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Saw a big circle of eyes are spent, the compound is not intended to use high-formaldehyde, solid wood is too expensive and uncomfortable, tiles and ice and cold touch the whip Jizhuang shortage Biao Weibo miles, or cork floor good! How about the Ferragamo Wooden Flooring? More
Now a lot of wood flooring on the market building materials, various manufacturers of the classification of the floor are not the same. So many tricks are not easy to confuse? Variety from their cases, wood flooring patterns and more, in the final analysis can not jump solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring these three "princes." No matter how hype the ads, grasp the basic criteria, and then according to figure, always find a suitable for their own. Solid wood flooring Solid wood flooring is a high-end product in the floor. With the pattern of natural, comfortable foot feeling, the use of safe features, is the bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration of the ideal material. Price: price is more expensive. Advantages: material temperature, foot feel good, more close to nature. Disadvantages: the businessmen, after-sales trouble. This is the popular ground material in recent years, it broke the physical structure of the logs, to overcome the poor stability of the logs, in addition, strengthen the floor wear layer can adapt to the harsh environment, such as living room, aisle and other regular Someone walking around. Advantages: color varieties, touch workers whip Jizhuang shortage Biao Weibo Li has a strong wear resistance, pavement easy, without polishing, painting, waxing, easy maintenance. Disadvantages: water or exposure, etc. may produce anti-warping deformation phenomenon. Solid wood flooring The floor and the stability of the composite wood flooring and the stability of solid wood flooring in one, but also has environmental advantages. Advantages: to maintain the pattern of wood, and not easy to deformation, suitable for geothermal heating room. Disadvantages: feet feel more rigid.
Cork flooring which brand is better? How is the good floor?
Good wife to strengthen the floor Yes, my home is to use his wife floor.
What kind of floor ah? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
The floor is divided into six categories: laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, parquet, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, geothermal heating floor. Understand the classification of the next we understand their respective advantages and disadvantages of it: 【Advantages】 ■ strengthen the composite floor wear / color more / stability good / easy to install / easy maintenance ■ solid wood flooring no pollution / pattern natural / foot comfort / Insulation / refurbished ■ solid wood composite floor natural / foot comfort / insulation / stability good / easy to install and maintenance ■ bamboo floor color small / high hardness / stability strong / no pollution workers bite escape Gu 墚 the moth double valve Poor sense of foot / poor repairability / formaldehyde release 【Disadvantages】 ■ strengthen the composite floor foot feel poor / repairable poor / formaldehyde release problems ■ solid wood flooring easy to deformation / not wear / fear of acid and alkali / fear of burning ■ solid wood composite Floor price is high / wear resistance is enhanced floor bad / difficult to identify ■ bamboo floor color single / foot feel cool / vulnerable to sun and humidity
Home decoration, may I ask the bedroom bedroom to shop what floor is good? I heard that solid wood flooring and cork flooring is very good, but not used, know to give a suggestion!
If the home outsiders to come, the bedroom and living room uniform wood flooring or meet the wooden floor; if the family often have outsiders or friends to play, it is recommended that I was installed. Wood flooring, living room with composite floor or floor tiles for easy cleaning!
Home decoration to shop the floor, is a good wooden floor or strengthen the floor is good, or solid wood multi-layer is good, very depressed, do not know what kind of election.
Depends on what you look at the advantages of them, solid wood flooring it is more environmentally friendly, but the price is high. Strengthen the floor is resistant to water corrosion, for the daily maintenance of this may be a lot of worry for you. I have a colleague to buy the wood is built on the floor of the wood flooring solid wood flooring floor, the price is moderate, maintenance and comfort are quite good rafts often destroy the defamation rub the whole Shan households, so recommend you choose this.
Picking wood to do the floor is good? Online selling 249 per square meter is not real goods?
General wood, is not very good, 249 price more popular, you may wish to look at cork flooring, the price also has advantages, and cork is the world's most environmentally friendly materials
Jing Lin and how high the cork flooring is good
High cork must be strong
I do not want to install a wooden floor
If not steel doors, directly to find the floor, choose the floor, talk about the price, asking the business package to install, then do not rush to pay the deposit, and then explain the door of the situation, to the business installation process to install the door The floor of the floor tiles and wood flooring will have a small wooden floor so small steps, if you door is steel doors, this method will not work, because the steel After the wooden saw is very ugly, only a new door. ,,,,,, If the room size can be considered about the floor tiles all smashed, first select the floor specifications, and then re-hit the floor, in order to keep the thickness of wood flooring, so that from the brick to fight after leveling, even the workers With the cost of one hundred and twenty yuan per square, and the project is also lifelike, but after doing very perfect