FSK7160P Perforated Aluminum Foil Laminated to Kraft Paper Reinforced by Scrim

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Product Description:

Sound Absorbing Film, Acoustic Insulation, Laminated Aluminum Foil, Thermal Laminated Film, Metallized Vapor Retarder, Water Vapor Transmission Rate, Roof Covering, Wall Covering, Thermal Insulation Materials, Electro-Insulating Paper, Basement Insulation

1. Description

FSK7160P was made from FSK7160 by punch holes 2mm by 2mm, designed specially for applications where required both thermal insulation laminating and sound absorption, (i.e. Air-conditioning ventilation duct lining, behind walls cladding), the same construction like “FSK7160” but gone through additional perforated process using precision machineries,

2. Construction & Benefits:

Aluminum foil as exposure surface and kraft being liner sandwiched through Polyethylene as adhesive, and reinforced by fiberglass yarn from tri-direction.

Acoustic function of Punched FSK7160 become higher than non-punched.

3. Application:

It could be used where need thermal insulation laminating and sound absorption.

4. Dimension/Size

(1) Roll width: 1000mm, 1200mm and 1250mm

(2) Roll Length: 50m, 100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m, or upon request.

(3) Core I. D.: 3"(76mm+/-1)

5. Similar products & guide

(1) DFC1001: Double sided aluminum foil supply better performance and function.

(2) FSK7160, the most popular reflective insulation

(3) FSK7160V. Lay another layer of polyethylene to outer face of Kraft, melt when heated

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Q:What are the most common noise reduction materials?
Sound insulation panels, sound insulation felt, sound insulation enclosures, soundproof windows, noise doors
Q:What can be placed on the floor noise?
Also in the noise source, the choice of common noise damping materials is more extensive. You can use the shock pad in the sound around the package, if the audio and video is floating design, you can spray in the audio and video keel on the Polyester sound insulation fiber insulation material, so that the sound insulation materials and other soundproof material under full use of noise It can be easily reduced.
Q:What is the best choice for sound insulation?
Insulation of the hood
Q:What is the noise insulation material of the car?
Car noise products are divided into four categories: A, shock absorber material B, sound-absorbing material C, sound insulation material D, sealing material, from the lightweight development trend, the ideal car sound insulation material is not shock absorption, sound insulation, sound-absorbing products Of the paste, but should be a product of these kinds of sound insulation principle of the integrated use.
Q:What are the fireproof soundproof materials?
It is an ideal indoor sound insulation material. 100% of its raw materials polyester fiber, with sound absorption, environmental protection, fire, heat insulation, moisture, mildew, easy dust, easy cutting, can be parquet, construction is simple, good stability, good impact resistance, independent Good quality, cost-effective advantages, there are a variety of colors to choose from, to meet the different styles and levels of sound-absorbing decorative needs.
Q:Home improvement sound insulation materials which?
Sound insulation from tasteless EPDM rubber and a dozen organic minerals in accordance with a certain percentage of refined, the product is black, no smell of environmental protection, low frequency and high frequency sound are quite a good sound insulation material, can effectively inhibit the various
Q:What is the sound barrier?
Magnesium sound barrier is made of modified magnesite cement as the base material of the new sound barrier, the current magnesia sound barrier with its unique advantages have been widely used in roads, light rail, railway, culverts, tunnels and other transportation areas.
Q:How easy it is for the soundproof wall to be soundproof
For ordinary users, the main sound insulation method is to build keel in the wall, in which to add some sound insulation materials, followed by gypsum board used to seal, the last step in the gypsum board to add a layer of sound insulation outside, The only way to achieve the greatest degree of sound treatment.
Q:What is the soundproofing between the bedroom and the bedroom?
Due to the unique nature of the gradient sound-absorbing cotton structure, it completely solved the ordinary polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton can only eliminate the voice and other high-frequency sound limitations, to achieve the electrical, ground wall vibration, and slippers and other low-frequency Sound good absorption.
Q:What are the materials on the roof of the building?
Sound insulation blankets, thick curtains, sound-absorbing cotton, wallpaper, plastic window frames, soundproof glass, imported seals

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