Golden vermiculite raw material

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1.H.S Code:2530102000 
3.Expansion ratios:5.5-10times 
4.Hebei vermiculite 
5.Own factory

Product name : golden vermicultie

In technique,golden vermiculite can be devided into raw golden vermicultie and expanded golden vermiculite

Form of raw vermicultie :flakes ,powder

Form f expanded vermiculite :granular,powder

Our vermiculite product:raw vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,raw vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,

vermiculite board ,


 Non-combustible,Non-asbestos  ,water preservation,corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, poisonless, odorless, low hardness, burning-avoidness, lighter

 2.Golden vermiculite Size

Raw golden vermiculite

0-30um,0.3-0.65mm,0.65-1mm  0.5-1.41mm,




Expansion ratios







Expanded golden


0.3-0.65mm,0.65-1mm,1-2mm 2-4mm,1-3mm,

0.3-1mm,3-6mm,4-8mm325mesh 200mesh 150mesh

Bulk density






 Special size ,we can do as client's requirements

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Q:How to seperate a mixture of sand, salt, iron filings and vermiculite?
vermiculite to retain water and wheat flour works. Cook it or microwave it to sterilize.
Q:my arabian horse just ate some bad stuff?
i like perlite
Q:Ball python incubation?
Homemade Potting Mix
Q:What is Vermiculite?
You can rent a blower and hoses to do it, They sell snap in plugs to fix the holes. Vermiculite is more expensive than cellulose, but if a mices can't make tunnels in it, it re settles. Wear a dust mask whichever you use. I did a house in indiana and saved the cost of insulation and storm windows in three months.
Q:What is an good organic soil mix for growing flowers?
You need a humid hide all you need is some plastic tupperware and cut a hole in it(big enough for the gecko to fit in it). And put something called vermiculite(you need to hurry and get it from a normal pet store) it will make more sense as I go on. You need to pour some of the vermiculite in it not to much and then pour some water in it(not overflowing). What the vermiculite does is it absorbs the water and with the heat it will make it humid in the container and will keep it suitable for the eggs for awhile before you get the eggs or egg. hope this helps
Q:I need to know where to buy vermiculite and perlite for horticultural use in New Delhi?
definitely brown rice flour and vermiculite for making the cakes. If you see mold at any time, the batch has been contaminated. It is very important to throw them away immediately. If for any reason you decide to blend them for making tea, be extra careful, the shroom powder is extremely deadly if inhaled. If you don't feel 100% about growing shrooms do not. It is a very complicated yet rewarding process.
Q:glass blowing without a kiln?
the garden section of your favorite big box store, home improvement center, or hardware store or at your favorite garden store. It's used in potting soil mixes. You can buy it by the bag.
Q:Breeding Crested geckos?
You'll need a polystyrene box, a thermometer, a heat mat and a thermostat, as well as your tupperware/takeaway box, vermiculite and eggs. Unless you have all of this spare, it will only cost you £30 - £40 or so. Put damp vermiculite in tupperware box and put inside the polystyrene box. Place heatmat, connected to themostat, under the tupperware box also inside the poly box. Put thermostat and thermometer probes inside tupperware box where the eggs will be (may need to make a hole in the box).
Q:Will vermiculite be absorbed by plants?
Vermiculite is not absorbed by plants. Mainly vermiculite used, 1~2 will be broken.
Q:I need to repot my Cactus..miracle grow or succulent soil?
I incubate ALL my eggs in vermiculite and have never had any issues. Just make sure it is JUST vermiculite with no additives - I tell my Lowe's people what I'm using it for an STRESS to them that any additives in the vermiculite will kill my babies!

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