Vermiculite board for fireplace/ vermiculite wall panel

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:15kg/bag or jumbo bag or as your detail requirement
Delivery Detail:10-25 days


Product Description

Specification for Vermiculite Board


1 size: 1000*600 /1000*1200mm 

2 thickness: 5-70mm

3 density:600-800kg/m3



Raw Material  for Vermiculite Board


Vermiculite is the generic name for laminar, hydrated ferromagnesian-Aluminum-Silicate minerals that resemble mica in the crude form. It has a great number of industrial uses by virtue of its expansion behavior on heating.


When heated rapidly to 900-1,000 D.C, its interlaminar water turns to steam and causes the minerals layers to exfoliate or sepreate into worm-like pieces. This forms a material with Lower Density, Excellent Insulation properties, Good Absorption, Iron Exchange Capacity, Chemically Stable and Non-toxic. 


The above properties make it widely used in Construction, Agriculture and Horticulture and Industrial application.




Raw/crude Vermiculite


Brand name



Vermiculite type        : golden yellow or silver white.

Vermiculite products : Raw vermiculite, Exfoliated vermiculite, Vermiculite board etc.


1. Lightweight concretes and screeds

2. Vermiculite plasters

3. Loose fill insulation

4. Fire protection

5. Horticulture

6. Refractory & high temperature insulation

7. Friction linings

8. Special coatings, gaskets & seals

9. Swimming pool liners

10. Packing material

11. Animal feed



Size             :



Appearance :

golden yellow/silver white


Type (I) , Fe2O3 content 5-13%:gray-silver-white, similar in colour to South African material

Type (II) , Fe2O3 content 16-22%:golden-yellow, similar in colour to Australia and India etc



Raw Golden/Silver Vermiculite








In 1/1.2 MT jumbo bag for shipment

Loading quantity

20-24MTs/1*20'ft container


Within 7-15days,also depends on your quantity


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Q:Questions about inground pool Liner install?
Q:can i use vermiculite as a hermit crab substrate?
Ok, Take a plastic box, big enough for the geckos to stretch out in, this will be a good nest box. Cut a hole, about as big as a silver dollar. Carefully burn the edges, this will prevent the L.G. from getting hurt. The best thing you could use is perilite for the sybstrate. Use Three part water to one part perilite. EX. If you use a cup of water, use 1/3 cup water. Check the substrate every so often to make sure it is a little wet. If the eggs start to dent, add water. Pour a LITTLE water AROUND the eggs. Be careful, if you put too much water, you will drown the eggs. Keep the eggs between 75-79 degrees F. The temp. of the eggs will determine the sex of the babies. The higher the temp. the eggs will be male, lower temp will be female. The eggs will hatch in about 60 days; the higher the temp, the shorter the incubation period. Good Luck!!!!
Q:where can I buy vermiculite in Chicago IL ???
Try a magnet for separating iron powder. Vermiculite is a light mineral that resembles the plastic foam peanuts used as some packing material. Add water, and the vermiculite might float to the top and you could filter it from the water with coffee pot filter paper.
Q:Can you keep a tarantula in sand instead of forest bedding?
They're unfertilized. There is no point in trying to hatch them, there's nothing in it. Just like in the chicken eggs we eat.
Q:how to keep vermiculite damp for leopard gecko eggs?
Vermiculite an Perlite
Q:is vermiculite and perlite the same thing?
this is a sight for seriouse answers not dumb jokes...grow up...there is no such thing as a south american vermiculite snail and snails dont cough let alone do their mothers abandon them because they neve get raised by there mother .... ***
Q:Vermiculite is falling from my ceiling after some ceiling tiles fell. How do I remove it safely?
vermiculite will give you some air pocket in the soil for air exchange and the peat will hold the water to keep the plants from drying out so fast. but once the peat drys out it is a little hard to get it to be wet again. to get it moist again you will have to soak the peat for a day in some water and this also depends on the size of the pot you are planting them in. dont use terriacota pots that really dry out plants it nice but unless you seall the out side it will dry out the plants and peat quickly. keep in mind how long it may take for t he redwoods to spout also. you need to go the a web site for trees and look up redwoods and see how long it take to germiate the seeds. Oh ya you can mix the to medium.
Q:Can vermiculite be used as insulation around a chimney liner?
I would use vermiculite because when perlite is ingested it can cause impaction.
Q:What is that white stuff in potting soil?
Perlite is often added to seed or cuttings compost to improve drainage. It has no nutritional value in itself, so it needs to be mixed with more nutritious seed or cuttings compost, or supplemented by a liquid feed if you're using it by itself for cuttings or seeds.
Q:how do hot hands work?
you ought to use organic and organic soil fertiliser like pelleted chicken manure on your flora/flora. in case you choose a magnificent reveal this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days look on your backyard centre for bedding flora interior the subsequent couple of months. those are frequently annual and could supply a competent reveal this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. you additionally can initiate your guy or woman compost bin while the flora die off later interior the 300 and sixty 5 days to maintain the organic and organic subject going. there are a superb style of bedding flora to make your innovations up on between that that's an argument of private style. yet do attempt to incorporate French Marigolds (Tagetes) someplace on your planting as they entice hover-flies which feed on aphids, a properly generic backyard pest.

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