Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

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 1、Material properties

Geographical environment and climate characteristics of the material itself has a unique aesthetic and textured, dark stripes and glossy, and sapwood distinguishable. In the structure, the wood is very resistant to decay, and the wear resistance is good, and it has good weather resistance. Air dry density 0.61-0.99g/ cubic centimeters and modified wood drying after yellowish brown or dark brown, hard materials, slightly oily, stability is very good, natural resistance to rot.


1.solid wood floor, the solid wood floor, is not easy to deformation, the use of geothermal heating of the user if you must use solid wood floor, then you can use the disc beans solid wood floor.

2. disc beans solid wood floor color, made of dark wood floor is very high, but not suitable for light colored floor users.

3. disc beans solid wood flooring high hardness, impact resistance, good abrasion resistance, and occasionally hit the heavy will not have any trace.

4.Disc beans solid wood floor pattern, and therefore larger, not suitable for the pursuit of the perfect style of the user.


Solid wood flooring is the direct processing of wood into the floor. It has the natural development of the wood texture, is a poor conductor of heat, can have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, comfortable foot feeling, the safe use of the characteristics is the ideal material for the bedroom, living room, study, ground decoration.


The water content index refers to the solid wood floor in the sales area or just remove the unopened packaging under the condition of water rate. National standard provisions of the moisture content of solid wood floor indicator for the balance of the 7% to the sales site.

Reflect the paint board surface wear-resisting is solid wood flooring paint surface wear-resisting degree, national standards for superior quality solid wood floor paint board surface abrasion resistance index is less than or equal to 0.08g/100r; first-class product is less than or equal to 0.10g/100r; qualified product is less than or equal to 0.15g/100r.

Reflect the adhesion of the paint to paint the adhesion strength of solid wood flooring, national standard superior quality solid wood floor paint film adhesion index 0 to 1 level; first-class product is less than or equal to 2; qualified product is less than or equal to 3.

Film hardness is a reflection of the strength of the surface film of solid wood flooring, the provisions of national standards of superior quality solid wood floor paint film hardness index for 2h grade; first-class and qualified products is greater than or equal to H.

 5、Reference pictures

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Solid wood Floor Of The Disc Beans Red Light A Grade Pure Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Living room is a good solid wood flooring or solid wood composite
Advantages: 1 durable: from the whole wood processing, solid wood floor thickness of 18mm, to ensure wear resistance.2 environmental protection: it comes from natural wood, formaldehyde free, no harm to the human body.3 foot: good elasticity, temperature, touch, feel soft and comfortable.4 cool in summer and warm in winter: wood thermal conductivity is small, there is a good role in temperature regulation.
Q:Which brand of solid wood floor?
Select the main points: 1 size. Wood floors should not be long short, narrow should not be wide; 2 selected moisture content. Weigh the size of a wooden floor with a hand, and then weigh the same kind of wooden floor to see if the weight of the same
Q:What's the best install for Engineered Hardwood floor?
Excellent way to go. Any time you have a glue direct floor,it s best to use a new plywood subflooring. This allows for the glues to attach it new wood. The wood won t be dirty and the pores will be free of old oils.Get the best adhesion this way. Purchase 2 trowels to use. These trowels will get excess glue and you need to clean every few hours so you ll get the best coverage. I soak one in mineral spirits when it gets clogged and use the other. Then clean one and soak the other. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:My family's solid wood floor scratch how to do?
If you are not careful on the surface of the wood caused by stains and scratches, you can try to use the following methods to maintain:1: stubborn stains with a cloth with wax water or salad oil, such as toothpaste, rub along the grain, then with a rag wipe, and then waxing, polishing, can be as clean as new.
Q:I have engineered wood floors and they look like they have lost their finish in several different spots.?
A DIY solution for your problem doesn't exist unless you are a flooring professional. In spite of what some people are saying around here, engineered floors can be refinished most of the time. We have done it numerous times with great success. The best advice I can give you is, contact a flooring contractor, let them take a look at your floor and give you an estimate on how much it will cost you to refinish. Most of these estimates are free so you won't have anything to lose. Also, a flooring contractor will be able to give you better advice after seeing the floor than you would get on this forum from people that can't understand the details of your problem. We have some sanding-refinishing advice on our website if you are interested, as well. Good luck with your problem,
Q:How much aluminum oxide is present and can be released from engineered hardwood floors during typical usage?
Unless you walk around with sandpaper glued to your shoe soles I doubt there would be any detectable amount released from normal usage. There are certainly far more substances I would be concerned about in a house environment than that. If you are really obsessed about it, contact the flooring manufacturer for data.
Q:installing engineered hardwood flooring with Liquid nails?
I wouldn't use Liquid Nails. As I understand the product, it dries hard. You want something with some flex to prevent stress on your floor and the glue joints. Talk with someone in the flooring department at Lowes or Home Depot and get their recommendations. I doubt that 40 square feet of flooring would require a gallon of glue. Your other option is to make it a floating floor. Even so, think about this. Whatever you purchase, you will have to pay for only once but if you make a poor choice, you will have to live with it as long as you own your home or until you change your flooring.
Q:Does buffing engined hardwood floors really work? Could it take out scratches and slight water damage?
Engineered flooring can be treated just like regular hardwood flooring.... UP TO A POINT. Engineered flooring is a product made up of a thin veneer of the preferred wood applied to a plywood backing or base. You can do anything to this veneer that you would do to a solid hardwood, BUT you will be limited to how aggressive and how many times you can do it by the thickness of the veneer. You will eventually wear though the veneer and into the substrate. So unless the water damage has delaminated the flooring, slight sanding and buffing will help remove the damage provided you do not go too far
Q:I am an allergy sufferer.Which engineered wood flooring is best? ?
You can use the type of laminate that snaps together. This is installed over a pad that is rolled over the concrete. There would be no adhesive required. If you do go with the type of engineered wood that is glued together, the glue used is basically the same as yellow carpenters glue. The formula is slightly different, but for the most part it is very similar. The glue dries quickly, and once it's dry it should be sealed enough to not cause allergy issues. Hope this helps.
Q:What are some good brands of Engineered hardwood floors?
Bruce, Mohawk, Shaw, Bella Woods and Armstrong to name a few to get you started.Now remember each one ( and all ) of these will have a low end and a high end so shop apples to apples. As far as Johnson hard wood, I haven t heard either way with that particular one. GL

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