thermal insulators materials vermiculite wall

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:In pallet for shipment or in carton box.OR customized vermiculite thermal insulators
Delivery Detail:15 DAYS AFTER 30% DEPOSIT


1. new inorganic material 
3.Easy to cut and install 

thermal insulators materials vermiculite wall  


fine fire insulation vermiculite board

size:various sizes

properties: heat-resistant,water-proofing

usage:widely use


Fine fire insulation vermiculite board



How to manufacture vermiculite board?

Vermiculite board is a kind of boards that manufactured by expanded vermiculite and a certain amout of adhensives by hot-pressing or cold pressing.


What is vermiculite board?

Vermiculite board is a kind of new inorganic material. The main raw material is vermiculite and some adhensives.



building roof insulation (weathering course)

low roof feather weight sunken filling

Building roof and wall crack free plastering protect concrete roof from thermal shocks and cracks.

vibration absorbent

water leakage arrester

bio fertilizer for plants and terrace gardening



Vermiculit board sizes

common size: 2400*1200*15-60mm  900*2100MM 

Largest size: 2500*1220*100

density: 400-600KG/ M3

We can manufacture the vermiculite board referance to customers' request

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Q:good insulating materials like vermiculite?
It may not attack the eggs now, but if the mold continues to grow, it may destroy all eggs. I would scoop as much of the mold out as you can and then let it dry out a little, maybe stop adding water to it.
Q:how to hatch a turtle eggs?
In many states it is illegal to collect eggs of wild turtles. Most states with turtles have at least one protected or endangered species. Even if it seems like there are a lot of turtles where you are, you might be looking at one of the last stable populations of the species or subspecies. Most of those states that allow for the collection of turtle eggs (as well as turtles) require a permit to do so. Just because you don't know it's the law doesn't mean it isn't. Unless you were very careful not to roll the eggs at all, and not to inflict any vibrations on them (like a car ride that wasn't properly prepared for and then executed flawlessly) with human egg holders all the way home that held them in the air for the ENTIRE ride home, then they are probably dead. Experts have spent years learning what it takes to hatch eggs. Every species and subspecies has a slightly different set of guidelines to hatching and rearing after hatch. There is no blanket answer. There are painted turtles all over America in different climates. Advising you on incubation without your stating a location (for climate reasons) and species or pics for identification would be irresponsible.
Q:what do i do when my leopard tortoises hatch?
Leopard Tortoise Breeding
Q:Cultivating mushrooms?
I used vermiculite. There is a good article on this on
Q:Math Help. Please Explain. I really don't understand how to do it!!?
NOOOO, the best substrate is none !! If you want to use something, newspaper , paper towels or repti carpet - fake grass available cheaper @ places like Lowes, keep several cut to size so you can change to clean and clean one, otherwise you risk the reptile getting impacted if they swallow substrates then sick dying ! Take Care
Q:How to apply the quota of cement and vermiculite insulation layers?
The present price is the separation of quantity and price.Here, the amount consumed. The consumption of fixed consumption is only the price of a natural machine. The corresponding "04 consumption quota" in Guizhou."Consumption corresponding to the so-called price is fixed base price, respectively, corresponding to the combination of talent prices. The corresponding books, such as "Guizhou city 08 price list", because different regions of the price list is not the sameFor example, we want to build a brick wall now 1.3 cubic meters of water mixing, Lane corresponding to the fixed quota items such as 3-1, the consumer can find the corresponding item is brick mixing.
Q:Breeding a bearded dragon?
if you are only looking to produce one clutch every now and then, i suggest you get a hovabator, they work great, and arent terribly expensive for the small breeder. Once you get a hovabator, you should also get either vermiculite or hatchrite, many people debate on which is better, i preffer hatchrite but i think you should make the decision for yourslef. then all you need is a laybox big enough for the female to fit in very comfortably. Fill it with moist eco earth when she is gravid. Then one day you will find her in the box digging, she will lay the eggs. Let them sit for a few hours, then set up your hovabator, and eggs trays with vermiculite or hatchrite, then take the eggs out of the lay box very carefully, and make sure that the same side of the eggs is always facing up, because if you put an egg into the eggs trays upside down or on its side, the baby will die. Then just put the full egg trays into the hovabator and let them grow. I hope this helped
Q:My Leopard Gecko laid an egg in the waterdish?Will it hatch?
its fine dont worry ive used perlite and they can out fine
Q:Leopard gecko breeding?
Tim is incorrect. Leopard geckos do not need UVB lights. To answer your questions, you want the vermiculite to say moist and the eggs to be kept at a high humidity. The less holes in the container you have the eggs in, the more constant the humidity will remain. Normally you'll see condensation in the sides of the container. If not, add water, and also add water if the eggs start collapsing. Keep the temperature constant. 86 degrees will give you both males and females. I incubate leopard gecko eggs at 80 degrees if I want females and 90 degrees if I want males. I personally keep babies separate after they hatch and keep them in 6 quart Sterilite containers in a rack system heated with heat tape. You'll feed the babies every day or every other day. Give them small crickets and occasionally small mealworms. Dust the food in calcium every other feeding or so.
Q:Iquana just laid eggs. HELP!!?
they should incubate at 84-87F for around 90 days use 50/50 mix of vermiculite and water to make a incubation medium. If your female has not been mated in the past month or so the eggs are not fertile and should be thrown out. A female iggy will lay eggs yearly even with no male around signs of fertile eggs. Oval shape, Large, firm to touch, dry feeling. if they get soft, dents, mold they are infertile

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