Aluminum Foam for Lattice Silencer

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Product Description:

Product Description

 100% Recycling Soundproofing Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel

What is AluminumFoam?

Aluminum foam is a new concept metalmaterial which is foamed in sponge shape after melting aluminum ingot with various chemical ingredients and has many bubble layers inner structure.

Porous material is much lighterthan original one, which is the characteristic of porous. And, it improves the ability of  energy absorption and reduces the abilityof thermal and electrical conductivities than original metal materials. Inaddition, porous material has wide applications as well as excellent ability ofsound absorption and permeability of liquid, air, etc.

Aluminumfoam, a metal itself, can be applied to aerospace aviation required the  thermostability over 200℃. It is a 100%  recyclabl ecofriendly material and absolutely will not produceharmful substances no matter in the process of producing,  using or abandoning.

Main properties of aluminum foam


Density is 0.2~0.4g/cm3 (Aluminium1/10,Iron1/30, and Wood 1/4)


Porous structure has a good soundabsorption.

Aluminum foam sound-absorbing materialcan be used in the inner decoration of buildings (walls, ceiling and floor),railway, highway, factories, mechanical equipment and any other fields.

Suitable for noisy place.


100%non-flammability and no toxic gas released when burning.

Non-combustibility TEST verified to be qualified. <KIMM; IMO A.799 (19)>

I grade Non-flammability TEST ofaluminum foam surface verified to be qualified. <KICT; KS F2271>


Porous structure can effectively absorbenergy.

Have a great effect on energyabsorption after a high impact.

Firstly acquired the national SB5class (Guard rail shock-absorber)

Electromagnetic wave shielding ability

Aluminum foam has a function ofabsorbing electromagnetic wave

Widely used in military (stealth materials),TV station, hospital and any other electromagnetic shielding places.


100% recyclable Aluminum foam is nonpoisonous, odorless andharmless, no toxic gas released when burning.

Aluminum foam can be produced by recycled aluminum andits scraps.



Aluminum foam composed panel

Aluminum  honeycomb plate





Aluminum plate(GRP plate)

aluminum foam

aluminum plate(GRP plate)

Aluminum plate(GRP plate)

aluminum honeycomb

aluminum plate(GRP plate)

Waterproof performance

long time  immersion and corrosion in water)

Excellent(oxidized pure metal)

Excellent but easy to rust

Fireproof performance


(Non-flammability of pure metal)

General (Glue layer in the middle is not resistant to  high temperature)

ComparisonAluminum Foam with Other Sound-absorbing Materials


Aluminum Foam


Glass Fiber

Urethane Form





SiO2, mineral

high molecular Material

Acoustic absorption(NRC Standar d)

over 0.70

over 0.70

over 0.75

over 0.65

Long-term sound absorption


Property is decreased

Property is decreased

Property is decreased


100% recyclable Eco-friendly

No recyclable, flammable, produce  little dust

No recyclable, no flammable, arsenic acid cause gas  pollution

No recyclable and flammable

Materials handling & Constructability

Easy handling, using and working under no protective  equipment

No damage when handling and using, easy to work under no  protective equipment

Low stability. Easy to cause  respiratory disease and skin ailments when touching

No damage when handling and using, easy to work under no  protective equipment

Human harmfulness




Poisonous gas (CO, Cyan gas) release when burning

Waterproofness & Sound  absorption

Waterproofness is  excellent , stable form, permanent sound absorption

Waterproofness and  adhesion is good, stable form

Absorb moisture and poor drainage cause lower acoustic  absorption

Absorb moisture and poor drainage cause lower acoustic  absorption


grade Non-flammability
 -under 780℃


 -under 350℃

Easy flammable
 -under 100℃

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Q:What are the most common noise reduction materials?
Sound insulation panels, sound insulation felt, sound insulation enclosures, soundproof windows, noise doors
Q:What is the best sound insulation decoration
Economical and practical choice is 2/4 red brick walls, both sides of the cement wall. This partition wall must be piled to the top, you need to take the ventilation pipe or other traces and then through the hole, should pay attention to the pipeline sealing problem, otherwise the same can cause crosstalk phenomenon. Followed by noise wall panels, this material is a professional sound insulation material, both sides of the metal plate is the middle of the sound insulation foam plastic, the greater the thickness of the wall board the better the noise effect.
Q:What is the type of noise board?
According to the method of noise classification, can be divided into composite noise and structure from the sound and so on. Composite sound insulation refers to the use of a variety of sound insulation materials for a new sound insulation practices. In the use of different sound insulation sound insulation materials, the use of their own characteristics, in the noise in the composite use, to play the advantages of their respective sound insulation materials to improve the overall performance of noise, so that "rigid and flexible, multi-channel sound insulation, comprehensive protection "The effect.
Q:What are the sound insulation materials?
Do sound insulation main sound insulation products damping sound insulation board,
Q:Home decoration noise what material is good
Indoor decoration used by the sound insulation materials are mainly five, namely, long and short suction materials, perforated plate resonant sound-absorbing material, film sound-absorbing material. Here to list some of the common sound insulation materials.
Q:What is the best soundproofing of the piano room?
Room walls are soundproofed with empty sponge noise
Q:What is the noise insulation material of the car?
In theory, any kind of material (material) are different degrees of shock absorption, noise, sound absorption ability, even if it is a piece of paper, a piece of cloth.
Q:Can do those sound insulation materials Under the wooden floor
Damping noise board, rockwool noise board,
Q:How easy it is for the soundproof wall to be soundproof
Sound insulation wall is also a reputation barrier, is to reduce the noise on the road on both sides of the residents set the impact of the building, this building is a wall structure, so called the sound insulation wall. In the shooting of TV series or recording, often use the noise wall, reduce the impact of noise on the room.
Q:What is the roadbed sound barrier
Subgrade ancillary facilities do not contain sound barrier, the contents of the inspection equipment, protective fence, take, spoil.

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