High strength Vermiculite panels and custom shapes

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Boards are packed and banded on hardwood pallets, corner protected and stretch wrapped
Delivery Detail:normally in 15-20days


High strength Vermiculite panels and custom shapes 
Density: 475KG/M3 to 900KG/M3 
Maximum size: 2100x1000mm 
Thickness: 10-40mm

High Strength Vermiculite Panels and custom shapes



1.1   Original equipment firebox liner, baffle, insulation

1.2   Replacement of refractory panels, veneer of old refractory materials. Suitable for zero-clearance fireplaces so long as the material being replaced is of equal or lower R value.

1.3   Refractory replacement material for temperature up to 1100 degree Celsius

1.4   Fire protection- such as steel beam cladding, fire door cores, and laminated construction panels

1.5   Heat shield core material



2.1   When properly installed and used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the intended purpose, the material should be provide years of trouble-free service.

2.2   The surest way to damage the material is to impact it repeatedly with heavy objects or projectiles.

2.3   As thickness and density increase, the strength of the board does also


3.Comparison to other vermiculite boards

3.1   Comparing the physical properties listed on each manufacturer’s published data sheets for like density boards, CHENXING boards are 2-5times stronger in crushing strength and modulus of rupture.

3.2   Similar chemistry, temperature limit, and thermal conductivity (k).

3.3   Very different manufacturing methods result in different appearance, texture and surface quality. CHENXING boards have sharp sturdy edges and corners, smooth consistent color, and precise milling results


4.Stocking and shipping

4.1   Presently the material is stocked in Factory, Shijiazhang. Direct shipment is possible.

4.2   Normal sea freight shipping, DHL ground are the most common are the most common shipping methods.

4.3   Boards are packed and banded on hardwood pallets, corner protected and stretch wrapped.

4.4   Order quantity of any size is accepted and there are no minimum order quantities.


5.Cutting methods and Tooling Requirements

5.1   Any wood-working tool may be used: drill, saw, router, etc

5.2   Carbide tooling is adequate

5.3   We utilize CNC routers and cutters to mill precision parts



6.1   Is dependent on density, design, standard or special shape, quantity.

6.2   When submitting your inquiry, specify your requirement according to these criteria and w e will promptly send you a detailed proposal or price list


7.Minimum Order Quantity

7.1   ONE!

7.2   There is no minimum, but packing costs, freight cost / unit is higher for fewer pieces.


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Q:Why should I not use perlite or vermiculitein ponds?
Leopard geckos usually lay 2 eggs per clutch........there has never been a documented clutch of 3 eggs. It is very common for first time mothers to lay a single egg clutch for their first time. Yes, it is perfectly safe to use a sharpie to indicate the top of the egg to prevent the egg from tipping over and causing the embryo to drown. sell or keep? ....that sounds like a personal choice based on market, financial, and space obligations that only you can answer for yourself. vermiculite vs. perlite ........I prefer perlite, but vermiculite is extremely effective also. perlite seems to be more forgiving and offers more air flow around the eggs in my opinion. for fertile and infertile egg comparisons, just google image search for the pics...they're there
Q:Among the following, which is the best insulator?
The amount of water that's in vermiculite will not be sufficient for the germination and growth of corn seeds. You'll want to water, probably every day, perhaps more often, depending on the relative humidity of the room and how big the plant is.
Q:Bearded dragon incubation Question HELP?
Q:What paint should I use for hood?
Alton. Prime location for IOW, good for kids families, local shops, goods choice of schools, has one of the best colleges in Hampshire, a good size supermarket.... only prob the houses are a bit expensive!
Q:bearded dragon egg care?
If you can get your hands on a polysterine box thats you pretty much sorted. You make a cut near the top so the wire for the heat mat can go in with the lid still on properly, and then put little tubs in ( chinese food boxes or the ones you get crickets on) put the vermiculite in and make sure it stays moist. have fun :)
Q:Please describe the peat, vermiculite, perlite, bark, sand characteristics and application in the garden?
Peat, peat and peat. It is the ancient marshy plants are buried in the ground, in the flooding and lack of air conditions, decomposition of organic matter is not completely special. The peat in Northeast China is high and cold area. The content of nitrogen and ash in peat is low, slightly acidic or strong acidity, pH value is 5.0---5.9, EC value is less than 1, and water holding capacity is high.
Q:where can i get vermiculite?
AGAIN...NEVER spray the eggs directly. How are you incubating them? In a tank? They should be in a proper incubator, not a tank. That's probably why you can't keep the humidity up. Sphagnum moss is ok, but perlite (without fertilizer, so no Miracle-Gro) is best. You can also look online for vermiculite/perlite/hatchrite/super hatch. Several plant nurserys also carry vermiculite/perlite, but make sure it does not have any additives.
Q:Breeding Crested geckos?
You'll need a polystyrene box, a thermometer, a heat mat and a thermostat, as well as your tupperware/takeaway box, vermiculite and eggs. Unless you have all of this spare, it will only cost you £30 - £40 or so. Put damp vermiculite in tupperware box and put inside the polystyrene box. Place heatmat, connected to themostat, under the tupperware box also inside the poly box. Put thermostat and thermometer probes inside tupperware box where the eggs will be (may need to make a hole in the box).
Q:what material would you use when starting plants vegetatively?
Vermiculite is generally used outdoors for moisture retention and soil conditioning. Perlite is best used in potting soils for houseplants. I don't believe either is appropriate for compost. Compost should be made up of organic matter only.
Q:Hi I was wondering about any suitable bedding for a lay box for cornsnakes?
Vitameatavegamin!!! (...I poop out at parties!) ...lol =)

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