Soundproof Wall Panel for home wall decoration

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Function: Thermal Insulation,Soundproof

Product Description:

CMAX Aluminum Soundproof Wall Panel


CMAX® Integrated Sandwich Wall Panel is a brand new product which is gradually being applied on both indoor and outdoor wall decoration. It is a new product that can be seen as a substitute of paint. It is the panel that laminated with aluminum alloy panel, PU insulation layer and aluminum foil.

CMAX® Integrated Sandwich Wall Panel is famous for the good quality and reasonable price, also we provide customized service, you can provide us the picture that you want to print on the surface, we will do it accordingly.

CMAX® Integrated Sandwich Wall Panel is environment friendly product, which will be good replacement for wall paper and painting. and the fast installation and harmfull gas free will be the best to your home decoration and commerical site docoration. and it will show you a fantansitc effect.


Product Features:

Thermal insulation


Fireproof (B2)

Hard enough

Harmful gas free

Easy Installation

Variety of surface design

Environmental friendly


Samples Design of Surface:

Soundproof Wall Panel for home wall decorationSoundproof Wall Panel for home wall decorationSoundproof Wall Panel for home wall decorationSoundproof Wall Panel for home wall decoration

Soundproof Wall Panel for home wall decorationSoundproof Wall Panel for home wall decoration

Soundproof Wall Panel for home wall decorationSoundproof Wall Panel for home wall decoration

Structure of Panel:

Soundproof Wall Panel for home wall decoration

Working Sketches:

Soundproof Wall Panel for home wall decoration

Soundproof Wall Panel for home wall decoration

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Q:What is the sound insulation of the wall?
Sound insulation material within the damping high, for the low-frequency noise isolation with the rest of the material unparalleled effect. Soundproof material unique flexibility, easy to suppress the generation of resonance. At the same time, the sound insulation material and other lightweight materials to avoid the effect of anastomosis.
Q:Indoor soundproof material which is good
So the sound of the material requires the density and quality should be large, airtight. And the sound absorption will be porous or resonator principle and other materials.
Q:Are the materials in the meeting room soundproofed?
So the gradient of sound-absorbing cotton is not just a safe sound-absorbing cotton, and it is an efficient sound-absorbing cotton.
Q:What are the sound insulation materials?
Asphalt sound insulation board, low frequency shock absorber, composite damping noise board, low frequency noise damping board sound effects are wrong
Q:What are the fireproof soundproof materials?
Sound insulation felt is the better sound insulation of the room on the market today. Mainly used with gypsum board for wall noise and ceiling noise, but also used in pipes, mechanical equipment, noise and damping vibration. Sound insulation is not felt, in appearance is completely different, blankets light and soft, and the sound insulation is very thin.
Q:Home improvement sound insulation materials which?
It is an ideal indoor sound insulation material. 100% of its raw materials polyester fiber, with sound absorption, environmental protection, fire, heat insulation, moisture, mildew, easy dust, easy cutting, can be parquet, construction is simple, good stability, good impact resistance, independent Good quality, cost-effective advantages, there are a variety of colors to choose from, to meet the different styles and levels of sound-absorbing decorative needs. Mainly used in theaters, concert halls, museums, exhibition halls, library, interrogation room, gallery, auction hall, gymnasium, lecture hall, multi-purpose hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, school, piano room, conference room, studio , Recording room, KTV rooms, bars, industrial plants, room, home noise reduction and other requirements on the higher acoustic environment and high-end decoration of the place.
Q:What is the sound barrier?
Magnesium sound barrier is made of modified magnesite cement as the base material of the new sound barrier, the current magnesia sound barrier with its unique advantages have been widely used in roads, light rail, railway, culverts, tunnels and other transportation areas.
Q:What is the roadbed sound barrier
One of these projects include: 1, cable slot 2, catenary base 3, sound barrier foundation 4, buried pipeline, integrated grounding.
Q:What is the sound insulation of the glass window?
Seal refers to the degree of sealing of the windows, including the sealing of the glass and the border. Close the window after the border with the frame seal, and the installation of windows and walls after the seal, which together affect the window sealing performance. And determine the degree of sealing the window is sealed, the current market there are two main seal - kind of wool seal, the other - is a rubber seal. Wool seal and rubber seal each have their own shortcomings, wool seal with a long time after easy hair removal, greatly reducing the sealing effect. The rubber seal through the wind after the sun and rain easily harden aging, but also reduces the sealing effect.
Q:What are the materials on the roof of the building?
Look at wall noise. There is a certain standard is that the more realistic the wall, the more the internal gap, the thicker the thickness of the wall, the better the sound insulation, this is no doubt. Therefore, the decoration must not damage the wall structure, to prevent the gap. In addition, you can properly add some wall insulation materials, such as some polyester fiber, noise effects are also good, but must be based on the decoration of the master's proposal to avoid adding too thick or too thin and so on.

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