fireproof board vermiculite board for furnance heating

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Packaging Detail:Pallet, carton or wooden case
Delivery Detail:Within 20days after the prepayment


1.Environmental protection 
2.The fireproof grade is A 
3.Low carbon and energy-saving 

1. Product specification 


Vermiculite fire brick




2400×1220mm,2100×900mm,1000× 610mm, irregular vermiculite products.

Customized size are available




Strong wooden pallet, coated with film 


2.Technical Index


 (1) Chemical composition


















Loss on ignition @1000°C











(2)Other technical index


Maximum service temperature (°C)


Continuous working temp (°C)


Compressive strength (Mpa)


Total porosity (%)


Liner reheat shrinkage (24H @ 900°C %)


Thermal conductivity (W/mk)















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Q:Do you think this will work for me?
Select an incubator that is wider than it is tall with side access. It should be large enough to hold the size and number of eggs the female laid. Place small plastic containers inside the incubator. Fill each container with three inches of damp vermiculite. The vermiculite should clump together when you squeeze it. Remove the eggs from the mother. Peel the eggs apart and separate them into small groups. Don't separate each individual egg. It's alright if some stick together. Nestle each group of eggs inside the small plastic containers in the incubator. Place the eggs about 1/3rd of their diameter deep in the substrate orient the eggs in the same direction the female deposited them. Don't put too many eggs in each container. Place heat tape, a heating pad or light bulbs inside the incubator. The temperature shouldn't vary by more than one or two degrees. Regulate the temperature inside the incubator with a thermostat. A proportional thermostat monitors the temperature of the heat source to maintain the set temperature. Run a small fan inside the incubator. Some parts of the incubator are warmer than others. The fan circulates the warm air throughout the incubator, maintaining the temperature balance. Monitor the humidity levels within the incubator. If the eggs partially collapse, add water to prevent further egg collapse
Q:What kind of flowers is vermiculite suitable for planting?
No, vermiculite is a kind of water retaining matrix. If you use only vermiculite, it will be very wet. It is recommended to mix the rotten leaves with soil: vermiculite: Pearl salt, =2:1:1
Q:Hydroponic Vermiculite-Reusable?
I generally use perlite as it has a low chance of getting too wet and clinging to eggs. Vermiculite with excess water will cling and drown snakes. There's no chance of that with perlite. Of the two I'd use moss, but it's more difficult to keep the moisture levels at a proper level. It can also get wet enough to drown the eggs. Perhaps a mix of the two would be suitable. Just use caution that neither drips water or is so wet that it sticks to the eggs. Vermiculite should be just wet enough that it clumps when you squeeze it.
Q:Is vermiculite a good choice for insulating my exterior walls?
Infertile eggs actual have a tendency to be yellow. in spite of the undeniable fact that if the eggs are dented i might want to in spite of the undeniable fact that positioned them in an incubator until eventually they mould through the actuality they're in a position to in spite of the undeniable fact that be fertile and placed across thoroughly wholesome toddlers
Q:my bull snake just lay ed 8 eggs what do i do just leave them alone?
The female bullsnake lays 12 to 18 eggs in one mating season. After the eggs have been layed the female leaves the eggs to hatch and raise themselves. After 9 to 11 weeks the eggs will hatch and go out to find food on their own. The babies are born about 12 to 18 inches long upon their hatching.
Q:How do you grow psilocybe mushrooms?
I never use vermiculite for that. Use spagnum Moss inside the nest box. the vermiculite is for incubating the eggs in.
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite or perlite?
Hey! Dont quote me on this but vermiculite and asbestos are two different things! People still use vermiculite to this day! Asbestos is the baddy! So if you got vermiculite then don't sweat about it! Just clean it up!
Q:How do I take care of an indoor palm tree?
There are specially formulated fertilizers designed just for palm trees. This is because the nutritional needs of palms are different from other plants in your yard. By not fertilizing your established palm, you risk several nutritional deficiencies that can kill your tree. Look carefully at the bag of fertilizer to ensure that is not only has the right balance of nitrogen and potassium like other fertilizers, but that it also has a balance of other nutrients such as manganese, iron, magnesium and boron. An ideal mix should have an N:P:K:Mg ratio of 2:1:3:1. Application of fertilizer for proper palm tree care should be at a rate of about one and a half pound of fertilizer per 100 feet of tree canopy, applied four times a year. Use a dry, granular fertilizer and do not apply it against the trunk of your palm tree.
Q:help! corn snake wont lay eggs?
Not sure what type of bedding you use but I use the ground coconut shell. I filled a larger plastic coffee can (with a hole in the lid) half full with the bedding moistened just enough so that I could barely squeeze any water out. Its the humidity she's looking for. I'd imagine anything would work (even shredded wet newspaper) as long as its not toxic (such as pine shavings). Best of luck
Q:Is vermiculite safe to use in potting soil?
Keep him on the calcium carbonate sand. First of all it is similar to what they are on in the wild, which is soil or sand. And they dig as a natural behavior. Secondly it is slightly digestable if they eat it (but make sure they are getting a high quality calcium suppliment like Mineral I so they dont eat it because too much ingested can cause impaction).The calcium carbonate sand also retains heat well, and cannot harbor parasites such as mites because it is inorganic, dry, and constantly shifting which means any parasites that might get in the cage cannot reproduce because the constantly shifting sand desicates the eggs so any parasites will quickly die off.Stick with the calcium carbonate sand. Ive used it on leopard geckos for 20 years and never had a single problem with impaction.

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