vermiculite fireproof board for exterior walls

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Packaging Detail:vermiculite fireproof board for exterior wall in wooden pallet
Delivery Detail:around 20 days after receipt of down payment


vermiculite fireproof board for exterior wall 
2.high strength

  vermiculite fireproof board for exterior wall


  vermiculite fireproof board for exterior wall


fire prevention vermiculite board 
1.dimension:1220 x 2440mm 


All size can be customized.



fire prevention vermiculite board


1220*2440mm,Or as clients' requests 


Bintangor Okoume,Pine,etc


15mm,18mm,21mm etc;


Poplar, Hardwood, Birch , Combi,Eucalyptus, etc;


Length/width :+/-0.2mm; Thickness: +/-0.5mm


MR(water proof), MELAMINE(water proof), WBP(phenolic);

Mositure content


Modulus of rupture


Modulus of Elasticity



bottom is pallets, covered with plastic film,around is carton or plywood, strenghthen by steel or iron 3*6









Furniture, construction, etc


TT or L/C at sight

Delivery Time

Within 20 days receiving deposit or original L/C at sight

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Q:can i use sphagnum moss as a medium for incubating leopard gecko eggs?
okorder has different kinds of vermiculite. Check their descriptions. I had only heard about horticultural vermiculite before I read your question, but try a big pet shop if the kind sold at garden centers isn't appropriate.
Q:bearded dragon dried plantation soil substrate?
I have been making my own soil less mix for my seedlings for 15 years. I use Eliot Coleman's recipe in his book the New Organic Grower which is compost, peat, perlite and some trace fertilizers (green sand, colloidal phosphate, kelp or blood meal and lime or ash to bring up the pH). If you are a market grower you should get a copy of this book as it has tons and tons of invaluable information such as how to make your own soiless mix for seed starting No, you do not need to sterilize the peat(or compost) Yes you do need to run everything through a 1/4 hardware cloth screen (peat and compost) before making the soiless mix. Do this is a very well ventilated area (like outside) or at the very least have a mask on as this stuff is very dusty and you don't want it in your lungs or sinuses. You can also use coconut coir instead of peat moss.
Q:Is vermiculite a good choice for insulating my exterior walls?
If the egg is deflated looking, try covering it with some moist vermiculite/perlite. Some breeders have also suggested placing a moist paper towel over it. It could be that the humidity is not high enough. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for it to inflate again after being too dry. If the gecko JUST laid it today, give it some time to start checking to see if it's infertile or not. Sometimes you can't see red veins right away, so I'd give it a couple of weeks before checking again. I made my incubator with a styrofoam box, heat mat hooked up to a thermostat, digital thermometer, bowl of water on the heat mat, and a box of eggs in moist vermiculite (wetted the vermiculite then squeezed out the water). For leopard geckos...temperature was set at 83F for mine, but you can have a range of 79-83 for mostly females and 88-90 for mostly males...or in between for a mix. I'd still incubate the egg until it either completely deflates or starts smelling bad.
Q:can i use pure vermiculite as a growing medium for marijuana?
Vermiculite is a potting material that's availabe at any garden center. Select clay pots and grow the seeds individually in the potting mixture. All plants need moisture, especially trees. To get a tree to sprout, place the pot in a window with good light (not sun) and water when the potting mixture feels dry to the touch. Not all of the seeds may sprout. After they have reached a height of 6 to 12 inches, transplant to a well drained spot with plenty of sun. Keep them watered. Keep in mind that the two species of tree that you mention require certain climates. Don't expect much luck if your climate isn't conducive to those trees.
Q:where can i get these garden ingredients?
The vermiculite is to help drainage. Coarse sand would do the same. I would definitely add the peat moss as this would help to retain moisture. As for soil, the M-G will work just fine. Don't know what type of soil is in your area but some of that probably wouldn't hurt either. Good Luck1
Q:Bearded dragon egg incubation questions?
Do not use aspen or wood chips if you want your eggs to hatch. The Wal-Marts in my area do not carry vermiculite, but they do carry perlite, which is another good choice. I buy vermiculite from small plant nurseries.
Q:should i use aps or perlite for my crested gecko eggs to incbate in?
vermiculite is indeed cancer causing. But don't come here for your answer. Call your local code enforcement.
Q:Can i just substitute soil for perlite if I'm doing a hydroponics experiment?
The eggs will be more difficult to see in the vermiculite but with that many adults some females will definitely have layed eggs in it if you kept it damp. You are better off taking the egg chambers out to incubate separately. Young crickets hatch out the size of fleas and it will be difficult to effectively feed and water them if they are mixed in with the adults. The adults will also cannibilize the young. Keep the egg chamber lightly damp but not wet and incubate it at around 85F. It will take around 2 weeks for the eggs to hatch. Crickets are really a smelly, time consuming hassle to breed for one bearded and take several weeks to reach useable size. I only breed them when I specifically need many tiny crickets, I would really suggest you try breeding one of the feeder roaches like Dubia if possible. Much easier and much less smelly then crickets.
Q:Hydroponically speaking, what are the easiest vegetables to grow in perlite and vermiculite?
It almost certainly is vermiculite and it just as certainly contains asbestos. It is a very dangerous material and should be isolated using EPA approved methods. You should avoid it like the plague. It was very likely mined by the W R Grace company in Libby, Mt. Grace is being sued by hundreds of Libby miners and their families who have been dying from mesothelioma caused by exposure to abestos laden vermiculite. I lived and worked around Libby, Mt. for 25 years. Three seconds is too long to be exposed to that stuff. Go to Libby, MT and watch the EPA people cleaning it up. They are all wearing protective suits and breathing equipment.
Q:What is that white stuff in potting soil?
Perlite or vermiculite will help to loosen and airiate compacted soils. Most comercial potting mixes are a mixture of peatmoss,perlite and organic matter such as composted plant matter. Adding perlite to garden soil is not generaly a good idea. If you have a hard clay soil,adding compost is usually the best bet. Personal experiance has shown that planting potatoes also helps to looosen clay soil. If you are intending to plant in containers of any sort I would recomend using a mix of perlite, peatmoss and compost. Regular soil will compact and dry out in a container and be unsuitable for almost any type of plant.

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