welding protection vermiculite coated fireproof blanket material

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Welding Blankets 
Size:0.9m*0.9m to 3m*3m 
Color:red or upon your request 
Rated1022 F(550)

welding protection vermiculite coated fireproof blanket material




1. High silica glass fiber cloth. 
2. High temperature resistance. 
3. Instant working temp.: 1400C degree

Item:Welding Blanket


Size:  3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m) to 10' x 10' (3m x 3m). Customized sizes are available.

Color:red or upon your request

Excellent anti-abrasion 
Asbestos free 
fire and flame retardant



· 6 X 6 FT. (1.8 X 1.8 M), Rated 1022° F (550° C)


· ANSI / FM 4950 Approved for Welding Blankets


· Use horizontally in light to moderate exposure applications to protect autos, equipment or work area.


· Blanket confines welding sparks, spatter and grinding particulate.


· The fiberglass-based material is hemmed with high-strength fiberglass 



welding protection vermiculite coated fireproof blanket material








welding blankets are made from premium fiberglass woven fabrics, special treated on one side or both sides. The blankets are well-suited for welding, grinding spark and spatter protection for both personnel and equipment when doing component assembly or manual brazing.




 provides welding cloth in roll form or in prefabricated blankets. Blankets are hemmed with high temperature thread and can be grommetted. Suntex welding blankets are able to withstand temperature up to 12000C maximum, no itch to skin. Totally asbestos-free.




Sizes available from 3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m) to 10' x 10' (3m x 3m). Customized sizes are available.




How to choose welding blanket or cloth.


1.Select application.


General applications of welding blanket or cloth.


-Light duty - general purpose welding, light sparks and small spatter. Not recommended for horizontal application.


-Medium duty - heavier welding, sparks, spatter and light slag.


-Heavy duty - heavy sparks, spatter, slag and molten metal.


-Stress relief - choose soft materials recommended for Stress relief applications. The coated materials usually are not recommended for stress relief applications.




2.Determine dimensions of area to be protected.


 provides welding cloth in roll form or in prefabricated blankets.Consider dimensions of area to be protected and determine what form is suitable.




3.Select the finished blanket or cloth.


-Stiff material coated material has better abrasion resistance. Stiffer to allow spatter and slag to roll off easily.


-Soft material uncoated material is pliable. this material is easy to be draped over and wrapped around objects. it's usually use for stress relief applications.


-Weight and thickness of material the heavier and thicker material provide better protection and take longer to burn through


High Silica Glass Fiber Cloth Specification:
1. Continuous working temp.: 900°C degree

2. Short time working temp.: 1200°C degree
3. Instant working temp.: 1400°C degree


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Q:What kind of flowers is vermiculite suitable for planting?
Vermiculite is mainly used as substrate for soilless culture and cuttings. It can also be used to improve the permeability of soil and can be used.
Q:can i use vermiculite as a hermit crab substrate?
Cocoa fiber, perlite, vermiculite and organic potting soil all make good laybox substrates. Check them at least once daily when you notice the females digging around in there.
Q:Leopard gecko Question.HELP PLEASE!?
well i just spray if for like 30seconds-1minute BEFORE the eggs go in and then i currently have a hydrometer in one of the egg containers and it stays moderatly humid which so far is working just fine. you want it moderatly humid but not dripping condensation on the eggs, if water is dripping on the eggs just wipe the cover off and watch them carefully. if you spray it really well before you put them in you should be fine for at least a few weeks (ours have only been in about 3 weeks but they are perfectly humid so far) but if you need to spray again i just try to spray around the eggs but its ok if you get a little bit of water on the eggs, just try not to tho. no the eggs don't have to be covered with vermiculite, at least i don't do it and i have seen pics of other breeders and like no one does it so i wouldn't worry about it too much. hope i helped!
Q:Bearded dragon eggs, need some help?
The next time you post an answer, please use spell check. It will make it a lot easier for people to read and understand your question. The egg laying substrate you need is called vermiculite. Room temperature is not high enough for the eggs, the temp needs to be 82-84F and humidity levels must remain high. An incubator by far is needed if you plan on breeding any type of lizard. It takes the guess work out of doing it the homemade way. Never turn the eggs at all, always keep them in the position they were laid. Take a felt tip marker and mark the upside so you know how to always place them back if you need to move them. If you rotate them you will kill the embryo inside. Please google bearded dragon eggs before you end up killing your eggs. You should have done research before the mating attempt even took place. You are an irresponsible breeder, and an inexperienced one at that.
Q:where can I buy vermiculite in Chicago IL ???
Try a magnet for separating iron powder. Vermiculite is a light mineral that resembles the plastic foam peanuts used as some packing material. Add water, and the vermiculite might float to the top and you could filter it from the water with coffee pot filter paper.
Q:what conduct heat the best?
You can use a magnet to take out the iron by passing it over and stirring it around the mixture. Then submerge the mixture in water to dissolve the salt then strain, and boil off the water to leave only salt. Then you could heat the remaining sand and vermiculite. Since the vermiculite should expand, you could filter/strain the sand out through a strainer.
Q:What are some good nutrients to add to a plant for an experiment?
Nitrates Phosphates Potassium (so there is your famous NPK trio) magnesium (to prevent leaf yellowing) You would need (for example) an inert culture medium like vermiculite and a series of identical plants (eg cuttings, offsets etc) some you would water with all of the nutrients (in suitably dilute form) but miss out the nutrient you are investigating (e.g. nitrate) and some you would water with all the nutrients including the one you are investigating. By comparing the two groups you could get some idea of what the nutrient was used for. (If you deprive a plant of nitrates it generally remains stunted because the nitrate is needed for protein production which is in turn needed for growth). John
Q:Breeding Red Eared Sliders?
in the event that they are youthful you mustn't have a difficulty conserving them collectively in the initiating compatibility-clever, yet you ought to determine you have sufficient room for them later while they get huge (as much as twelve inches of shell each!). in case you're procuring the two as adults from a puppy keep, that's extremely helpful to observe and basically be constructive you do no longer %. 2 distinctly aggressive turtles. in case you have had one for an prolonged time and are introducing yet another into the tank, you desire to be very careful. the guy who has been there longer will maximum probably tutor indications of territorial aggression, wherein case one turtle will finally end up attacked and/or lifeless (i do no longer understand how usually the latter happens, yet turtles do combat). as long as you shop the tank sufficiently huge (i might say a minimum of fifty 5 gallons for the two) and make constructive they do no longer combat, they must be ok. you are able to feed them in separate boxes once you're frightened approximately them being grasping over nutrition, yet once you initiate doing this, you ought to shop doing it, as they're going to conflict it out as quickly as you initiate feeding them collectively.
Q:Why is stratification performed in 50/50 peat vermiculite mix?
Pink Buffalo is good. Inoculate rye and allow it to fully colonize. Then spawn to horse manure. If rye isn't available use wild birdseed with a high millet content. If manure isn't available then fruit from your substrate directly. Rye will work better than wbs though. Vermiculite will help make a casing layer but isn't necessary for a substrate because it has no nutritional value. The flushes will be good as long as they fruit in high humidity with plenty of fresh air.
Q:my leopard gecko just had an egg. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If you are using a heat mat for heat only then it's not going to work anyway. incubators work by supplying a constant temperature over the complete surface of an egg. What you are going to attempt to use , will only heat a section. I'm sorry to be blunt but it has no chance of working

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