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Aluminum foam is a new concept metalmaterial which is foamed in sponge shape after melting aluminum ingot withvarious chemical ingredients and has many bubble layers inner structure.

Porous material is much lighterthan original one, which is the characteristic of porous. And, it improves the ability of energy absorption and reduces the abilityof thermal and electrical conductivities than original metal materials. Inaddition, porous material has wide applications as well as excellent ability ofsound absorption and permeability of liquid, air, etc.

Aluminumfoam, a metal itself, can be applied to aerospace aviation required the  thermostability over 200℃. It is a 100% recyclableeco-friendly material and absolutely will not produceharmful substances no matter in the process of producing, using or abandoning.


Density is 0.2~0.4g/cm3 (Aluminium1/10,Iron1/30, and Wood 1/4)


Porous structure has a good soundabsorption.

Aluminum foam sound-absorbing materialcan be used in the inner decoration of buildings (walls, ceiling and floor),railway, highway, factories, mechanical equipment and any other fields.

Suitable for noisy place.


100%non-flammability and no toxic gas released when burning.

Non-combustibility TEST verified to be qualified. <KIMM; IMO A.799 (19)>

Ⅰgrade Non-flammability TEST ofaluminum foam surface verified to be qualified. <KICT; KS F2271>


Porous structure can effectively absorbenergy.

Have a great effect on energyabsorption after a high impact.

Firstly acquired the national SB5class (Guard rail shock-absorber)

Electromagnetic wave shielding ability

Aluminum foam has a function ofabsorbing electromagnetic wave

Widely used in military (stealth materials),TV station, hospital and any other electromagnetic shielding places.


100% recyclable Aluminum foam is nonpoisonous, odorless andharmless, no toxic gas released when burning.

Aluminumfoam can be produced by recycled aluminum and its scraps.

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Q:What are the most common noise reduction materials?
Sound insulation panels, sound insulation felt, sound insulation enclosures, soundproof windows, noise doors
Q:What is the best sound insulation decoration
The door of the room is also the decoration design is more difficult problem, usually a noise door price of 4 to 5 thousand dollars, as many as ten thousand yuan. At present, more practical is the use of molding one door, the door side of the seal method, with the door closer sound insulation is also good (relative to the ordinary door).
Q:What is the type of noise board?
According to the method of noise classification, can be divided into composite noise and structure from the sound and so on. Composite sound insulation refers to the use of a variety of sound insulation materials for a new sound insulation practices. In the use of different sound insulation sound insulation materials, the use of their own characteristics, in the noise in the composite use, to play the advantages of their respective sound insulation materials to improve the overall performance of noise, so that "rigid and flexible, multi-channel sound insulation, comprehensive protection "The effect.
Q:What is the best soundproof material for bars?
shock absorber, damping plastic
Q:Are the materials in the meeting room soundproofed?
With a gradient of sound-absorbing cotton, the choice of 100% imported polyester fiber, the use of laminated laminated, strictly control the pressure of the stack, resulting in layers from soft to hard Panhoo gradient sound-absorbing cotton, the noise of various frequencies are good Of the absorption effect.
Q:Home decoration noise what material is good
Indoor noise material 4: gypsum board, hard fiber board, etc. can be fixed around the plate, and then connected to the board after the closed air layer, so as to achieve the effect of sound and sound insulation.
Q:What is the best soundproofing of the piano room?
The general street-like noise with a soft bag to isolate some to ensure that all to try the curtains to the goose down cloth kind of thick things to move away to take the curtains side of the joints to use things to try to make it close
Q:What is the principle of noise board?
Sound insulation method is to use a soundproof material to isolate the sound source from the surrounding environment, so that the radiation noise can not be directly transmitted to the surrounding area, so as to achieve the purpose of noise control.
Q:What is the structure of the sound barrier?
The board is the main sound insulation component, which through the high-strength spring clip to be fixed in the H-shaped column groove, the formation of sound barrier. Sound barrier design has been more fully considered the elevated highways, urban light rail, subway wind load, traffic vehicle impact safety and all-weather open air corrosion problems. It is beautiful, beautiful, easy to install, low cost, long service life, especially for high-speed highway and urban light rail, the use of subway noise, is the ideal modern city noise noise reduction facilities.
Q:What are the materials on the roof of the building?
Look at wall noise. There is a certain standard is that the more realistic the wall, the more the internal gap, the thicker the thickness of the wall, the better the sound insulation, this is no doubt. Therefore, the decoration must not damage the wall structure, to prevent the gap. In addition, you can properly add some wall insulation materials, such as some polyester fiber, noise effects are also good, but must be based on the decoration of the master's proposal to avoid adding too thick or too thin and so on.

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