golden yellow expanded/exfoliated vermiculite for agriculture /horticulture

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Packaging Detail:In 12kg PP or PE bags for shipment.
Delivery Detail:Around 10-20 days after confirm the order.


golden yellow expanded vermiculite for agriculture/ horticulture 
Bulk density 105-115kg/m3 
Impurity 2-4% 
only TVA in Asia


Product Description



ColorGloden yellow

Non-combustible,natural refractory properties,low density,good thermal insulation,poisonless,corrosion-resistant,etc





BuildingLight weight materials of light weight concrete aggregate
Heat preservation heat insulationUnderground pipes,greenhouse pipes, thermal insulation material
MetallurgicalSteel and molten slag
Agriculture/horticultureSeed preservation agent,soil,wetting agents,plant growth regulators on the agent,feed additives
Sea fishingErbrium fishing


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Q:How do i take care of green anole eggs?
The substrate should be 1:1 mass ratio medium to water. In the lab we use vermiculite with excellent success. If you want, you can incubate each egg independently in little baby food jars, or something similar. You do not have to incubate separately, but that way not all your eggs are in one basket so to speak. Place a layer of substrate at least the egg’s width in your container. When placing the eggs in the substrate make a divot with your finger then gently placing the egg in without rotating it. Rotating the egg can damage the fragile embryo. Close in the divot leaving half the egg exposed to the air. Finally place a lid or saran wrap secured with a rubber band over the top and incubate at 27C. Best of luck to you.
Q:LongTailed Lizard Eggs?
Wait except it hatches and put up percentwhere do you live most lizards devour bugs in the event you dont are living in africa then chances are it does not consume veggies if it's a snake then put it in a cage at least two-thirds its whole size get a lamp and put a UVB bulb in it put a reveal top on its aquarium to restrict break out and the tank should be twice the length of the lizard its cage will have to be as sizzling and humid as it's external buy prekilled frozen pinky (newborn) mice and wiggle it with tweezers except the snake eats if it is real small you then must chop off the pinkys head so it suits. Use wood chips on the backside of the tank. If it is a lizard then do the identical for the snake exept for the food go to the pet retailer buy reside crickets and throw them in
Q:contractors creating custom faux stone walls?
Try hyperturfa (there are several sites with different formulas). Essentially, hyperturfa is a mixture of Portland cement, sifted peat, and one or two other substances from sand to the more lightweight perlite and/or vermiculite (the stuff horticulturists use in their potting soil), and/or silica (which helps give a finer texture). It is lightweight, depending upon your formula. You can purchase molds (moulds), or, make your own. I'm cheap :D, so I make molds out of old milk jugs that I have reshaped through heating in the oven or over a fire (I place them over a stone and they melt to the shape), or I make stone-shaped hollows in dirt or sand, and line (or not line, depending on my project) with plastic. When stiff but still workable, I make my finishing touches (smoothing out lines, adding texture, etc.) Individual stones can be affixed using more hyperturfa or regular cement/mortar. Standard concrete colorants and acid stains work, but I prefer natural colorants -- I use rusty water, coffee, tea, vinegar that has had steel wool fermenting for a few days, berry juices, etc. If using as a stucco or intend to create brick lines, or stone work it is advisable to use some sort of backing (chicken wire, etc.) as you would stucco or straight cement/mortar. (Although, I did apply a sand-based hyperturfa directly over unpainted, untreated raw concrete foundation blocks with no problem.) If this is not exactly what you are looking for.and if you do find what you are looking for.I'd certainly appreciate a heads up.
Q:What is best to add to a bed just dug up and planned for carrots, leeks and parsips?
it depends on the car. on some cars you can use cheap pads and some you can,t.
Q:What can I substitute vermiculite with for a lay box?
You need to go out and buy a cheap bag of top soil for $3.00 or so. Mix it in with what you already have mixed up. Peat will eventually break down over a couple of years, so there is no long term consequence with adding too much. Peat will hold the moisture quite well, which means you might not have to water as often. Your mixture is not as bad as you think it its, it can be saved.
Q:Are perlite and vermiculite fertiles?
The role of pearl rock in Horticulture: soil modification, regulating soil compaction, preventing crop lodging, controlling fertilizer efficiency and fertilizer, and being used as a diluent and carrier for pesticides and herbicides. It can be concluded that there is virtually no fertility.
Q:My Leopard Gecko laid an egg in the waterdish?Will it hatch?
Perlite is actually preferred by many breeders over vermiculite. Just moisten it until it just barely doesn't drip when squeezed and put a slight dry layer right underneath the eggs. Also do NOT buy miracle grow perlite or other brands that put fertilizers in the perlite.
Q:I tried to root some african violet leaves and want to know what went wrong.?
I certainly have had the finest outcomes utilising an African Violet pot. in the previous I transplanted mine to those pots I had a similar problem. AV pots are available 2 products. there's a ceramic pot and a water reservoir. The water is going contained in the bottom area and the plant is contained in the pot on acceptable. It keeps the plant gently moist. I pot mine in Miracle Gro potting soil. it is been flowering progressively for about 18 months now. the hot blooms have diminished yet I certainly have a minimum of three new buds popping out. African Violet pots are accessible at backyard centers and, often times, at Wal Mart. I shop it in a west dealing with window and our residing house is amazingly cool.
Q:Fundmental percentage problem?
You left out some steps. You should mix the water, vermiculite and brown rice flour(ground brown rice) and place it in a jar and place the jar in boiling water or pressure cooker. Generally they are mixed together in the right ratio. One part brown rice flower, one part water and two parts vermiculite is the recommended ratio. Mix the water and vermiculite first. Then add brown rice flour. Place it half way full in a jar and cover it tightly with aluminum foil. Boil it for 20 minutes being careful that the water level is low enough that it doesn't get into the jars. Pressure cooking is better but not necessary. Let it cool down. Inject the spores. After a week or so it should start turning white. At some point you need to put it in a fruiting chamber. I would probably do that at about 2 weeks or when the mycelium had established itself. It needs to be exposed to light or mushrooms won't form. Mushrooms also generally need more ventilation at that point.
Q:Gravid veiled chameleon not laying eggs?
well some ppl like my mom took ten yrs

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