Golden Vermiculite Board for Fire Insulation

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Characteristics of Vermiculite Insulation Board:

 Vermiculite Insulation Board Characteristics:   

1. The fireproofing grade is A grade, under the circumstances of 1000 centigrade degrees after one hour. 

2. When the vermiculite board(brick) face to fire or high temperature circumstance, it is non-deformable. 

3. Water-tolerant, insulate against heat and sound. 


Golden Vermiculite Board for Fire Insulation

Golden Vermiculite Board for Fire Insulation

Technical Data of Vermiculite Insulation Board Technical Data: 

Process temperature: 1100

Bending strength: 0.574~4.96Mpa

Density: 400kgs/M3----900kgs/M3

Compression strength: 0.690~4.90Mpa

Thermal conductivity: Max.0.20W/mK at 600Max.0.128W/mk at 34.51

Insulativity : Min.10MΩ at normal temperature

The minimum thickness: 15mm

The maximum thickness: 50mm


Golden Vermiculite Board for Fire Insulation

Application of Vermiculite Insulation Board Application: 

1. Fire resistant core for fire doors

2. Fire resistant walls and ceilings 

3. Fire brick in stove, electric heater, storage heater ,furnace and fireplace etc.

4. Heat insulation boards in planes, trains, cars, ships, ovens and pipes etc.

5. Heat preservation and sound insulation boards for walls 


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Q:What harm does sowing only use vermiculite to plant?
Vermiculite can also provide the crop with its own K, Mg, Ca, Fe, and trace amounts of Mn, Cu, Zn and other elements. Vermiculite has the characteristics of water absorption, cation exchange and chemical composition, so it has many functions such as fertilizer preservation, water retention, water storage, air permeability, mineral fertilizer and so on. The experiment shows that adding the expanded vermiculite of 0.5-1% into compound fertilizer can increase crop yield by 15-20%.
Q:Redwood starter seed soil?
I wouldnt do it. The ground substrate I use most vermiculite or a mix of 50% vermiculite 50% peat. I think that a mix is better for burrowing tarantulas because it holds its shape better. My Hysterocrates gigas creates large burrows and likes to dig around. When I was using straight vermiculite it would cave in on him all the time. When I switched to a mix the burrows were stronger. I change the substrate after about 4 - 6 months of use..or until it starts to get nasty. or A 2cm layer of Vermiculite should cover the bottom of the tank and a thin layer of chipped bark or cocoa fibre placed on top of that.
Q:My tank is 12wx36lx16h. How many pounds of vermiculite Do i need for my tarantula?
If you have expanded perlite available, I like it as it is an excellent thermal insulator, and very light. Since both particles tend to have sharp edges, I would put some shredded or loose fiber cellulose (from pampers or tampon or even toilet tissue) in immediate contact with eggs. from wiki: Unexpanded (raw) perlite bulk density: around 1100 kg/m³ (1.1 g/cm³). Typical expanded perlite bulk density: 30–150 kg/m³ TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF EXFOLIATED VERMICULITE Bulk density (a): 64-160 kg/cu m
Q:Can coarse sand replace vermiculite?
Depending on what you do, vermiculite can absorb water, nutrients are not easy to drain, and lighter than sand
Q:Bearded dragon egg laying?
Cork is in fact cellulose.
Q:what excatly is vermiculite?
Mix vermiculite and water 50/50 by weight (not by volume!) to provide the proper medium in a sealed incubation container. Make sure the eggs are kept at the proper temperature. Humidity should be 90 to 100% or so, but it is very important that water never directly contact the eggs.
Q:What is Vermiculite?
there is also a low expanding foam on the market, 1 inch of foam is = to 6 inches of blown insulation
Q:Growing white button mushroom for first time. What is the best substitute for vermiculite else than perlite?
get a bag of perlite (not vermiculite) and work it into the soil. (Lowe's)
Q:How to grow a date palm plant without vermiculite?
The snake on the bottom will be able to hatch out with no problem. and yes vermiculite can leave a grayish colour, but nothing to worry about. I personally don't slit eggs but i know lots of people who do. they wait for the first snake to make a slit on its own. then the breeder will slit the rest. Good luck Happy hatching
Q:A hot pack foot warmer contains iron powder, water, salt, activated carbon and vermiculite. It is activated b?
Both are used to lighten the soil and keep it from compacting and allows the soil to drain so there is no problem with root rot. The roots find it easier to grow as the soil is a lot lighter. They retain a little moisture to help the soil

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