Raw Unexpended Golden Vermiculite Ore Sale 0.3-1MM

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required. Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer's demands
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after received deposit


1.Crude vermiculite 
2.Size: 3-7MM 
4.Packing:as the customer's requirement


Product Description


 Our factory produce two kind of vermiculites, crude vermiculite and exfoliated vermiculite .They both have two types: Silver-grey type ( Fe2O3 content around 5-8%, similar with South Africa vermiculite) and Golden-yellow type(Fe2O3 content around 15-23%, similar products with India and Australia).The silver type mainly used in refractories/insulations, the golden yellow type mainly used in agriculture and horticulture.

The PH of the golden yellow type is 6.5-7.2 and the silver gray vermiculite’s PH is 8.5-9.5, so compared with silver vermiculite, golden vermiculite is more neutral. In Japan, Korea market, our customers choose golden vermiculite used for agriculture and horticulture .



Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required

                            Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer’s demands


Delivery Detail: Within 15 days after received deposit

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2. We could offer SGS inspection as well as other international inspection department.

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4,We could offer you so competitive a price acting on the principle of “mutual benefit and common development”.



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Q:Okay with the kind of plants are pure vermiculite
Add some sand, peat, to the sowing,According to the field climate, the granulated slag, perlite, red jade soil, vermiculite and so on can be mixed with peat
Q:What is incubation vermiculite and how it is used?
Vermiculite is a natural, non-toxic mineral that expands at high temperatures. It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to silicates. Its crystalline structure is monoclinic, and it looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by hydration of certain granite. It is commonly produced with asbestos. Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil.
Q:What kind of material can be used instead of vermiculite and perlite in flower cutting?
Peat can retain moisture while peat contains a large amount of humic acids that promote plant rooting. To choose half of humification and rougher peat with coarse sand and large particles of perlite as well. The prepared matrix is conducive to ventilation and drainage, but also conducive to the formation of root.
Q:Vermiculite soil and clay can be kind of meat plants collocation
The economic benefits can be added to crush a honeycomb briquet can buy in, in granular soil fleshy special, such as akadama soil, deer marsh soil, volcano stone and so on.
Q:How do you make compost for Mushrooms?
any of these type products have chemicals in them that be harmful to your pet i do not like snakes but that ok i dint want to see it suffer either if you put that stuff in there with him you might as well put him in the oven and turn full blast because the fertilizer in that moss will do just that it will cook him alive if you have feed close to you some where that carries horse bedding like sawdust or saw chips anything but ceder chips the oils in it will bother him to pine or some type of hard wood will do great hope this helps
Q:Can ordinary small stones instead of vermiculite be used as Camellia cuttings?
For horticulture, vermiculite should be made of coarser flakes of vermiculite, even if the medium of fine seeds is used and the covering for the seeding is as thick as that of vermiculite. For horticulture, vermiculite should be made of coarser flakes of vermiculite, even if the medium of fine seeds is used and the covering for the seeding is as thick as that of vermiculite.
Q:what can I use for the incubator other than vermiculite?
Having the area semi-level is good start. Directions say don't place on sand (Thinking they are talking about a full sand base) If you lay a 2-3 inch sand area over level dirt packed area it will help keep the liner from being torn from rocks while making it softer. Good luck.
Q:Can you put vermiculite in the fish tank?
Vermiculite has been widely used in construction, metallurgy, petroleum, shipbuilding, environmental protection, insulation, heat insulation, insulation, energy saving and other fields.
Q:What can vermiculite do?
Vermiculite product is vermiculite ore through high temperature extruded articles, with loose and light weight, is a kind of building insulation materials, flower cultivation used mainly using its loose and reduce the pot soil weight, for a long time will crush doesn't work, it is necessary to replace the.
Q:What do I do, my bearded dragon just laid eggs?
Well I'm not an expert but I do know that when you get the eggs you put them in vermiculite and water and then put them in the incubator at 85°F with humidity levels at 40-50%. So I think the other alternative would to get another terrarium with the lights and heating with a hydrometer and thermometer and put it at the right humidity levels and heat. Hope this helps.

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