Inoganic Fireproof Vermiculite Panel

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Product Description:

1. Description of Vermiculite Board:

Our Fireproof Vermiculite Panel is a kind of new inorganic materials. It is mainly made of expanding vermiculite and blends with proportional inorganic adhesive. Thought a series of processes, the finished panel is characterized by fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, heat and sound insulation, without any toxic substances, etc. Even though the heating temperature reaches 1200 degree centigrade, it will not release any pernicious gas. Combustibility is Grade A.



2.Specification of Vermiculite Board:


1). Standard size: 2100mm*900mm or 2400mm*1200mm

2). Thickness: 12mm-38mm

3). Density: 300-1000kg/m3

3. Features of Vermiculite Board:


1).Noncombustible, non-fusible and fire-resistant. Because this Panel is mainly made of inorganic materials without element carbon, so it will not burn.

2).Lasting heat retaining.

3).Nontoxic, smokeless, environmentally friendly.

4).Prominent dent resistance. The panel is pressed with expanding vermiculite and special fireproof glue water, so it has high strength and toughness.

5).Favorable weather resistance.

6).Excellent mold and wormy resistance.

7).Easy to install and process, including sawing, nailing, planning, drilling.

8).Well sound insulation.


4.Application of Vermiculite Board:

It is widely used in the lines of construction, shipping, metallurgy, electricity, spaceflight and so on, specifically used as

1).Fireproof door core

2).Deluxe kitchen ware

3).Boat hull panels

4).Fire passage an ventilation system

5).Commercial building, library, hotel, restaurant, amusement building, senior and common residence

6).Transformer vault


8).Industrial heat-retaining materials.


Other applications: It is able to apply to furniture, fireproof wall, suspended ceiling etc.


5.Technical Data of Vermiculite Board:

Inoganic Fireproof Vermiculite Panel

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Q:help! my corn snakes have had eggs?
I genuinely won't be ready to help with vermiculite, yet i will make a tenet. attempt making use of hatch-ceremony (which would be bought on line from maximum reptile grant web content) and peat (which would be bought at maximum gardening centers). you additionally can want to get a small scale. Use approximately 30 grams of peat, 30 grams of hatch-ceremony, and 40 grams of water. Then merely get a twig bottle, set it to mist, and spray the lid of the hatching field a pair of cases each and every few days. it somewhat is an extremely effectual hatching medium.
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I had a bamboo once, and I didnt know it needed water so it died within a few weeks. My advice? Water it, and keep it in a nice, not too sunny or too dark, area.
Q:Does anyone know a good place online to get vermiculite in bulk @ a decent price?
A nursery would have it for sure! Also, you can usually find it at hardware stores like Home Depot/Lowes. I would call them ahead of time, but if they have them, it's probably less expensive than your small nurseries. :) It's also possible they would have more in stock. If you're just looking for a small amount, a nursery should do!
Q:when should i take out bearded dragon eggs? ASAP!!!?
It is probably Horticultural Vermiculite. Vermiculite is a member of the phyllosilicate group of minerals, resembling mica in appearance. Vermiculite is mica rock that has been heated until it expands into what look like tiny multi-paged books. It is used to retain water and provide texture for strong root growth. Vermiculite is pH neutral, sterile and insoluble.
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Q:Quality grade classification of vermiculite
Grade 1: vermiculite has large blades that can not be split into thin sheets. The color is brass, bronze or light green, pearl or fat luster, calcined into golden yellow, vermiculite volume expansion more than 8 times.Two grade: vermiculite leaves larger, not easy to split, peeled into a full sheet. The color is dark brown, brass and green, pearl luster or glass. After calcination, the volume of vermiculite expanded by 6 - 8 times.
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Vitameatavegamins, of course. :-)
Q:Can i use vermiculite?
polyurethane beads

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