Vermiculite Board for Fireplace MGO Board

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Specifications of Magnesium Oxide Board 

CE certificate 
A grade non combustible(GB8624) 
green board

Products Data


Chemical compositionMagnesium oxide,magnesium chlo-ride,saw dust,perlite,glass fiber cloth,non-woven cloth
MaterialModified magnesia cement

Fireproofing characteristicA grade non combustible(GB8624)


Intensity of bending resistance when dry18Mpa(GB/T7019-1997)

Intensity of bending resistance when  moisture-saturated condition22Mpa(GB/T7019-1997)

The rate of deformation when pick up the moisture0.26%(GA160-1997)

The shrinking rate when heated1.0%(GA160-1997)

Water permeabilitythere is no drop of water to emerge in the back(CNS13778)

Impact resistanceNo crack,strip and run through(CNS13778)

Thermal resistance1.14m2k/w(GB/T 13475-92)

Sound insulation≥44db(GBJ121-88)

Colorwhite or grey

Security100% does not include the asbestos,formaldehyde,and benzene

RadioactivityNot limited by the scope of application(GB6566-2001)

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Q:Growing magic mushrooms?
Q:Where can you buy Vermiculite?
Sometimes vermiculite can come from minerals that cause it to be slightly alkaline. That wouldn't be good for fly-traps but most vermiculite should work just fine. Both vermiculite and perlite are used because they hold water well. It is probably something else bothering the plant but pH is still a likely problem. You might try using distilled water.
Q:Where can I find organic Vermiculite?
why is every one so mean
Q:good insulating materials like vermiculite?
It may not attack the eggs now, but if the mold continues to grow, it may destroy all eggs. I would scoop as much of the mold out as you can and then let it dry out a little, maybe stop adding water to it.
Q:Vermiculite soil and clay can be kind of meat plants collocation
It is best to add some particles in, because vermiculite and soil are water retention, so airtight soggy, fleshy easy to rot.
Q:Cymbidium can use vermiculite or vermiculite mixed pine? Peanut shell?
Vermiculite is the performance of water retention, ventilation, insulation. Depending on the type of plant you use, vermiculite can be used in most plants.
Q:Can I pressure cook jars of (vermiculite and rice) twice without destroying the nutritional value of the rice?
Call around to local garden centers. Some of them should carry a wide range of planting mediums, including vermiculite.
Q:Witch one is stronger (Perlit or vermiculite)?
properly i does no longer walk removed from a house i actually needed with out being optimistic it wasn't a fixable concern. If it became subsidence there may be different indicators, cracking etc. My living house flooring are in each single place in spite of the undeniable fact that that's previous so it is been uneven for a hundred and fifty years! you need to ask the sellers to offer a structural engineers checklist on the floor. Will cost below £one hundred yet possibly all factors might have lost lots extra desirable than that if it falls by. Your belongings Agent can recommend one or look in telephone e book.
Q:How to grow magic mushrooms easiest!!?
Any reaction that releases energy to the system or feels hot is exothermic.
Q:Can plant nursery substrates be made with plant ash and perlite and vermiculite? Seek expert advice
You can buy preferred horticultural perlite, super!

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