Natural Fireproof Vermiculite Boards

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Packaging Detail:Box, Fumigation-free pallet ,plastic stretch film,paper corner,Wrapping Tape
Delivery Detail:25days


2.acoustic,fireproof, insulate against heat and sound. 
3.cut,engrave,stick,nail easily

Natural Fireproof Vermiculite Boards 

1)Vermiculite Board Characteristics:   

1. Vermiculite Board is made of expanded vermiculite which is natural,non-asbestos non-deformable. 

2.Vermiculite Board is Versatile,acoustic,fireproof,noise reduction.

3.  Vermiculite Board sound absorption, heat preservation and insulation, energy-saving, 

moisture adjustment and environmental protections. 

4.Vemiculite Board could be cut,engrave,stick,nail easily.


5. The fireproofing grade is A1grade, under the circumstances of 1000 centigrade degrees after one hour.




2)Vermiculite Board Application: 

1. Fire resistant walls and ceilings 

2. Fire brick in stove, electric heater, storage heater ,furnace and fireplace etc.

3. Heat insulation boards in planes, trains, cars, ships, ovens and pipes etc.

4. Heat preservation and sound insulation boards for walls 

3)Vermiculite Board technical specification

Process temperature

Bending strength


Compression strength

Thermal conductivity

>1100°C or 1000°C




Max.0.20W/mK at 600°CMax.0.128W/mk at 34.51°C

Process range

The minimum thickness

The maximum thickness

The maximum width

The maximum length






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Q:Questions about inground pool Liner install?
Q:Can you grow Pearl Oyster Mushrooms in brown rice flour/vermiculite cakes?
i would but a mixture of vermiculite and water not too wet. you should be able to make a ball with it and it should crumble when touched you want them to be miose but not wet. and you can use a plastic container with a hole big enough for the snake to slide in and out easily in the top.
Q:did vermiculite is good for attic insulation?
see more information on this site
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite?
Sure. I would.
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It sounds you possibly have vermiculite. It might be a natural occurrence or it might be imported/purchased, its a great soil for gardening/growing stuff. The shiny black, gold and green are all weathered biotite. Of course not being able to see/hold means this is just a guess. And a little bit of internet digging (haha pun) shows that there is at least one company that mines it in Virginia. One company, Virginia Vermiculite LLC, produces vermiculite in Virginia. The company operates an open pit mine near Trevilians, in Louisa County. This is one of only three active vermiculite mines in the United States (Potter, 2003). The deposit is in an 80- to 100-foot thick weathered zone in mafic rocks of the Green Springs pluton.
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Oxygen, magnesium, aluminum and silicon present over a large area of the Moon's surface. Of course then there is green cheese!
Q:where can i find vermiculite?
A lot of attics have vermiculite insulation, since it was popular in the 60's. But be careful with that stuff, because SOME of it contains asbestos. My boyfriend's house has vermiculite insulation under the blown-in fiberglass, and his dad had it tested to make sure it didn't contain asbestos. It doesn't, which is good.
Q:how to keep vermiculite damp for leopard gecko eggs?
Vermiculite an Perlite
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The fact they are not laid together is not a good sign. The females will usually find a spot to lay and do so, but it's possible that with having another snake in there and no laying box, she continuously moved around to try to find a safe place to lay. Co habitating is also not good. Separate the two snakes so that the male won't continously breed the female. This can lead to early death of the female as it takes a great deal out of her to produce the eggs. Double and triple clutching can be the death of her since she might be too small already. You should NEVER keep more than one snake in a matter what anyone tells you and this is just one reason why! That said, there's nothing you can do about it now...eggs are here. A tupperware tub is fine to incubate in. Put 3-4 pinholes in the lid to allow airflow (they don't need much). I use perlite rather than vermiculite to incubate in as it reduces the chance of drowning the eggs if the medium is too wet. Use lukewarm water and add an amount that lets the perlite clump when squeezed, but not enough for a lot of moisture. Place the eggs into the perlite. You can cover them completely or just leave a little of the tops of them out. You can cover the tops with a little damp moss if you want. As long as you don't turn the eggs they are fine to move. They will definitely dry out and die if you don't. Put the egg container in a place that stays around 80 degrees or so. At 80 degrees it will take approximately 69 days for the eggs to hatch. Higher temps will shorten the time, but your risk killing the eggs with higher temps. They tolerate lower temperatures better than high. If necessary you can add water to the egg box if it starts to dry out. You should see a mist on the side of the egg box at the perlite level. Use tepid water and pour close to the edge of the egg box so that the eggs do not get touched directly.
Q:Can NutraLime replace vermiculite?
DO NOT MIST THE EGGS DIRECTLY it will cause them to go bad i had the misfortune of not knowing this about 10 years ago and mine all died.

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