Vermiculite Panel for Sound Insulating

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Packaging Detail:56 piece in one pallet.


1.ISO9001-2008 Company 
2.Director Member of TVA 
3.Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board






Product Description




                                                      Vermiculite Sound Insulating Board   


Product Characteristic




The VMC boards, when used as indoor partition wall cores, have the following, distinguished characteristics:


1. Soundproof and helps reduce noise levels 


Because of its unique honeycomb structure its performance in soundproofing is excellent. It ensures that the surrounding room is quiet and peaceful, giving a calm feel to a room.


Vermiculite may be thin and lightweight, but this does not affect its soundproofing performance.


2. Heat insulating and energy conservating


Again, because of its structure, its thermal properties help keep a buildings’ rooms warm because it is efficient, envrionmentally friendly, and cost effective.




Technical Data




1. Combustion performance: A1 grade ( this highest standards)


2. Smoke toxicity levels: Security level 1 ( AQ 1 grade, the highest standards)


3. Hygroscopicity :≤ 4.9% 


4. Sound insulation: 40dB


5. Noise reduction coefficient: 0.46


6. Thermal conductivity: 0.094W(m.k)




Product Specification 


1. 2440*1220*20-50mm


2. 2100 *900*20-50mm


3. 1000*610*20-50mm

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Q:What's the DIFFERENCE between the TEXTURE of topsoil,potting soil,and clay?
Do you live near a Home Depot? That's where I get my BIG bags...
Q:Is there a perlite and vermiculite substitude?
Vacuum it up. There is no asbestos in it.
Q:What is the difference between vermiculite powder and vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a general category. The vermiculite powder is powdered vermiculite.
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I have a friend of mine just grows them inbetween paper towels, every layer is more seeds, when he wants them or they are ready he pulls out a wad of damp paper towels from this plastic container scoops out his micros, throws more seed in those paper towels or new ones and into another tray it goes with a spritz of hydrogen peroxide, he never seems to be out and they are fresh and clean.
Q:Reptile incubating substrate: Vermiculite vs. Perlite?
Vermiculite is not a fertilizer; it is a mineral that is added to improve a soils ability to handle fertilizers. It helps with root growth, soil structure, oxygen, and other factors that many plants desire. If you're growing seeds, the addition of vermiculite surely would help, but again it is not a fertilizer.
Q:Can I put unfaced batt insulation (R30 Value) over old fluffy loose insulation in the attic?
ver·mic·u·lite [ vər míkyə lt ] noun Definition: a compound used in growing plants: a hydrous silicate of aluminum, magnesium, or iron. Source: altered basic rocks. Use: insulation, lubricant, growing medium in horticulture. Etimology: [Early 19th century. < Latin vermiculus little worm (see vermicular), because of the way flakes of it expand and writhe in long shapes when heated]
Q:where can i buy vermiculite and perlite?
Q:Can I germinate apple seeds in vermiculite?
I don't think vermiculite would be a good substrate for several reasons. I usually buy organic peat moss.
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Put them in a plastic shoe box you can get them at WalMart and get some coconut fiber and put some in the shoe box and ad a Little bit of water and keep it moist don't throw the eggs out keep them for 2 months and see what happens. Good luck.
Q:how to care for my bearded dragon eggs?
I honestly can't help with vermiculite, but I can make a suggestion. try using hatch-rite (which can be purchased online from most reptile supply sites) and peat (which can be purchased at most gardening centers). You might also want to get a small scale. Use about 30 grams of peat, 30 grams of hatch-rite, and 40 grams of water. Then just get a spray bottle, set it to mist, and spray the lid of the hatching container a couple of times every few days. It is a very effective hatching medium.

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