Vermiculite Board for Fire Door

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vermiculite board for fireproof 
model size:1220*2440mm 
Thickness: 3-25mm

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pictures for vermiculite board for fireproof

Composition of MgO Board:

“An innovative mineral based, environmentally friendly “green” building material comprised of:”

 MGO  70%    MgCL2  10%    Fiberglass  15%    Perlite(Filier) 5%

Raw Material:

 Magnesium oxide(MGO), magnesium chloride, perlite, Wood dust, fiberglass mesh, non-woven cloth etc.

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Q:Expanded vermiculite with expanded vermiculite
Raw vermiculite after calcination, the volume can be expanded by several times, the volume expansion after the vermiculite called expanded vermiculite.
Q:What can vermiculite be used instead on?
Generally speaking, rotten leaves are the best. They are better than vermiculite. But the decaying soil will decay over time, and the volume of culture soil will decrease gradually.
Q:Water resources are faced with the crisis of shortage and pollution. Can perlite and vermiculite be used for water treatment?
Because of the exchange function of the vermiculite cation, the heavy metal elements in snowmelt can be replaced, which can be used to purify the snow melted into the rivers and lakes. For example, they are designed for large snow parks that tend to store snow and carry out snow melt cleanup around railways and highways.The wider application of perlite and vermiculite, will require more processing equipment, will drive the processing industry forward.
Q:Bearded dragon egg incubation questions?
Why would you're taking them interior the 1st place in case you probably did no longer be attentive to what to do? As for hatching them (in the event that they're nonetheless possible) you will % an incubator, i'm hoping you probably did no longer turn the eggs on account which will kill the toddler snakes. in the event that they do hatch you will % tanks (curiously 4 separate tanks because of the fact it is what number eggs you took) additionally warmth lamps a hiding rock, water bowl and a good substrate for toddler snakes. they can't stay mutually whilst they're born, snakes are a solitude animal and in the event that they're mutually will maximum in all likelihood combat or no longer consume from tension. the 2nd they hatch please touch a vet to ensure what sort of snake they're and in the event that they % any specific standards, you're in all likelihood no longer likely to be waiting to return them to the wild so i'm hoping you're arranged to safeguard those animals for feasible two decades if no longer longer.
Q:what are really good insulators that are common items you can find or buy at stores?
Regular potting soil mixed with sand or just damp sand is fine. Her instinct is to bury the eggs and the sand or sand/soil mix will hold the shape better for that then the vermiculite. Vermiculite is better for incubating eggs.
Q:Strange white balls in soil?
NURSERY or garden centre will have larger bags if that is what you need.
Q:Is vermiculite environmentally friendly?
Q:Vermiculite & Leopard Gecko Eggs?
I would put a layer of vermiculite at the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage, but if you have enough of it, it should be mixed into the growing medium as well. put them in another greenhouse ? Not sure what you mean - do you have more than one greenhouse? In any case, redwoods should grow fine in or out of a greenhouse, at least in summer. The mold is most likely moss - it is living off the nitrogen seeping out of the pots. It shouldn't hurt anything to be there, but If you are concerned, just scrape it off. If you can keep the sides of the pots in the dark, it will retard its growth.
Q:Cultivating mushrooms?
I used vermiculite. There is a good article on this on
Q:How Do you breed Green anoles And Crickets?
You should be able to get it at your local nursery. Also check hardware stores and places like Orchard Supply, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. If you go to their web sites, you can shop around for the best deal while saving time and gas, as well as money.

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