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Fireproof material Vermiculite for fireplace

Fireproof material Vermiculite for fireplace

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Fireproof material Vermiculite for fireplaceis made from expanded vermiculite and a dose of adhesive, made by hot or cold plat

1.wiat is Vermiculite Board 

Vermiculite board commonly known as insulation board or refractory plate is a new thermal insulation material, vermiculite stone is made from expanded vermiculite and a dose of adhesive, made by hot or cold plate. The board has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention. This product can be used in fire door core, lining, fireplace wall materials.

2.  color:


golden yellow, crimson,silver white;


3.  size:


0.3-1,1-2, 1-3,1-4, 2-4,3-5,4-8mm, 20-40mesh,10-40mesh

4.  chemical composition:









5. specification


Sand content<4.5%<4.5%<7.8%<7.8%


specific volum>3.9>6>7.5>8


Q:How much sunlight is best?
These plants do not get real big, maybe 2-3 feet tall. So the pot could be as small as a 3 gallon container. They also need lots of sunlight and just enough water to keep the leaves looking nice. If they start to wilt, they need water. Also the longer you leave the peppers on the hotter they get.
Q:I would prefer shops in Aundh area. I have already tried in some local nurseries.
Q:only one question really:can you cover the beardie eggs with vermiculite untill they start to hatch?
If you can get your hands on a polysterine box thats you pretty much sorted. You make a cut near the top so the wire for the heat mat can go in with the lid still on properly, and then put little tubs in ( chinese food boxes or the ones you get crickets on) put the vermiculite in and make sure it stays moist. have fun :)
Q:How do you grow psilocybe mushrooms?
Prepare a laying box with 1-2 inches of damp perlite or vermiculite.
Q:Where is the specialty of vermiculite?
China's vermiculite is widely distributed, but mostly distributed in northern China, mainly Xinjiang, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other provinces and autonomous regions. They are also distributed in Sichuan, Henan, Hubei, Gansu and other provinces.
Q:What are the characteristics of vermiculite and gold yellow expanded vermiculite?
Expanded vermiculite has excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation, flame retardancy, and other properties.
Q:How to grow amaryllis from seed?
If its worn, cracking, dry, or bulging out the sides, then it should be replaced. If not, then its fine.
Q:I have a one year old male python and pretty soon i plan to breed my snake with a female. My concern is that i want to make my own egg incubator so that when she lays eggs, i already have it set up. My concern is that i see alot of people using vermiculite. But my question is, which stores can i buy this from, and if i cant find the stores, can i use peat moss from the store since its moist?
No. That's too much roughage for a mammalian digestive system. Once probably won't do too much damage, but don't make a habit of it.
Q:ok so i have a new lasiodora parahybana and was wondering how often i should clean her enclosure.i use a mixture of vermiculite (80%) and top-soil (20%) for the substrate.I keep it at about 70-80% humidity with the aid of a sponge and water dish.i feed it a small cricket everyday.I noticed that the tank just really stinks now.so getting to the point, how often should i clean it?i don‘t want to disturb the stress level of my spider by removing it from it‘s enclosure and wrecking her burrow to clean out cricket husks every day.so rather than, how often should i clean the enclosure, i guess i‘m really asking on how should i clean the enclosure?a lot of internet sources give me different advice.i was wondering on getting help from someone who has had a brazilian salmon pink bird eating spider and would like to pass on the knowledge.
you get so detailed! not needed, well in my opinion. tarantulas are wonderful keeps because they are so hardy and easy to care for. ruin her burrow, shell make another, it happens. if you need to then do so. I just used some spanish moss for my ground, but you have a burrowing spider so i think sand should actually work better. and probobaly hold less smells and what not. Alls you need to do is remove the T, moving her to another tank. and replace the groundingbedding, floor, whatever you want to call it. clean out her burrow, dead cricket build up inside the tank is whats causing the smell most likely. and you dont need to feed it once a day. actually a couple crickets every couple days or so is just fine. mine hasnt eatn in a few months (by choice, ive tried feeding her, its just what they do / ) feeding less often will keep smell down hopefully because less waste.

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