection device makes it safe. The unique intelligent heating management system can realize the function of preserved start. Intelligent constant temperature, centralized control chamber, Far APP control and so on

Easy Installation: Easy installation: No need glue or fixing facilities. Avoid building and breaking the wall. No special treatment of the surface of the floor, ceramic tile can be instant installation, the ground also can be refurbished in one day. Fast Installation: The joints designing makes the installation fast, the same day installation and live in. Easy Repair: Solve the local problem, no need breaking the floor, live after repair. Easy Maintenance: Waterproof, Damp proof, fire proof and wear resistant. No need special maintenance, just daily clean.


Intelligent thermal management system include:

1.       Intelligent Heating: The intelligent chips generate heat quickly and the closed structure avoids thermal loss.

2.       Even Distribution of Heat: Heat conduction system evenly conducts thermal energy by the principle of thermal energy conduction

3.       Thermal Energy Storage: The heating chips technology preserves thermal energy efficiently improves thermal efficiency and maintains thermal balance

4.       Constant Temperature System: Can stop heating when reaches the setting termperature under frequency conversion control technology.


Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel

Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel

Intelligent Heating  Plate Wooden Grain Panel



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Q:What is the best underlayment for floating engineered hardwood floors?
I would strongly suggest that you use the same manufacturer's underlayment. most of them come with attached moisture barrier (or thicker plastic). If not, make sure you install one first since you are installing on concrete slab. I have installed laminate wood on kitchen floors. but I personally prefer tiles in the kitchen, most durable, applicable, and appropriate kind of flooring for kitchen which is subject to extensive use and water contact. If you don't have kids in the house and not too many people, it's alright. I would recommend laminate wood though, very durable and easy to install. good luck!
Q:Is a good solid wood floor tiles or good
Economic aspect: the floor tile is cheap, the wooden floor is expensive;Use: high hardness of the floor tiles, wood floors are more flexible;
Q:is it necessary to seal a concrete floor when laying engineered hardwood floor?
You really need to check with the manufacturer of your flooring but many manufacturers recommend that you cover a two or three foot square area of the concrete with a sheet of plastic with all of the edges sealed with tape so any moisture that might be migrating up from below the slab will be trapped. You let the sheet set undisturbed for 24 to 48 hours. If there is a moisture, you will see drops of water or at least the concrete will be damp. If this test shows no moisture then you don't have to worry about sealing the concrete. In any case most engineered floor systems use a thin plastic foam sheet that when completely taped at the joints serves as both padding and a vapor barrier.
Q:The solid wood floor and the fragrant two wing bean solid wood floor
To choose a better product performance price, that is, the same quality than price, the same price than the quality performance.4, according to personal preferences, living environment (such as light) to select the multi-layer solid wood floor color, generally speaking, poor lighting conditions optional light point, optional color love individuality is a little a little deeper.
Q:What solid wood floor is cheaper?
Different things, the price is certainly not the same. Price reflects the quality of products, but to compare
Q:Now the number of solid wood flooring and composite floor in the end how much ah
. Strengthen the floor of the test report that formaldehyde emission is low, and some floor that only 0.1 mg/L, I personally expressed doubts about this value. After the installation of the floor, we should know that the main problems in the following areas: from the drum, deformation, cracking, etc.. Laminate flooring waterproofing and moisture resistance is very poor, so it must be installed in the moisture-proof treatment. So he must install moisture-proof plastic cloth and PE mat, in order to moistureproof. In addition, the basic characteristics of the natural wood floors do not have the advantages of: sound-absorbing, anti-bacterial, rich in more refined Fen, etc., with the strengthening of the use of geothermal floor in the bedroom, I personally oppose. In the case of ground heating, the floor is prone to drum, deformation and other issues. There are a lot of domestic laminate flooring brands, but the real production line has few brands, most of them are OEM. I also borrow wood solid wood flooring. 2 solid wood flooring: wood floor has the advantages of good environmental protection, the disadvantage is maintenance trouble, fragile, easy deformation, can not be used for geothermal resource limited, solid wood floor will eventually withdraw from the market.
Q:Can you nail install engineered hardwood floors?
They dont really float it just allows for expansion. Sure, you CAN nail them -if you really want rusty nails in your new floor! Why not follow the manufacturers recommendations?
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring
Foot: solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring are made of wood, feeling is the same, and strengthen the floor due to the different tectonic Juegan become more blunt (two feet on the customer laminate flooring and solid wood floor, can clearly feel the difference between them). Note that the solid wood floor surface is a layer of UV thick paint, human exposure is only UV paint instead of wood itself; paint multi-layer solid wood flooring is paint penetrated into the pores of wood fiber through the penetration of advanced technology, the human body is exposed to a mixture of paint and wood. Therefore, the multi-layer solid wood floor has the characteristics of cool in summer and warm in winter, which is not the performance of other flooring materials. Can let the customer put two hands on the multi-layer solid wood floor and other floors, you can immediately feel the obvious difference between them.
Q:how do you refinish hard wood floors?
OK it look like you never done this before so don't because you could ruin this floor fast even if some one tells you what to do refinishing wood floors is tricky any mistake and you're finished so price a professional is best p.s. home depot or Lowe's don't know nothing about refinishing wood floor's or where to start go to a flooring dealer if you don't want to spend Lot's of money or time good luck flooring expert
Q:I am an allergy sufferer.Which engineered wood flooring is best? ?
You can use the type of laminate that snaps together. This is installed over a pad that is rolled over the concrete. There would be no adhesive required. If you do go with the type of engineered wood that is glued together, the glue used is basically the same as yellow carpenters glue. The formula is slightly different, but for the most part it is very similar. The glue dries quickly, and once it's dry it should be sealed enough to not cause allergy issues. Hope this helps.

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