golden crude vermiculite unexpanded vermiculite

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Packaging Detail:Jumbo bag or depending on clent's requirements
Delivery Detail:After received deposit with in 15 days


1.Gold vermiculite raw 
3. Gold color 
4.Expansion rate:5.5-10times 
5.Own mine

Gold crude vermiculite



Expansion ratios:5.5-10times






















2.Delivery time ?

a)Within 7 days after receive your deposit

b)Samples prepared with in 2days after receive your express charges


As usual MOQ : one 20ft container

Sure if you have small require for MOQ, then we can send to you by air or by LCL ,then the MOQ no limit

4. Payment terms?

T/T:50% deposit and the balance by the Copy of B/L.

Irrevocable L/C also accept.

5. how is the charge for samples ?

We can send free samples to you,but you pay the express fee, but we will return to you when the first order.

6.Our advantage

Professional vermiculite manufacturer/own vermiculite mine /Advanced equipment/High qualityflexible/Competitive price/Professional sales team

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Q:Leopard Gecko eggs - incubating?
Well, for sure not in the Languages category of Yahoo! Answers.
Q:what is the best soilless medium for tomato production?
three parts (by volume - dry) milled peat moss one part Vermiculite one part Pearlite This soil-less mixture works well using small (1 - 2 gal) containers for patio gardening. You must use a good fertilizer and trace elements. Good Luck.
Q:Garden soil.what is, hands down, the best?
My opinion is amended native soil. You can add compost, peat moss, chopped up leaves, and sand to your native soil. Since the roots of plants spread, and some go deeper than others, it is best to have them bedded in the native soil which has been amended for better growth. Don't forget to fertilize according to the plants needs and time.
Q:What are some good nutrients to add to a plant for an experiment?
Nitrates Phosphates Potassium (so there is your famous NPK trio) magnesium (to prevent leaf yellowing) You would need (for example) an inert culture medium like vermiculite and a series of identical plants (eg cuttings, offsets etc) some you would water with all of the nutrients (in suitably dilute form) but miss out the nutrient you are investigating (e.g. nitrate) and some you would water with all the nutrients including the one you are investigating. By comparing the two groups you could get some idea of what the nutrient was used for. (If you deprive a plant of nitrates it generally remains stunted because the nitrate is needed for protein production which is in turn needed for growth). John
Q:red-eared slider eggs?
Potting soil is fine. Just remember that red eared slider eggs must stay face up. Hard to explain but do not move it's placement. For example, Keep the side of the eggs that was facing up, actually facing up. So if you put a dot on top of the egg and move the egg to your potting soil, make sure that dot is facing up.
Q:is there other substrait i can use for my leopard gecko to lay her eggs in?
I believe you are talking about Hakata Torimon.
Q:Ive been exposed to Asbestos, how concerned should i be??
There are 6 different forms of asbestos, and the mineral with the highly dangerous asbestos is vermiculite, which was used only for insulation and as an additive to potting soils and fertilizer. The type of asbestos used in popcorn ceilings came from a different type of mineral that is much less toxic, and the asbestos is generally bound together by paint and plaster, so very little dust was likely to be generated. It takes a large amount of exposure to non-vermiculite types of asbestos, so its unlikely that 7 months of exposure will cause any serious problems. Also, mesothelioma generally develops after many years of having asbestosis, which is inflammation of the lung from asbestos fibers that get embedded into the tissues. For the most part, you don't need to worry about mesothelioma unless you have asbestosis. Asbestos does not cause lung cancers besides mesothelioma.
Q:I just had my cornsnake lay 10 eggs for the first time.?
Rugger's answer was pretty good, except they hatch in about 9 weeks, not 45 days. As for what you will get, all of the babies will be normals unless your female is carrying the gene for albinism, then you will get half normals and half albinos.
Q:can you use vermiculite as substrate for a okorder tree boa, for the reason being that it holds in humidity?
Can't justify the expense of it. We switched to using only perlite for most of our herps.
Q:Will leopard gecko eggs be ok if they were laid in water?
Im guessing you mean perlite? Perlite is fine for incubation and some people even prefer it. Iv never used it myself for incubation but im guessing you would have to make sure it stays humid. Perlite doesn't hold water like vermiculite. In fact, when they use it in potting soils, it's used as a sort of gravel to put air and space into the mix. Vermiculite is for holding and storing water. Just make sure, whatever you use, that it does not have chemicals in it.

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