Diamond Teak Antique Relief A Grade Pure Antique Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Air dry density 0.88-1.05g/cm3, sapwood and Heartwood distinct, sapwood yellowish white or light brown, dark brown heartwood; wood strong luster, growth rings clear, straight texture, structure, uneven. Hard wood, dry shrinkage, high strength, high impact toughness. Senior furniture timber, affordable, resistance to insect resistance and decay, hundred years does not rot, impact strength first in the world.

Characteristics: air dry density in about 0.850g/cm3, wood grain straight obviously, coarse structure, rings clear, uneven texture; heartwood yellow green or dark brown, sapwood narrow, pale yellow; heavy material, medium hardness; bending strength, compressive strength, toughness, seismic performance and corrosion resistance good; easy mechanical processing, but the hand tool processing difficult; steam bending performance and adhesive performance is good, after sanding easier to obtain good surface and better durability.

2、Product Characteristics

1. Micro pinhole stable structure, the diamond teak wood floor has both strength and toughness, good stability, hardwood floors generally installed two years after winter there will be a larger contraction, gap up to 3 to 4 mm; and the summer and expansion drum, large loose sound. Diamond teak flooring is very stable, very small changes in the gap;

2. Diamond teak floor color classic, golden brown to bronze, beautiful ink, Banlan of oil film, the overall laying a mix of natural scenery, Yun reveals a profound nature temperament, especially the classical and elegant;

3. Diamond teak flooring unique mellow, spirit is comfortable, refreshing, the fragrance for the elderly cerebral nervous system have good effect;

4. Diamond teak flooring timeless, oil slicks with the action of sunlight will gradually fade, lasting color and vivid layout, the color will be decreased with the prolonging of time and more beautiful.


Material: Teak

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: European style

Standard: National Standards

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: relief of residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resistance: good wear layer thickness: 3 cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: teak color

Specifications: 910*123*18

4、Reference pictures

Diamond Teak Antique Relief A Grade Pure Antique Solid Wood Floor

Diamond Teak Antique Relief A Grade Pure Antique Solid Wood Floor

Diamond Teak Antique Relief A Grade Pure Antique Solid Wood Floor




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Q:Installation of solid wood flooring. Fixed wooden keel, easy to nail to the water pipes and wires do?
) according to the bomb line test shop, lumber core board in sapwood, down between the board and the board width is less than 1mm. After repeated adjustment of the number, according to the number of people living in the middle of the building around the shop. When the wall should be left to the pawnshop, a board wide vacancy, vacancy and hold the water into the wood floor, just began to end a tightening block of wood, the floor drain tight.
Q:Do I need to clear a large room out for laying engineered hardwood/laminate flooring?
Yes, you can do it that way. You will however spend precious installation time by moving the furniture in stages. It's always quicker to completely empty the entire room, then pull up the carpeting (not always an easy job) prepare the floor for the laying of the laminate. My son removed all the carpeting in his home, then put down a laminate floor throughout. It looks super. I hope you're happy with the end result. :)
Q:What hard wood flooring is better solid or engineered?
Engineered Or Solid Wood
Q:Are minute gaps in laying engineered wood flooring on a slab?
I don't know about panicking. But if you don't get the gaps out as you lay the floor, they will always be there. If you can live with the gaps, then don't worry.
Q:What kind of material used in the family decoration wood floor
Wood composite floors are beautiful natural wood floors, comfortable and good insulation performance strengths; and overcome the real wood floor for single body contraction, easy Qiqiao cracks deficiencies. Today, in order to survive the environment is no longer deteriorating, countries around the world attach great importance to the protection of forest resources, solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring can save rare timber resources. In addition, the installation of wood flooring is simple, under normal circumstances do not play keel. But requires ground leveling.
Q:A hardwood flooring question.?
On a concrete floor, you must use an engineered floor, unless you build a plywood subfloor first. (There is no reason to do this) A 5/8 engineered floor is usually a good floor. Look at the thickness of the top layer. You could save even more by buying a laminate floor instead. Not only is it less expensive, but it is MUCH easier to maintain. I wouldn't consider the cheap laminates, but the better ones. Find a retailer you trust to show you the difference. (Ikea and Home depot have junk)
Q:Can you clean engineered hardwood flooring with steam vacuum?
I would wash that floor, dry it streak free and then varnish it with two to three coats of high gloss LastnLast. Only if the surface is actual wood. If it's that Pergo crap or any other laminate fake wood floor, you'll be changing it in a couple of years anyway. So then don't bother. Our wood floors are 50 years old and are beautiful. Resistant to scratches and everyone remarks how nice they are. Glossy and easy keep up. Yes, we have THREE dogs too. We mop with a mild bleach solution everyday. If you don't like gloss, only the last coat should be satin or semi. Three layers of satin varnish look milky.
Q:How can i say that hardwood and engineered wood floors are really different with each other?
Hardwood is solid through and through. Engineered wood just has a top layer that is real wood.
Q:Ready to decorate, but it is not clear whether the King Kong or good wood floor.
And if it is to pipe heating - heating pipes buried in the floor, it is recommended to choose LZ moisture-proof laminate flooring or solid wood flooring. However, in this case, it is recommended to use the floor tiles or marble floors, so no worries.
Q:Solid wood floor - white oak (oak), is not also called oak floor?
In order to avoid deceived consumers, companies will use formal national standards to their own requirements, in order to improve the trust and constraints of its franchisees, beware of the name of the company to borrow reckless with greed of people selling their own brand-name flooring production.

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