Yongsen Grade A Pure Africa Teak Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Tree bark


: thick 1.25px, smooth, soft, easy to break and block off. Skin yellow to grayish brown, with irregular cracks, brittle flaking. Endothelial brown, pinch easily into downy fibers.


Cross section


Heartwood clear. Heartwood when fresh yellow brown, dark brown long home atmosphere transfer. Sapwood width of about 62.5px, narrow, shallow color. Growth wheel is not obvious.


Wood properties


: wood is diffuse porous wood, sapwood narrow, width 1.5-62.5px, heartwood yellowish brown to dark brown and sapwood and obvious difference; growth ring was not obvious;


Wood has a luster, no special smell; texture until slightly staggered, the structure is very fine and uniform; the durability of wood is high, not easy to rot and insects; dry shrinkage, dry, good stability. The strength and mechanical parameters of wood are higher. Good processing performance, surface processing, paint, adhesive, etc. turning performance is good. Bending performance, grip strength. Contact with the black metal easy to rust. Air dry density 0.70-0.86g/cm3.

2、Product Characteristics

1, naturally contain heavy oil, moisture, pest control, anti termite. Teak cut down a month later, due to being changed to nutrition, mothproof effect. Also is especially resistant, teak Millennium does not rot proof.

2, micro pinhole solid structure, made of teak wood floor has both strength and toughness, good stability, normal hardwood floor installed within two years winter there will be expansion is bigger, gap up to 3 to 4 mm; and the summer and systolic bulge, easy to have the sound. Teak wood floor stability.

3, the classic color, golden brown to deep brown, soft Moxian, beautiful oil shadow, form varied texture, atmospheric, elegant.

4, teak unique mellow, insect prevention termite, anti acid, alkali, corrosion resistance. The unique flavor of the old people's brain nerve has a soothing effect, promote sleep.

5, long time, with more beautiful color.


Material: Teak

Style: Modern

Standard: ISO90001

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose wear

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint:

Residual depression: no formaldehyde release amount: E1

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Whether to refer to the floor: no

Color: yellow

Specifications: 910*122*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Grade A Pure Africa Teak Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Grade A Pure Africa Teak Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Grade A Pure Africa Teak Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Can a finishing nail gun be used to install 3/8 engineered hardwood?
It is best to use a flooring stapler. Bostich makes a stapler that is especially for installing engineered wood. Use the finish nailer would probably it hard for the rows to go together.
Q:What are the benefits of solid wood flooring decoration
The texture of Fraxinus mandshurica is clear, the decoration is good, and the material is also selected.The indicators are poor, but the price is cheaper. Factory or store to deal with the product has a one-year warranty period, in the warranty period of warpage, variable table, dry, manufacturers or shops should be responsible for the return. The causes of these defects, is generally not because of wood drying or drying method is backward, water wood drying after high rate or level differences, and drying quality is the general consumers can not detect.
Q:Buy solid wood floor material which good?
RosewoodAdvantages: hard material, heavy, texture clear, smooth cutting surface, corrosion resistance, good adhesion, coating.Disadvantages: lighter color, medium structure, not easy to dry.
Q:how do I repair hollow spots under my engineered hardwood floor?
Well the dangerous thing about engineered hardwood floor is that the conclude layer is particularly skinny veneer, if it is veneer. So of these floor merchandise have a vinyl surface of varieties similar to contact paper and just as skinny. That you would be able to aesthetically restore the skin making use of a wipe stain system you can not real restore the scratch but that you may make it mixture in and with a few coats of water founded polyurethane applied with a q tip and then right away wiped so that you just do not need a build up that you would be able to seal the repair. Watch out while you do that so as to no longer soak the subject this will reason it to swell and elevate the skin.
Q:How to identify the solid plate is a plate
The appearance quality and machining precision of the test, test whether the floor have a bug (should be less than 1 mm), cracking, rot, mildew, death and other defects. For small live Festival, color should not be too demanding, this is the natural property of wood. The processing precision of simple test, is the scene of a randomly selected 8 to 10 floors on the ground in the assembly, touch and see the quality of its processing precision, smoothness and flatness, the fit between the board and the board (gap joint should be less than 0.3 mm), whether there is a significant difference of height.
Q:Pay attention to wood floor decoration
The ground cement layer to ensure adequate drying degree, moisture content of less than 8% to ensure re laying of the keel, so to avoid pavement moisture, if the wood keel, brush paint and paint the insect fire in a low floor or in the year
Q:How can I paint a beat up old engineered wood floor? Can I also put wallpaper boarder on it and seal it?
Go for it...it sounds like a great idea
Q:Wooden floor can be installed for several days
If it is a composite floor and multi floor, after the installation is complete, you can stay, because multi floor cash and composite floors, are free of nail products, do not use nail glue, installation can be completed using.
Q:Is it possible to place wood floors (or engineered wood floors) or ceramic tiles on existing ceramic tiles?
No, you need to pull up the old ceramic first.
Q:What do I need to lay an engineered wood floor?
You should add 20% for waste. If it is glue down you will need more glue than the can says . If it just snaps together and lays down with no nailing you will probably need the foam backing that go's down first. There is a nailer for some engineered flooring. Never put flooring on your steps. You just need to replace the step tread with new. You will need a door jam saw to cut your door trim up so as to get your flooring under the trim.

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