golden crude vermiculite unexpanded vermiculite

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200000 pc/month

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Packaging Detail:Jumbo bag or depending on clent's requirements
Delivery Detail:After received deposit with in 15 days


1.Gold vermiculite raw 
3. Gold color 
4.Expansion rate:5.5-10times 
5.Own mine

Gold crude vermiculite



Expansion ratios:5.5-10times






















2.Delivery time ?

a)Within 7 days after receive your deposit

b)Samples prepared with in 2days after receive your express charges


As usual MOQ : one 20ft container

Sure if you have small require for MOQ, then we can send to you by air or by LCL ,then the MOQ no limit

4. Payment terms?

T/T:50% deposit and the balance by the Copy of B/L.

Irrevocable L/C also accept.

5. how is the charge for samples ?

We can send free samples to you,but you pay the express fee, but we will return to you when the first order.

6.Our advantage

Professional vermiculite manufacturer/own vermiculite mine /Advanced equipment/High qualityflexible/Competitive price/Professional sales team

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Q:can i use sepiolite in my bearded dragon tank?
No, bearded dragons like arid enviroments. sepiolite i believe is supposed hold moisture like vermiculite. Use dry bedding like crushed walnut shells or cypress mulch. if you plan on breeding and incubating eggs then vermiculite or sepiolite would work great to keep the eggs moist.
Q:i need a step-by-step guide on how to incubate leopard gecko eggs? what medium should i use?
revlon,,, its brown and pink
Q:How to grow a date palm plant without vermiculite?
The snake on the bottom will be able to hatch out with no problem. and yes vermiculite can leave a grayish colour, but nothing to worry about. I personally don't slit eggs but i know lots of people who do. they wait for the first snake to make a slit on its own. then the breeder will slit the rest. Good luck Happy hatching
Q:My fence lizard that i just found 3 days ago i just checked and there are now 8 little white eggs in there?
If you take good care of them which means proper enclosure, temperature, substrate those eggs if i am correct the eggs should hatch in about any where from 1-2 months. So if you want the eggs to hatch make sure that they have proper enclosure, temperature, and substrate which you could find at say pet co and other pet stores and for more information there should be some experts on websites you could find on google like i did i have in the past found the fence lizards and for me it helped to search for some information at google. So look into it help those eggs hatch . Well i hoped i helped and Good Luck.
Q:biology 30 Helppp pleaseee?
I would keep them the same
Q:Do you know what this white stuff in my flower pot is?
Q:i have a question about baby lizards?
LEAVE THEM WHERE YOU FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are too many variables to this question. It would depend on the type of lizard as to what would be good for the eggs. I am assuming that since you said I found the eggs that they were laid by a wild lizard. Leave it to nature. A wild mother lizard would know where to lay her eggs so if you disturb the nest you are going to kill the babies. I would recommend that you just watch the nest daily and see the babies when they hatch. Let them remain wild and free.
Q:Witch one is stronger (Perlit or vermiculite)?
Q:I want a frog but what do I need?
talk to a Vet for the medical treatment stand point, talk to the pet store about the food and get books or educate yourself on the temperature, environment, cage, what to avoid and so forth. It is really important to do research on how to properly care of your pet. This type of animals carry salmonella which is dangerous for us humans, so be careful where you get this frog.
Q:What is a good soil mixture?
Fox Farm soil is excellent quality potting soil, but this would make a very expensive addition to any outdoor garden. There's nothing wrong with this, but most people would rototill in organic amendments, like manure, leaves, and compost instead. Pretty much the more the better, in my opinion.

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