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do i have to take out the male or what substrate do i need (im using sorta wet sand right now) and she is missing one back leg (due to infection the vet did amputate ) will she still dig? thanks
s17, but if your young, u don't need it
In potting soil they have the little white chunks. What is this? And is it dangerous if my little one is playing in the potting soil and he touches it? He does like to put his fingers in his mouth still, I try to wash them as much as possible, but you know how it is with kids, they are still going to get dirty. I just really need to know if its bad for him.
It is probally ground up newspaper.
I have 4 green anoles. They are paired into 2 separate tanks, with plenty of space. There is one male and 1 female in each tank. My younger couple seemed to be courting yesterday night but I am not sure. My older couple doesnt get close to eachother often. The average temperature in the tank is 84 degrees. The substrate is desert sand(I bought some eco earth today to replace the sand).. Also, I bought 30 adult female crickets from Petco. I plan on using eco earth as a substrate for them. I was using potting soil before, and they laid PLENTY of eggs, but none hatched.The average temperature was about 85 degrees.It is going to be winter time soon(I'm not sure how helpful that may be)I have an incandescent light fixture for the crickets, and a flourescent UVB bulb for the anoles What do I need to do to keep them moist and warm so they can hatch, and how do I get the anoles to have babies? Any answer is greatly apreciated.
You should be able to get it at your local nursery. Also check hardware stores and places like Orchard Supply, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. If you go to their web sites, you can shop around for the best deal while saving time and gas, as well as money.
I need to know where to buy vermiculite and perlite for horticultural use in New Delhi?
definitely brown rice flour and vermiculite for making the cakes. If you see mold at any time, the batch has been contaminated. It is very important to throw them away immediately. If for any reason you decide to blend them for making tea, be extra careful, the shroom powder is extremely deadly if inhaled. If you don't feel 100% about growing shrooms do not. It is a very complicated yet rewarding process.
Not sure how long they‘ve been in there. She burried them quite well. My son was cleaning the cage and found them. Just wondering if there‘s even a chance of hatching. We‘ve had her for nearly a month now.she‘s been kept alone and we were told it was malelol
I easily have 2 woman cresties jointly and that they are ok, their habitat is relatively huge and that they do no longer complication one yet another in any respect. frequently reptiles are soliltary and are constantly extra suited on my own yet some species do extra suited than others with corporation and a lot of people save cresties jointly with out issues. Are you specific your gecko is male? given for you to no longer get yet another male if so. And in case you get a woman she'll be producing eggs continuously which would be undesirable for her. that's plausible, basically have a astonishing think of approximately it. are not cresties the cutest lizards? i admire mine.
I have 2 african fat tailed geckos (1 male and 1 female) and they always lay eggs. I usually find them flat and dried up and i know it shouldent be like this because they never hatch. Does anyone know how ferile eggs are suppose to feel and look? I read in a book that african fat tailed geckos bury there eggs, so should i leave them where she buried them? What should i do whith them to keep them alive? Help!!
there became into no reason to supply up feeding her interior the 1st the adverse woman some foodstuff! confirm which you do airborne dirt and mud those crickets like loopy to get her calcium reserves back up.
I am planning on growing some psilocybe cubensis. (Leave me alone, I know it‘s illegal)The last batch I tried with a vermiculite and rye seed substrate didn‘t allow the fruit bodies to grow to their full potential, the strain I have should grow to a good 6 or 7 inches, instead, the most mature ones are only about 3 or 4, and I have plenty of aborts. What kind of substrate combo could you suggest for a better yield?
have you tried growing it first with artificial medium? like PDA, SPDA or even OMA.then after that try to scrape such to an animal **** for mass production or else instead of rye use those dried farm animal shits.they carried such nutrients pslocybe needed
Can you please give me an example of how hydroponics is done, e.g. potatoesi know what it is but whats the method for potatoes? or any other?
It's just the way it's grown and it's not solely for cannabis either, basically it's an elaborate system of pipes and soil that allows for a constant replenishment of the water supply, usually fertilizers are added in to promote faster growing and make said plant more potent. Never heard of anything harmful in it though.