welding protection vermiculite coated fireproof blanket material

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Welding Blankets 
Size:0.9m*0.9m to 3m*3m 
Color:red or upon your request 
Rated1022 F(550)

welding protection vermiculite coated fireproof blanket material




1. High silica glass fiber cloth. 
2. High temperature resistance. 
3. Instant working temp.: 1400C degree

Item:Welding Blanket


Size:  3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m) to 10' x 10' (3m x 3m). Customized sizes are available.

Color:red or upon your request

Excellent anti-abrasion 
Asbestos free 
fire and flame retardant



· 6 X 6 FT. (1.8 X 1.8 M), Rated 1022° F (550° C)


· ANSI / FM 4950 Approved for Welding Blankets


· Use horizontally in light to moderate exposure applications to protect autos, equipment or work area.


· Blanket confines welding sparks, spatter and grinding particulate.


· The fiberglass-based material is hemmed with high-strength fiberglass 



welding protection vermiculite coated fireproof blanket material








welding blankets are made from premium fiberglass woven fabrics, special treated on one side or both sides. The blankets are well-suited for welding, grinding spark and spatter protection for both personnel and equipment when doing component assembly or manual brazing.




 provides welding cloth in roll form or in prefabricated blankets. Blankets are hemmed with high temperature thread and can be grommetted. Suntex welding blankets are able to withstand temperature up to 12000C maximum, no itch to skin. Totally asbestos-free.




Sizes available from 3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m) to 10' x 10' (3m x 3m). Customized sizes are available.




How to choose welding blanket or cloth.


1.Select application.


General applications of welding blanket or cloth.


-Light duty - general purpose welding, light sparks and small spatter. Not recommended for horizontal application.


-Medium duty - heavier welding, sparks, spatter and light slag.


-Heavy duty - heavy sparks, spatter, slag and molten metal.


-Stress relief - choose soft materials recommended for Stress relief applications. The coated materials usually are not recommended for stress relief applications.




2.Determine dimensions of area to be protected.


 provides welding cloth in roll form or in prefabricated blankets.Consider dimensions of area to be protected and determine what form is suitable.




3.Select the finished blanket or cloth.


-Stiff material coated material has better abrasion resistance. Stiffer to allow spatter and slag to roll off easily.


-Soft material uncoated material is pliable. this material is easy to be draped over and wrapped around objects. it's usually use for stress relief applications.


-Weight and thickness of material the heavier and thicker material provide better protection and take longer to burn through


High Silica Glass Fiber Cloth Specification:
1. Continuous working temp.: 900°C degree

2. Short time working temp.: 1200°C degree
3. Instant working temp.: 1400°C degree


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Keep him on the calcium carbonate sand. First of all it is similar to what they are on in the wild, which is soil or sand. And they dig as a natural behavior. Secondly it is slightly digestable if they eat it (but make sure they are getting a high quality calcium suppliment like Mineral I so they dont eat it because too much ingested can cause impaction).The calcium carbonate sand also retains heat well, and cannot harbor parasites such as mites because it is inorganic, dry, and constantly shifting which means any parasites that might get in the cage cannot reproduce because the constantly shifting sand desicates the eggs so any parasites will quickly die off.Stick with the calcium carbonate sand. Ive used it on leopard geckos for 20 years and never had a single problem with impaction.
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More information would be needed: Incubator type. Temperature Media (vermiculite? perlite? What?) How long it's been incubating If it's not nearing hatching time, add a bit of water to the media--not too much. Sometimes the media will dry out part way through incubation, and low humidity causes the egg to start to cave in due to lack of moisture. Don't get water directly on the egg. If it IS nearing hatching time, eggs will often begin to cave in and sweat close to hatching time--it means you'll be seeing a tiny nose soon. :)

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