Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line

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Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line:

CNBM coated sheet is formed by 0.4mm Al-Zn plating panel and color stones. It is modern,environmental and nice appearance.

We developed this stone coated production line based on long time running and improvement. It is high-performance,stable, energy-efficient and easy operation.

 Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line

Producing Process Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line:

Manual decoiling----Slitting the plate----Cutting to length----Pressing the profile----Sand coated production line---Taking out the finished products

Components of Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line:

1. Manual decoiler

2.Slitting device

3.Hydraulic cutting device

4.Press mould machine

5. Automatic bottom glue spraying equipment

6.Automatic Sandblasting Room

7.First drying room

8.Automatic surface glue spraying equipment

9.Second drying room equipment component

Technical Data of Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line:


Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line

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Q:What is vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a natural, non-toxic mineral expansion under high temperature minerals. It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to Portland. Its crystal structure is monoclinic, it looks like mica from the shape. Vermiculite have granite hydration. It generally with asbestos produced at the same time. Because the ability of ion exchange vermiculite, its soil nutrition has a great role in.2000 of the world total output of more than 500 thousand tons of vermiculite. The main producers are China, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and the United States.
Q:i have a pair of corn snakes and for the second year running all the eggs have died. help?
Q:What dirt to use for bearded dragons eggs?
I use Miracle Gro, Hummus and Manure mixture, vermiculite and you need to fertilize every 2 weeks or so.
Q:How to incubate Sulcata Eggs?
Q:is vermiculite poisonous for my ball python?
Yes. Lightweight concrete is made with lightweight aggregate. A few lightweight concrete's are made with lightweight sand. However lightweight sand is a rarity. Cheers and good luck!
Q:Do you know what this white stuff in my flower pot is?
Q:Is vermiculite environmentally friendly?
Perlite Vs Vermiculite
Q:Plant fertilizer ?
Hello, 1. Okay I use Vermiculite for breeding crickets,this is used for Tarantula or snake bedding. You need to soak dry Vermiculite for up to 24 hours,although it may be more costly than other beddings,you don't need to use much,as it expands when soaked. This creates a perfect egg laying ground. 2. You can buy a small heat mat,for reptiles etc,but I find room temputure is perfectly suitable. Hope I ADD: Yes I forgot to say,Peat moss is also ideal a few people use plain play sand,reptile sand is better as it won't contain possible bacteria. A tub is fine,as long as they do get some light. Ensure they aren't over crowded as this will 'breed' bacteria. I wouldn't of thought a heat mat could melt plastic,they generally don't get hot enough. My lizards have heat mats,which they sit on! Remember,since the tub has limited ventilation using a heat mat may be too much. :) x
Q:Where can i find Vermiculite?
He will use x bushels of 50%, and 6 - x bushels of 100%. The result will be: .50 * x + 6 - x = .6 * 6 = 3.6 -x/2 = -2.4 x = 4.8 4.8 bushels of 50/50 mix contains 2.4 bushels of pure vermiculite adding 1.2 to make it 6 and you have (2.4 + 1.2) / 6 = 3.6 / 6 bushels of pure vermiculite = 60%. He can also do it this way, using his whole 5 bushels: Let x = amount of 100% vermiculite to add. 5 bushels of 50% vermiculite = 2.5 bushels of pure vermiculite. 2.5 + x = .60 * (5 + x) [ existing vermiculite + added = 60% of total ] 2.5 + x = 3 + .60 x .40 x = .5 x = 1.25 bushels added. Then he will have 6 1/4 bushels of the new mix. which will be 60% vermiculite. ( 3.75 / 6.25 = 0.60 ) If he then throws away 1/4 bushel of the new mix, he will have the desired mix in the desired quantity.
Q:Baht, activated carbon, vermiculite, these three often harmful to the body?
Activated carbon is a porous substance, inert in the air, not only harmful to the body, but also the suspension of air, harmful gases.

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