Aluminum Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper

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Product Description:

1.Description of Aluminum Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper:

The basic raw material of aluminum foil include polyester film, PE, netted glass fiber, kraft paper, aluminum foil, aluminum film, polyethylene, white PP, fire retardant adhesive, white polypropylene can let us know how to compose and specification you want, we would like to offer you the most resonable price accordingly, different material and specification will be for different price!

Aluminum Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper

Aluminum Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper

Normally the reinforced aluminum foil is foil-clad for glass wool and rubber plastic, here below is the advantage of our reinforced aluminum foil:


1).As a specified aluminum layer was added to the appearance of this foil-clad product. So the fire-proof performance can be enhanced in a larger degree.

2).Its inner structure adds high molecule materials that was made by special techniques. The crack-resistance, shock-resistance, anti-corrosion performance will be enhanced greatly.

2.Specifications of Aluminum Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper:

High strength Vermiculite panels and custom shapes 

Density: 475KG/M3 to 900KG/M3 

Maximum size: 2100x1000mm 

Thickness: 10-40mm


3.Applications of Aluminum Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper:

1).Original equipment firebox liner, baffle, insulation

2).Replacement of refractory panels, veneer of old refractory materials. Suitable for zero-clearance fireplaces so long as the material being replaced is of equal or lower R value.

3).Refractory replacement material for temperature up to 1100 degree Celsius

4).Fire protection- such as steel beam cladding, fire door cores, and laminated construction panels

5).Heat shield core material

4.Technical Data of Aluminum Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper:

 Aluminum Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper


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