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I was recently terminated and while I have a bit of a nest egg (severance package) I want to explore other fields of endeavour. Real estate and perhaps other fields where I am working with people.
You okorder Best, The Real Estate Group NY
I'm thinking about going into real-estate after college. What are the steps to get, what would be smart to major in in college. Do you go to school especially for real-estate?Also, is it ok not to major in business and still go to school for real-estate?What is an average salary for a real-estate agent?I'm really unsure about how to get there.-thanks!
I'm 19, and I've been reading a lot about how investments in real estate make one rich. Is this true? I LOVE real estate and owning properties has always caught my attention and I now want to make it happen. How can I make it happen? Thanks!
1st get good paying job 30,000 -50000 yearly then live on half as u save the rest. 2nd read in library. 3rd find some one who is doing what u want to do. intern under them for 2-5yrs. 4 go out and do it. 5 bankruptcy is often a side effect of going tooo fast.
I have an assignment for my Principles Real Estate class. Would one of you be so kind as to answer a few questions. If you are a real estate licensee without a brokers license, or even an office manager, that would be great too.What is the name of your real estate company?What are the starting commission splits?What would be supplied to a new agent, i.e., open house signs, business cards etc.?What would be the income to expect for the first year (average of other sales people)?Can you briefly tell me anything that would influence my decision to join a company?If you feel uncomfortable telling me where you are located because of annonymous reasons, then just tell me the name of your company.
stay away from keller and williams,,their agents are shady
I did some research on the work of a real estate agent and I feel like I would really like the job. I know it all depends on me but I'd like to hear some opinions from real estate agents, brokers or anyone who has an opinion about the job.
I'm starting next week on my studies. The comission is great. Lets say you sell a multimillion dollar house, you'll easily walk away with atleast half a million in comission. Typically, one sale equals several thousand. I'd say that and if your into looking at different homes, having your own hours, and being out in the streets while on the job; it can be very ideal. The major con, is the recession. The economy seems like it's shot even though they say the recession ended, what, about a year ago? The housing market is in a bad state. It would be tough to make a sale, especially for a new agent. But if you already have a part time job like me, I think you could do it without struggling financially any worse than you already are..
I had taken a real estate class at a real estate center about 18 months ago..However, I have yet to take the exam...I am now ready to take the exam..Will the school charge me again to take the course?Do I have any rights being that I paid and there's no fine print that stipulates I must take the exam in a certain time frame?I'm in NYC, if that matters..
I'm 100% sure that the NY real estate commission has rules as to how long your training lasts. No one here can answer your question if the school will charge you. ASK THEM.
My mom is a real estate broker and makes damn good money with what she does. I asked her how it works, she tells me but I don't understand and then she points out that it's for very smart people and that I don't need it anyways. I love my mom, but grrr! You know. Anyways, I want to learn the steps of getting into Real estate, I do know a lot from what my mom tells me but I don't understand if you need a huge amount of money to start? Do you have to take classes? Is there an easier way to try it out? Is it ok to buy say a 2 story lake side house kind of place and what would I get out of it? What's the deal with selling property? All these kinds of questions...Main question is, What are the steps to getting into Real Estate and are there any short cut ways of getting into it?Thanks!
It depends on where you live right now. For me, I live in Southern California so the procedure here is to take three classes: Real Estate Principle, Real Estate Practice, and an additional course that is closely related to real estate like business law...
Im looking to be a real estate agent. I plan to begin school soon to get my license. I have done alot of reading on real estate agents and the very high failure rate amoung new comers. I have always worked with people in all my jobs and I have always been a giver. I know also the area I live in within the next couple of years will be a sellers market, and there is great chance to make some money. I do understand you dont just jump into this making money and it might be a very long time before I get a pay check. My main concern is getting my name out there i just moved here about a few months ago so I dont know very many people and being a 23 year old women Im nervous about anyone wanting to work with me since im not so expierenced. Then again my next thought is " Well isnt that how everyone beings? My father since I remember has been a real estate agent till latley and he still is in sales but does real estate on the side can you do it part-time? I read that it isnt possible.
Wow that is quite the pitch from the Keller Williams guy.. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just got a chuckle out of it! I am also a young woman and I started a few years ago in the business... funny thing is No one ever asked me how long I had been doing it.. They only ask people that when they seem to be unexperienced. So I never had that issue come up and I doubt you will either if you don't let your age bother you it won't bother anyone else. The issue with Part time Real Estate is that you never get enough momentum going to become sucessful.. the Real Estate bussiness is about building a pipe line of clients/customers and eventually they will start to come out the other end as sales refferals but if you don't spend the time stocking your pipeline you will only see very minimal results. Getting your name out there is going to take time, no doubt about that. The best thing you can do is take floor time, do Open Houses etc,, anything that will get you leads to work.. once you get a few customers and do a good job for them, you will be on your way to making a good name for your self. Also you will want to find a Broker who spends the time investing in their new Agents. Best of luck!