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what clay do i use to sculpt a human head with?
This Site Might Help YouRE: what clay do i use to sculpt a human head with? I want to get into sculpting heads but I don't know what clay to useI'm interest in using oil base clay for my first few projects since I'm new to this since oil base doesn't dry outi can reuse it over and over againright? Also what water base/air dry clay do i use to sculpt a.
Here in South Louisiana we can get money for aluminum cans, copper, newspapers [mostly churches].
You'll know when you stop rocketing out your rear endThat wasn't meant to be sarcastic, I am seriousPut some benafiber in that water, I'm serious.
A chemist prepares a solution of Aluminum sulfite (Al2(SO3)3) by measuring out 1.5 x 10^2 ?mol of aluminum sulfite into a 350.mL volumetric flask and filling the flask to the mark with water.Calculate the concentration in of the chemist's aluminum sulfite solutionRound your answer to 2 significant digits.i have 4.29x10^2 but i don't know if that's correct.
molar mass 294.15 g/mol 1 ?mol 1 x 10^-6 mol, or 1 mol 1 x 10^6 ?mol moles 1.5 x 10^2 ?mol(1 mol)/(1 x 10^6 ?mol) 1.5 x 10^-4 mol molarity moles solute/L of solution L of solution 350mL(1 L)/(1000 mL) 0.350 L molarity (1.5 x 10^-4 mol)/(0.350 L) 4.29 x 10^-4 M To 2 sig figs, molarity 4.3 x 10^-4 M Your answer seems to be off by a factor of 10^6, or a millionHope this is helpful.
Take a sheet of aluminum foil and measure its length and width in cmCalculate the areaSo I have a sheet 29cmx11cm which 319 cm2Its weight is 1 gramCalculate the volume necessary to equal the weight you measuredDivide the volume by the area to get the average thickness of the aluminum foil in centimetersTranslate the amount in to millimeters and micrometersThe Density of the aluminum is 2.699g/cm3How do I find the thickness of the foil!!!!??? Help please!
If you are making a bag, you'll want a strong, sturdy, somewhat stiff fabricStay away from100% cotton, silk, anything like thatYou could try felt, you may want to double layer it for extra strength and hold.
I know its sounds stupid but i have no idea what to take with me campingi know like tents and food and stuff but i dont want to forget something and were going camping for my moms birthday(what she wanted) and i dont want to mess it up any help is thankful.
Fruits are sweeter and take less effort to arrange, generally, so I tend to eat more fruitsUnless we could talking caned, but still, you usually heat up the veggies, so another vote for fruit.
Must there be copper wire braid and aluminium foil in the shielding wire? Must the braid be tinned? No aluminum foil, OK?
One layer of aluminum foil, shielding better.
a) calcium (Ca)b) fluorine (F)c) aluminum (Al)d) oxygen (0)
That question makes no senseIn one kilogram of what substance?
for a project i need to find a very light yet strong carbon fibre tubing better than aluminiuum tubing.
simply yes, but it cost more and it may be too stiff for some applications, bike manufactures use complex methods to make the cf bikes flexible.