Crude Golden Vermiculite

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1.Crude vermiculite



4.Expansion ratios:5.5-10times



Crude golden  vermiculite size

*0-30um,0.3-0.65mm,0.65-1mm 20-40mesh,10-40mesh, ,0.3-1mm


*Special size ,we can do as client's demands


Crude golden vermiculite chemicals


































We are manufacturer of golden vermiculite ,we have own mine and factory ,we can gurantee quality and quantiteis ,our vermiculite have been  export to about 20 countries  ,such as USA ,Korea ,Japan,UAE , Irland ,Pakistan,Turkey ,Russia,Morocco ,etc . 

Welcome to enquiry ,welcome to visit .

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Q:In the water conservancy and hydropower project budget in the "unallocated device material" What is the meaning of steel, plastic pipe, sand, cement, stone, which is? How to determine
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Q:Hello, I am the general taxpayer to do gravel, how much is our tax point
The Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation on some of the goods applicable to the low tax rate and simple measures to levy VAT policy notice (Finance [2009] 9), choose a simple way to levy VAT: (c) the general taxpayer sales (The "Notice of the State Administration of Taxation on the Simplification and VAT Collection Rate Policy" (Cai Shui [2014] No
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Q:What is the backfill between the outer wall of the basement and the enclosure?
The basement of the outer wall and the envelope between the backfill sandy soil or sand, not afraid of liquefaction, liquefaction is on the basis of the basement side wall has nothing to do.
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Q:1, known to be adjusted by the mixing of concrete, the mixing of various materials used: cement 4.5kg, water 2.7kg, sand 9.9kg, gravel 18.9kg. Measured mixed
(4.5 + 2.7 + 9.9 + 18.9) /2400 = 0.015m. 4.5: (2.7-9.9 * 4% -18.9 * 1%): 9.9 * (1 + 4% ): 18.9 * (1 + 1%) . the actual amount of sand and gravel is less lead to less than the number of concrete per set of concrete caused by the actual use of concrete than the design of the waste of cement
Q:What is the reason for the concrete from the skin? How to handle
There are many reasons for the occurrence of sand, there is a problem of matching, construction and conservation of the problem, cement or sand itself, the problem, only according to the actual situation to find sand causes, and thus the right medicine, for protection. May wish to try Huayan licensing sand from sand treatment agent, the construction is simple, three days can solve the problem of low sanding strength is not wear!
Our company has quite a wide range of business scope, mainly including mica, vermiculite, quartz, carborundum, colored sand, kaolin, medical stone, tourmaline, cobble stone, and marble etc. In addition to selling products well in domestic big cities, our products such as vermiculite and mica also sell well in Japan, Korea, America, India, Russia and other international markets. We are honored by users at home and abroad for the high quality products and rich supply of goods in time.

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