fireproof board vermiculite board for furnance heating

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Packaging Detail:Pallet, carton or wooden case
Delivery Detail:Within 20days after the prepayment


1.Environmental protection 
2.The fireproof grade is A 
3.Low carbon and energy-saving 

1. Product specification 


Vermiculite fire brick




2400×1220mm,2100×900mm,1000× 610mm, irregular vermiculite products.

Customized size are available




Strong wooden pallet, coated with film 


2.Technical Index


 (1) Chemical composition


















Loss on ignition @1000°C











(2)Other technical index


Maximum service temperature (°C)


Continuous working temp (°C)


Compressive strength (Mpa)


Total porosity (%)


Liner reheat shrinkage (24H @ 900°C %)


Thermal conductivity (W/mk)















Animal feed

Blocking mixes

Sound Absorption Loose Filling

Thermal Insulation.Refracory

Anti-caking material


Air setting binder

Sound Absorption Loose Filling

Bulking agent


Construction Coatin

Gaskets or Seals


Rooting cuttings

Fireproofing Board

Friction Linings

Seed encapsulant

Seed germination

Gypsum plaster

Packing Materials

Soil conditioner

Sowing composts

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Potting mixes

Vermiculite Screeds


Lightweight Concretes

Brake pads & brake shoes

Fixation of hazardous material




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Q:What fruits can you grow in a square-foot garden?
Most fruits grow on trees. Don't think you have room for that. Raspberries and blueberries grow on bushes. Grow a tomato plant.little cherry tomatoes.
Q:what is the difference between vermiculite and perilite.?
I just saw this on TV this morning,1 part cement,1 part sand,2 parts peat moss. You can use vermiculite or sand.
Q:What to do about possible asbestos in the attic?
i think u should seek another source for ur answer. i am sure that Yahoo! Answers does not support the use of any type of recreational and/or illegal drugs. therefore it would be best to try another source on the internet to resolve ur question.
Q:Vermiculite & Leopard Gecko Eggs?
I would put a layer of vermiculite at the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage, but if you have enough of it, it should be mixed into the growing medium as well. put them in another greenhouse ? Not sure what you mean - do you have more than one greenhouse? In any case, redwoods should grow fine in or out of a greenhouse, at least in summer. The mold is most likely moss - it is living off the nitrogen seeping out of the pots. It shouldn't hurt anything to be there, but If you are concerned, just scrape it off. If you can keep the sides of the pots in the dark, it will retard its growth.
Q:Chimney liner insulation?
It's vermiculite. This is a mineral, and some sources are a risk of asbestosis (disease of the lungs) so you can't readily buy it now. It's not hazardous if damp and in soil, it';s when it's in the air and you can breathe in the dust. Large quantities have to be removed by asbestos-removal companies - it used to be used for insulating houses. It must have been in the original potting mix for aeration. This is only a small amount and not that disturbed, so dispose of it in a sealed plastic bag.
Q:Helps!! Iguana Eggs (how to incubate)?
Just keep them in a box around the same temp as it was when they where layed (unless its really cold where you are like it is in Colorado -.- ) with some holes. But before you pick them up make a mark on the side thats up right now, If you spin the egg it'll die. Then just go to petsmart or something and get a good incubator tomarrow. Homemade ones usally don't work and you never see baby iggys. ]: Make sure to line up homes before they hatch, you don't want (or atleast I don't even though I love iggys, just to many) 72 more or less little iggys running around well you try to find them homes.
Q:What type of bedding is needed for Bearded Dragon eggs in an Incubator?
Ignore NW Jack's half-serious comments, which he knows are false and are no doubt just a lame attempt to make environmentalists look overly strict.
Q:I need to make a raised bed vegtable garden for a senior community and their residents to use.?
Once again Sweet Pea is throwing money at a problem instead of reading the content of the question. While checking out the ft2 gardening book doesn't cost anything: peatmoss, humus vermiculite DO! Call local painters ask if you can have their scrap plastic from paint jobs. Or call your local United Way ask if they know of an agency that will help fund your project. My Grandfather used pressure treated oval 3X4X12's to border his garden hold down the plastic his garden was always amazing. Incidentally he got his plastic in the paint section of Big Lots! It was the most expensive of his garden props but he was elderly couldn't weed. Maybe you could contact local churches find if they could get their youth groups behind the effort? Untreated lumber will warp easier be at the mercy of the elements but it will at least last you 12 months. If you cant buy lumber you can always use rock to border with. A low rock wall would be even more durable but it would depend on availability in your area.
Q:Foxfarm soil and marijuana question?
on the grounds that optimal alleged clinical marijuana is grown indoors, they does now not remotely qualify for the factor of farm subsidies, this is to maintain agricultural land for destiny use on a similar time as lowering crop yields indoors the quickly term.
Q:I have Bearded Dragon eggs and i am wondering if i can put them in a tupperware box.?
Hi Steve I'm not an expert on Lizards - snakes are my thing but I CAN tell you that most specialist reptile shops will help you incubate the eggs. I worked for a shop in Yorkshire that had loads of private owners reptile eggs in their incubators. Get to know these people as they are very knowledgeable and always keen to help out. As for the tupperware box? Doesn't sound too good to me, but again - I'm not a lizard keeper.

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